Chapter 290:

Chapter 290: The Story of a Critical Battle Part 1 – Vampire of Origin

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 290: The Story of a Critical Battle Part 1 – Vampire of Origin

Narrator: Somewhere inside the vampire’s castle.

*Zeth’s team starts to wake up*

Zeth: Where are we?

*They are in a prison cell that is guarded by a vampire energy barrier*

Sasha: It looks like we are prisoners.

Joe: Damn it. I can’t believe that we were defeated. We barely even started our operation in this country.

Emily: It’s my fault. I failed with my Ancestral Form.

Joe: No, we failed to back you up.

*There is a TV hanging on the wall in the cell which then turns on automatically. On the screen is Leonis*

Leonis: Greetings, my prisoners.

*The four of them turn their attention to the TV*

Zeth: Who are you!?

Leonis: I am the vampire king, Leonis.

Sasha: I don’t know why you simply captured us but you will regret sparing us.

*Leonis laughs*

Leonis: There is a very good reason I spared you but even if it was just some stupid mistake, I could kill the four of you easily in a fight. I suppose I will tell you why I spared you. Have you ever heard of the Volcano Demon, Kazan?

*Joe has a flashback to his first fight in the Chaos Tournament when Air Flame used the technique Burning Hell which he said was created by Kazan*

Joe: I’ve heard that name…

Zeth: The volcano demon…

Leonis: Kazan is currently the fourth most powerful being of Hell. Only behind the Dark Goddess, Armageddon, and Scythe. The fifth most powerful being of Hell is the Dark Goddess’s daughter, Hamura. I’m sixth. My wife, the vampire queen, is seventh.

Zeth: Get to your point!

Leonis: During the Great Chaos that ended 162 years ago, Kazan was sealed away by Kyle Dredon.

*The name shocks the four of them*

Zeth: My father!?

Leonis: Yes. Kyle was unable to defeat Kazan so he resorted to sealing him away. I plan to unseal Kazan. Let me tell you the story of that critical battle.


Narrator: 162 years ago near the end of the last Great Chaos. Kyle Dredon fights Kazan.

*Kyle has the same hairstyle as Zeth and has black hair. He is wearing a blue uniform. He has some facial hair and he is about 6 feet, 2 inches tall*

*Kazan also has black hair that spikes backward. His skin is rough and is dark gray. He has pointy ears, vampire fangs, and wears a red vampire royalty uniform. He has the eye traits of a top-tier vampire. He is about 6 feet, 7 inches tall*

*The battle is taking place in a large arena with no roof*

Kazan: You must be the most foolish human if you are taking me on. Do you understand who I am? I am Kazan, the Volcano Demon. But I am also the Vampire of Origin.

Kyle: I know who you are. And one way or another I intend to defeat you!

*Kyle charges up his magic to the max. His aura is fierce*

Kyle: You will fall!

*Kyle rushes towards Kazan*

Kazan: Let’s see how long that confidence will last! Lava Snake!

*Kazan releases a snake made of lava at Kyle. Kyle rolls under its head to dodge a bite and then jumps to avoid getting hit by the tail*

Kyle: Max Impact!

*Kyle attempts an extremely powerful punch but Kazan blocks with his arm. Despite that, the attack causes powerful shockwaves that start to crack some of the pieces of the arena and the walls surrounding it*

*Kazan is surprised at the power of the attack*

Kazan: For a human, that was quite impressive. You have my interest, mortal!

*Kyle then kicks Kazan with a Max Impact kick which sends Kazan flying back into a wall*

Kyle: I’m glad you are impressed but I’m not here to impress you, I’m here to kill you!

*Kazan then pulls himself out of the wall as Kyle continues rushing*

Kyle: Shattering Spears!

*Kyle does swipe motions with his arms and numerous yellow magic energy spears launch towards Kazan. Kazan prepares to brace himself*

*The numerous magical spears land where Kazan is standing and cause severe destruction to that part of the arena and blow Kazan down into the ground*

Kyle: I won’t stop there!

*Kyle continues rushing and jumps above the hole that Kazan is in*

Kyle: Star Cru—

*Kyle is interrupted as Kazan launches out from the hole and grabs his face*

*Kazan then slams Kyle down onto the ground*

Kazan: I will admit it. Your power is far greater than I expected. There’s no doubt in my mind you are the strongest human ever.

*Kazan lets go of Kyle’s face but stomps on his gut*

Kazan: But that isn’t enough to defeat me!

*Kyle’s magic charges back up and he pushes Kazan off of him*

Kyle: We shall see about that!

Kazan: Hmhmhmhm! Now you are amusing me even more! I never thought I would ever show this to a human but let me show you my final form!

*Kazan’s skin changes to a red color. His appearance becomes fiercer-looking. He gets a bit taller and more muscular*

Kazan: Do you feel the terror yet?

*Kyle stands firm*

Kyle: No.

Kazan: You will soon.

Narrator: Zeth’s team learns about the battle between Kyle Dredon and Kazan! What is the relation between Kazan and Zeth’s team?

Chapter 290 END

To be Continued in Chapter 291: The Story of a Critical Battle Part 2 – Kazan’s Curse