Chapter 296:

Chapter 296: Breakout

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 296: Breakout

Narrator: Back with Zaydra’s team.

*Zaydra’s team reaches their destination. There is a relatively hidden base in an area with a lot of large boulders*

Zaydra: This is it. Let’s get in there and find those documents.

*They begin entering the base*

Zaydra: Do you see any movement?

Sapphire: No. It’s all clear.

*The entrance room is dark and has a lot of dust as it does not appear to have been entered in a long time*

*Zaydra’s team slowly goes through the room. They find a staircase that leads underground*

Kerdon: It looks like we will need to go underground.

Kren: That makes sense. It wouldn’t be a good idea to hide important documents aboveground.

Ruby: I will lead the way.

*They start going down the stairs with Ruby in front. As they walk down the stairs, Ruby has her dagger ready just in case*

Bonetru: Sapphire, are you absolutely positive that you did not see any movement in here?

Sapphire: Yes. And besides, there is way too much dust for anyone to have been here anytime recently.

Bonetru: I will take your word for it.

*In the underground rooms, it is pitch black*

Zaydra: It’s too dark to see. Ruby, turn on the lights.

*Ruby finds the light switch and tries flipping the lights on but it does not work*

Ruby: It’s no good. There is no power.

Zaydra: Alright, I’ll take care of this. Starlight Shield.

*The very bright magic shield forms around Zaydra’s body and it lights up the room*

*They find a door that has Zenfaro’s name on it*

Zaydra: It’s my brother’s name. His name is covered by a magic that allows for only the divine to be able to translate it.

*They go in and it’s an office-like room with a lot of shelves that have files on them*

Zaydra: Start looking. This is without a doubt where my brother kept all of his stuff during his mission in this country.


Narrator: Back with Zeth’s team.

*Zeth’s team is still in the vampire prison*

Zeth: I can’t stand being in here anymore! We need to break out! I want to find out who that person was!

Joe: Easier said than done.

Zeth: We have no choice. Staying in here won’t end well for us. There must be a way to deal with this vampiric barrier.

*Sasha closes her eyes and puts her hand to her chin and thinks*

Emily: Have you thought of something, Sasha?

*Sasha opens her eyes*

Sasha: Maybe. If it’s a vampiric barrier then it absorbs energy. It’s possible that we could overload it. It’s a risk though since we would be using up our magic and it’s not guaranteed to work.

Zeth: It’s worth a shot.

*The four of them stand at the back wall to put some distance between them and the barrier*

Sasha: Charge up your magic.

*The four of them charge up their magic and their auras are strong*

Sasha: I think it would be best to have all of us focus our attacks on one spot. I think it would be the most effective so aim for the center.

Zeth: Let’s go!

*Zeth uses a horizontal Galaxy Blast which stays in place so that it continues to hit the shield in the center. Joe uses a powerful lightning bolt that hits the center. Emily channels magic into a laser cannon and blasts the shield with it. Sasha forms a black dragon head around her body and a large beam of dark energy is released*

*The attacks keep hitting the center and soon the shield starts to become unstable in the center*

Sasha: Here is what will happen next. Joe will completely cover himself in electricity. We will all stop our attacks and Joe will use Blitzkrieg to rip open the center of the shield.

Joe: Got it.

*Joe covers himself in electricity*

Joe: I’m ready.

*Everyone stops their attacks and Joe uses Blitzkrieg. He grabs the unstable center of the shield and starts pulling at it*

*Soon, the barrier starts to tear. Joe gets it torn enough that they are all able to run out of the jail cell*

*Joe’s Blitzkrieg ends and all four of them return to using no magic*

Emily: We made it out!

Zeth: Now to get out of here! I am determined to find that person!

*They all start moving towards the exit of the vampire prison room*

*Vampire guards enter the prison room*

Male Guard: The prisoners have escaped!

Zeth: We’re going to have to fight our way out! Let’s do this!

Narrator: Zaydra’s team has found the old base and Zeth’s team has broken out of prison! What challenges and enemies await them?

Chapter 296 END

To be Continued in Chapter 297: Prison Battle