Chapter 300:

Chapter 300: Zeth and Sasha… Together… Forever… Their Love Finally Blooms

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 300: Zeth and Sasha… Together… Forever… Their Love Finally Blooms

Narrator: A giant Snagger stands between them and escaping the dungeon!

*Zeth and Sasha rush towards the giant Snagger. It releases a large vampiric beam from its mouth and they jump away to avoid it. The beam crashes into the wall and creates a large and long indent in the wall that goes back 20 meters. Zeth and Sasha take note*

Zeth: Whoa! That certainly would have left a mark!

Sasha: Just avoid it!

*One of the giant Snagger’s claws comes swiping in. They jump up to dodge but then the giant Snagger quickly swipes them with its other claw, sending them flying back. They are knocked back into the 20-meter indent and hit against a wall. After they hit the wall, they fall back down to the floor and are heavily injured*

Zeth: *huff huff* That hurt a lot! *huff huff*

*Sasha tries to get up but falls down*

Sasha: *huff huff* Oh no! *huff huff*

Zeth: What’s wrong, Sasha?

*Zeth tries to stand up and also falls down*

Sasha: This is bad! Our bodies are going to need a bit of rest after these hard hits!

*The giant Snagger is near the entrance of the indent charging a vampiric beam*

Zeth: We won’t be able to take that hit!

Sasha: Quick! Crawl into that pipe!

*The indent destroyed part of a pipe channel so they can crawl into the large pipe. They start crawling towards the pipe as the giant Snagger is about to release its beam*

Zeth: It’s going to be close!!

*The giant Snagger releases its beam and they just barely make it into the pipe before the beam hits them*

Zeth: That was too close!

Sasha: We need to keep crawling!

*They crawl farther through the pipe but, eventually stop to rest*

Zeth: This will be good for the moment at least.

Sasha: That monster can still get us.

*They hear another section of the pipe channel destroyed*

Sasha: It’s content to just keep randomly destroying sections of the pipe.

*Zeth sees Sasha’s worried face. He suddenly has a flashback to the day they first met in the forest. Zeth pictures Sasha’s smile in his mind*

Zeth: Sasha… If this is it for us, there is something I want to tell you…

*Sasha looks at him almost in awe*

Zeth: I…

*Zeth takes a deep breath*

Zeth: I want to be with you… forever.

*Now, she does look at him in awe as another section of the pipe channel is destroyed up ahead*

Sasha: Zeth… you said it…

Zeth: Yes. We have a tight bond. Ever since the day we met, we have been very close. I think back to that moment I first offered you my hand. When you grabbed my hand, I felt something… something special. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what that feeling was. But as time has gone on and we have spent more time together, I realized what it was. It was attraction.

*Zeth takes another deep breath*

Zeth: That’s why… Uhh… Umm…

*Zeth starts rubbing his head*

Zeth: Sorry, for being so awkward…

Sasha: It’s okay. I have to confess too so let me say it… I love you.

*Now Zeth is in awe*

Sasha: 42 years ago, when you had fallen unconscious after defeating Goma, I told you that I love you. I even kissed you on the lips after that.

*Sasha has a flashback to when she ran up to Zeth’s unconscious body while crying*

(Flashback) Sasha: Don’t you dare die!!!! I’m going to say it!!! I love you!!!! I love you so much!!!! Where would I be without you!!!!? I want to be with you forever!!!!!

*After saying all that, Sasha kisses Zeth on the lips* (End Flashback)

*Zeth continues to be in awe*

Zeth: Sasha…

*Sasha begins to confess everything*

Sasha: Zeth, I don’t think I could even live without you! You were the one that put me on the right path! Who knows where I would be without you!

*She begins to cry and hugs Zeth*

Sasha: Thank you! Thank you for everything!

*Now even Zeth is crying*

Zeth: To be honest, I feel the same way. All of my friends have helped me along the way but I feel like you are the one that completes me.

*Another section of the pipe channel is destroyed and this one is close to them*

*They both look at each other while crying. Zeth’s facial expression changes to one of determination*

Zeth: No! We’re not dying here! We have to live! We are light and dark! We are the ones that can change the whole course of this conflict between the two sides!

*Sasha looks at him inspired*

Zeth: Me and you. We will be light and dark… together… forever…

*Sasha looks confident*

Sasha: You’re right!

Zeth: We’ve had our rest! Let’s get back out there and kick this thing’s ass! This situation has reminded me of something. Remember your Power of the Dead ability?

Sasha: That’s it! There has been a ton of death in this area! We will be able to take it down with Power of the Dead!

*They start crawling again*

Sasha: Before we continue fighting that monster, I just want to say that I’m sorry for taking your first kiss while you were unconscious…

*Zeth chuckles*

Zeth: That’s alright. We can have our first real kiss together after we’ve settled our business.

*They crawl out of the pipe and into one of the indents. They confront the giant Snagger*

Zeth: Are you ready, you giant monster!?

Sasha: Because you’re going down!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have confessed their love to each other! They will go forward together forever.

Chapter 300 END

To be Continued in Chapter 301: Reaper Power Unleashed