Chapter 294:

Chapter 294: The Difference Between Us

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 294: The Difference Between Us

Narrator: Misha continues to have trouble fighting Leonis in the dark hallways of his Dark Zone.

*Misha continues to get hit by seemingly nothing. She starts running through the halls again to avoid taking more hits*

Misha: (Thinking) Randomly trying to punch isn’t effective! I will have to try randomly using other attacks!

*Misha stops at a corner and starts pointing her index fingers at both hallways. She then starts spamming her blue laser beams down both hallways and they bounce off the walls*

Misha: (Thinking) If he’s invisible, there’s no way he won’t get hit by one of my beams!

*Misha then hears the sound of Leonis being in pain*

Misha: Got him!

*Misha starts running towards where she heard the sound. She turns around the corner and immediately fires another laser beam. Her beam hits Leonis in the chest as he punches her into the wall, leaving them both with more damage*

*The zone starts to end and they return to the castle throne room*

Leonis: You figured out how to counter me in that zone too and even did some damage. This battle is turning out more fun than I anticipated.

*Misha stands up*

Misha: And I intend to win. I don’t want to kill you, Leonis, but Zeth needs to die and if I have to go full power to make that happen, then I will.

*Misha charges her magic to the max and has a fierce blue aura*

Leonis: Oh, Misha. Let’s not be like that.

*Misha rushes towards Leonis with extreme speed and starts rapidly punching him*

Misha: You can’t handle me at my full power!

*Misha pushes Leonis into a wall and continues to rapidly punch him*

*Misha then stops and pulls him off the wall, turns them both around, and then uppercuts him into the air*

*Misha jumps and then kicks him down to the ground. On her way down, she releases another blue laser beam at Leonis. Misha smiles confidently*

Misha: I win.

*Leonis smirks and holds out his hand with vampiric energy as the laser reaches him. He starts absorbing it, though it puts strain on his body, causing his arm to start bleeding*

Misha: What!?

*Leonis stands up*

Leonis: Oh, Misha. Maybe you should listen to me. Thanks for the power though.

*The power of the blue laser infuses into his red vampiric aura*

Leonis: You put up a good fight, but this is where it ends.

Misha: No! Zeth will die!

*Misha rushes towards Leonis again and attempts to rapidly punch him once more but he dodges every punch*

*Misha then jumps over Leonis and attempts to punch his back but her punches are blocked by Leonis’s arms*

*Leonis eventually turns around and grabs both of her arms, pulls her down towards him, and then finally gut punches her, causing her to cough up blood*

*Leonis grabs the back of Misha’s head and slams her face into the floor*

*Leonis then walks back to his throne. There are two thrones, one for him and one for Asina*

*Leonis sits on his throne*

*Misha looks up while on her knees. Her face has blood all over it*

Leonis: Compare the states that we are in at the moment. You are on your knees with a bloody face and I sit on my throne looking down upon you. That is the difference between us.

Misha: I… I am a Council of Demons member too. I’m not some peasant.

Leonis: And that is why this is a very satisfying moment for me. I don’t know everything about you but I do know your strength is taking out opponents by making them lower their guard. At the end of the day, I am the vampire king and you can’t do anything to stop me.

Narrator: Despite Misha figuring out his zones, Leonis continues to overpower her. Can she do anything or is this battle over?

Chapter 294 END

To be Continued in Chapter 295: All Hail The Vampire King