Chapter 287:

Chapter 287: Zaydra’s Team vs Zepto and the Insane Sane

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 287: Zaydra’s Team vs Zepto and the Insane Sane

Narrator: Zaydra has brought out Sane’s insanity and now her team must deal with that while also still fighting Zepto!

Zepto: Shall we get on with the fun, Sane?

Sane: Kill! Kill! Kill!

*Zaydra’s team gathers*

Bonetru: We need to be careful. We have no idea what Sane can do like this.

Zaydra: Fight as a team!

Zepto: Let’s go!

*Zaydra’s team lets Zepto and Sane make the first move*

Zepto: Not going to try to attack us, huh? Alright, we’ll come to you!

Sane: Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!

*Zepto and Sane rush towards Zaydra’s team. Zepto pulls out a few hair needles from his head and throws them at Zaydra’s team. They explode just before getting to them and the explosions create a smokescreen*

Zaydra: Be ready to attack!!

*Emily releases a Star Shine Blast through the smokescreen, hoping to hit at least one of her enemies*

*Bonetru pulls out a sword and prepares to slash. Zepto starts to come through the smokescreen and Bonetru slashes but Zepto jumps over the slash. Zepto kicks Bonetru in the face*

*Sapphire is in the back and fires an arrow at Zepto. The arrow hits Zepto in the leg and damages him. Kren then grabs Zepto’s leg and slams him onto the ground*

Kren: You’re strong but so are we! And we have the numbers advantage!


*Near there, Zaydra, Ruby, and Kerdon are fighting Sane. Sane is fighting using rapid physical attacks. Zaydra blocks multiple of Sane’s punches*

*Sane finally gets a punch through and knocks Zaydra back and then spins around, seamlessly transitioning to stopping Ruby’s stab attacks*

*Kerdon comes at Sane from the side*

*Sane pushes Ruby back and, without looking, stabs Kerdon in his upper left arm with his pen. A small explosion happens within Kerdon’s body and damages him*

Kerdon: Aaahh!!

*Sane is then hit by Zaydra’s Star Shine Blast which causes an explosion and gives Kerdon a chance to get back*

Zaydra: Are you okay, Kerdon!?

Kerdon: *huff huff* Yeah, I’ll be fine… But that did hurt like hell… His pen has some kind of ability to inject a magic explosive…

Zaydra: Is it the pen’s ink?

Kerdon: No, that small explosion went off underneath my skin.

Zaydra: Such a weird power… A pen of all things.

*Sane jumps out from the explosion but is then stabbed by Ruby in the left arm and kicked away by her*

Ruby: Sorry, buddy, but you won’t be hurting my friends any further!


*Back with the other fight. Zepto is still lying on the ground. Bonetru attempts to pierce Zepto with his sword but Zepto throws a needle hair at him which explodes and damages him*

Zepto: Did you really think you could defeat me that easily?

Bonetru: Damn you, Zepto!

*Kren tries to punch Zepto but Zepto attempts to block it with a punch of his own, however, Kren’s punch is stronger so he then gut punches Zetpo, damaging him*

*Sapphire fires another arrow at Zepto*

*Zepto notices and kicks Kren to his side to move him in front of the arrow. The arrow strikes Kren in the back*

Kren: Aaahh!!!

Sapphire: No!! I’m so sorry, Kren!! Zepto, you’re terrible!!

Zepto: I do what I must to win. I do not care if you judge me.

*Bonetru rises from behind Zepto and attempts to slash Zepto’s back. However, Zepto notices and tries to dodge but Bonetru’s sword still leaves a long cut on his back. This then leads to Kren doing a suplex on Zepto*

Kren: I bet that will hurt some!


*Back with the other fight, Zaydra, Ruby, and Kerdon continue to try to stop Sane*

Sane: Kill! Kill! Kill!

*Sane puts his hands together and then slowly separates them and a violet-colored energy ball forms in between them. Many smaller energy balls start rapidly shooting out of that one towards Zaydra, Ruby, and Kerdon*

*They try to dodge them but there are so many of them*

Ruby: This is nuts!! We can’t dodge all of these!!

*They all get hit by at least a few of the small energy balls, dealing damage to all of them*

*Sane finishes his attack and then runs towards them*

Sane: Kill! Kill!! Kill!!!

*Ruby tries to stand up as Sane attempts to stab her with his pen. Before he does, his pen is cut in half by Zaydra’s Star Shard. Kerdon then punches Sane and knocks him back*

Kerdon: Don’t even think about it!

Ruby: Thanks!

Zaydra: No problem!

*Sane stands up and cries*

Sane: My pen!! You broke my pen!! You broke my pen!!! You broke my pen!!!!! You deserve death!!!!!!

Narrator: Zaydra’s team is putting up a decent fight but despite having a 6 vs 2 advantage, they are not gaining ground in the fight!

Chapter 287 END

To be Continued in Chapter 288: Zepto’s Closed Eyes