Chapter 291:

Chapter 291: The Story of a Critical Battle Part 2 – Kazan’s Curse

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 291: The Story of a Critical Battle Part 2 – Kazan’s Curse

Narrator: Kyle continues his battle against Kazan but also struggles in it.

*Kyle’s body drags against the ground, tearing it up, as he is blown back. Kyle stops himself and tries to jump up but he is kicked by Kazan and knocked back into a wall*

Kazan: This is the end for you. You entertained me longer than I thought you would but it is clear that you, as a mortal, can’t keep up with me any longer.

*Kazan starts charging magic into his hand*

*Kyle breaks free from the wall and gets away from Kazan*

Kyle: I’m not done yet!!

*Kyle runs as he starts charging his entire body with magic. Kazan gives chase*

Kazan: It’s hopeless for you! Just give up! If you wanted to live, you would never have made the decision to fight me!

*Kazan releases a power orange-colored energy beam at Kyle. Kyle opens his eyes wide as he increases his running speed but the blast hits the ground and blows him forward towards the edge of the stadium*

*Kyle jumps out of the stadium, which is on a hill, as his whole body glows with golden magic. Kazan jumps out after him*

*As Kyle falls, he releases the gold magic at Kazan. The golden magic surrounds Kazan’s entire body*

Kazan: What is this!?

*Kyle lands on the ground and smiles*

Kyle: A sealing magic spell lent to me by the Light Goddess!

*Kazan tries to resist it*

Kazan: I will overpower this! Sealing spells are highly flawed!

*Kazan continues to try and break free of the sealing spell*

Kyle: Not if I stop you!!

*Kyle charges up magic into his arms. He then launches himself towards Kazan and lands multiple Max Impact Punches on Kazan to stop him. The punches start to stun Kazan*

Kyle: Now be sealed!!

Kazan: No!!!

*The golden sealing magic starts to engulf Kazan*

Kazan: This will not end here! For I shall place a curse on your genetic line!

*Kazan releases a thin magic beam that hits Kyle*

Kazan: From now on, all of your future descendants will be linked to me! And then one day, I shall return!

*Kazan is then completely sealed away by the magic*

Kyle: What did he mean by that?

*The story ends*


Leonis: With you captured, Zeth, we will perform a ritual that will bring back Kazan. Of course, we also need a lot of power for it and that’s where your captured friends come in.

Zeth: We will stop you!

Leonis: Don’t make me laugh. Your journey ends here.

Sasha: We are a lot more capable than you give us credit for.

Leonis: As I said, I could defeat the four of you with ease. Too bad for you, Zeth, the only way to avoid the curse is to not have a name.

*Zeth recalls Zonbi’s son not having a name and this curse being why*

Zeth: (Thinking) That all makes sense now…

Leonis: Now then. We shall be coming for you soon. Once my wife is done with her “exercise”, we shall commence.

*As Leonis says that, Zeth notices someone walking in the background behind Leonis. The person has a similar hairstyle to Zeth*

*The TV shuts off*

Emily: He is far too overconfident.

*Sasha looks at Zeth*

Sasha: What’s wrong?

Zeth: I saw someone in the background with the same hair as me. But how?

Joe: Could it have been Zonbi’s son?

Zeth: I don’t know but I’m determined to find out who he is.

Sasha: We have to figure out how to break out of here.

Emily: Let’s think of a way to deal with this energy barrier.

Narrator: Who was the person in the background that Zeth saw? How will they break out of prison?

Chapter 291 END

To be Continued in Chapter 292: Leonis and Misha. Two Council of Demons Members Face-to-Face!