Chapter 297:

Chapter 297: Prison Battle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 297: Prison Battle

Narrator: Back with Zaydra’s team.

*Zaydra’s team searches the office room looking for Zenfaro’s documents*

Kren: I’m not seeing the documents that we are looking for.

Zaydra: Keep looking! They have to be in here somewhere!

Kerdon: I doubt it’s just going to be in one of these file cabinets. There must be a hidden part of this room.

*Bonetru starts moving the file cabinets away from the walls. Eventually, they spot a sparkle of sealed magic behind where one of the cabinets was*

Bonetru: Look at this.

*The others look at it*

Zaydra: It’s a hidden seal.

*Zaydra puts her hand up to the seal and removes it with her magic. The seal being removed reveals a secret safe in the wall*

Sapphire: Wouldn’t we need an unlock combination for this?

*Zaydra simply pulls on the handle to open it*

Ruby: I’m surprised it’s not locked.

Zaydra: Zenfaro may have done so with the intention of us finding it if something happened to him.

*Zaydra takes out the documents and lays them on the desk*

Zaydra: Let’s get to reading.


Narrator: Back with Zeth’s team.

*The heroes are fighting the guards that have entered the room. As they fight, more guards start to gradually enter*

Joe: We can’t stay fighting in this room! We have to push forward!

Sasha: I’m thinking the same.

*Sasha summons a dozen Hellhounds and then she smiles sadistically*

Sasha: Feast on them, my Hellhounds! They will be your dinner!

*The Hellhounds begin charging at the vampire guards*

Male Guard: They are just dogs! This should be easy!

*The Hellhounds start jumping at the guards and the guards struggle to fight them off. The members of Zeth’s team take advantage and start punching and kicking the guards out of their way*

Zeth: See ya!

Sasha: Enjoy being Hellhound food!

*They open the door and enter a hallway while the guards they went past get eaten by the Hellhounds*

*They can either go left or right*

Emily: Which way should we go!?

Zeth: My rule of thumb is to always go left so let’s go that way!

Joe: Works for me!

*The heroes head left and at the end of the hallway are two vampires with red orbs of vampiric magic ready to be thrown*

Male Vampire: We have to stop them!

Female Vampire: They won’t make it past us!

*The vampires begin throwing the vampiric orbs at Zeth’s team. The heroes dodge the orbs but as the orbs are dodged, the vampires keep making new ones and keep throwing them*

*Zeth is hit by one of them and it stuns him to the point that he falls to his knees*

*Another one comes towards him but suddenly Sasha summons a Hell Rex in front of Zeth. It is a black demonic T-Rex with red markings on it. The Hell Rex swallows the orb*

Sasha: Great job, Hell Rex!

*The Hell Rex roars in happiness*

Zeth: Whoa! I haven’t seen this one before!

Sasha: There’s a lot you haven’t seen.

*Although the Hell Rex stopped the orb, it starts to get weakened by it, making the Hell Rex now groan in pain*

Sasha: I’m sorry, Hell Rex.

*Sasha begins smiling sadistically as she points at the vampires that are starting to throw another round of orbs*

Sasha: Those are your enemies! They will try to hurt you! Devour all of them! Bring them great suffering as they die!

*In anger, the Hell Rex begins charging at the vampires in the mostly-narrow hallway*

*The vampires begin to rapid throw the orbs and they hit the Hell Rex but they don’t stop it. The vampires become nervous*

Male Vampire: Oh shit!! Escape! Run away!

Female Vampire: I don’t want to be monster food!!

*The vampires try to open the door behind them but the Hell Rex picks up the male and starts chewing on him*

Male Vampire: Aaaaahhhhh!!!!

*The female vampire is pierced against the wall with Sasha’s Dark Spear*

Female Vampire: No! We are vampires! We can’t be defeated like this!

*Emily channels a lot of magic into her Shadow Sword and cuts off the female’s head. The Hell Rex drops the now highly damaged male vampire*

Sasha: Did he not taste good, my Hell Rex? Don’t worry, you did enough. We will finish him.

*Sasha sadistically smiles as Zeth charges his right arm with a lot of magic*

*With a powerful punch, Zeth punches a hole in the male’s gut and he ends up dying* \

Zeth: Let’s get going before more show up!

*They go into the next hallway with Zeth and Sasha in the lead. Suddenly, a trap door opens on the floor and Zeth and Sasha fall into it*

Zeth: What the…!?

Sasha: Noooooo…!!

*The trap door closes immediately*

Joe: Zeth!!!

Emily: Sasha!!!

Joe: This is just like what happened at the mansion!

Emily: Apparently, every creepy place needs to have trap doors! Hopefully, they will be fine!

Joe: All we can do is keep going. There must be a way to reach them.

Narrator: Zaydra’s team found Zenfaro’s documents! Zeth’s team fought their way out of the prison room but Zeth and Sasha fell through a trap door (again)! What will become of them?

Chapter 297 END

To be Continued in Chapter 298: Monsters of the Dungeon