Chapter 295:

Chapter 295: All Hail The Vampire King

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 295: All Hail The Vampire King

Narrator: Misha is on the verge of defeat against Leonis.

Leonis: Accept defeat.

*Misha gives a stern look*

Misha: No.

*Leonis gets up from his throne and starts charging his magic*

Leonis: Then you will die. Council of Demons member or not, I can’t have you getting in the way of my plans.

*He starts walking towards Misha who is still on her knees*

Misha: (Thinking) I have one shot at this.

*A small but very powerful point of magic forms at the tip of Misha’s tail*

*Leonis gets closer with powerful magic forming around his hand*

Leonis: You just had to defy me.

*At close range he thrusts his hand at her. At the same time, Misha thrusts her tail at his chest*

*Leonis notices at the last second and uses his arm to block the tail rather than pierce her body. The tail pierces Leonis’s arm*

*Leonis chuckles*

Leonis: You just about succeeded in lowering my guard and piercing my heart. However, I’m absolutely sure that was your last chance at victory.

*Vampire guards start entering the room*

Leonis: Guards, why don’t you tell her the rules around here?

Guards: All hail the vampire king! The orders of the king and queen are law! They must be obeyed!

Leonis: Exactly.

*Leonis looks at Misha*

Leonis: Misha, you have not hailed the vampire king. You have not acknowledged our orders as law. And you have disobeyed my orders.

*Misha removes her tail from Leonis’s arm and he starts forming a red ball of vampiric energy in his hands*

Misha: (Thinking) That really was my last chance to defeat him! I have to escape!

*Misha starts running for the door*

Leonis: This is for you.

*Leonis throws the ball of energy at Misha. The guards get out of the way to avoid getting hit*

*Misha reaches the door as the ball gets close*

Misha: I won’t die here!!

*Misha charges a lot of magic into her right leg. She turns around and kicks the ball right back at Leonis. She then opens the door and runs through while Leonis ducks under the ball*

Leonis: She might be intending to go find Zeth and take him out anyway. Increase our security in the prison section just in case.

Guards: Yes, my king.

Leonis: Now if you will excuse me, I need to get cleaned up.


*Misha is running through the castle*

Misha: (Thinking) Why did I even bother taking him on!? I should have just gone after Zeth from the beginning! But I don’t know anything about this castle! Finding a throne room is simple. Finding where prisoners might be kept is not so easy.

*Misha continues to sneak around the castle*

Misha: (Thinking) Zeth, your life will end tonight.

Narrator: Misha was unable to defeat Leonis in a fight but she still seeks to kill Zeth! Can the vampires stop her? Can Zeth’s team avoid her?

Chapter 295 END

To be Continued in Chapter 296: Breakout