Chapter 301:

Chapter 301: Reaper Power Unleashed

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 301: Reaper Power Unleashed

Narrator: Sasha prepares to use Power of the Dead!

*The whole large room becomes enshrouded in Sasha’s darkness as she begins using Power of the Dead*

*The giant Snagger becomes confused as it sees nothing but darkness. Sasha’s voice echoes*

Sasha: You have run out of opportunities to kill us. The only thing that awaits you is death.

*Suddenly, the giant Snagger feels a lot of pain as the Hell Shark was able to chomp onto one of its claws without being noticed. The Snagger tries to shake it off*

*Sasha appears in front of the now distracted Snagger. She is wearing reaper clothes and has face painting on. She carries a dark magic-made scythe and slashes into the giant Snagger’s face*

Sasha: That’s just the beginning!

*The Snagger is in pain as Zeth also suddenly appears. He is also wearing reaper clothes, though he lacks the face paint. He jumps towards the Snagger and uses Dark Super Nova Punch which blasts the giant Snagger back a bit*

Zeth: I didn’t think you could enhance me too.

Sasha: I’ve been working on improving my abilities over the last 12 years. You should now have the same dark powers that you used when you defeated Daykona back in the mansion but without the power actually going inside you. It’s more like it is coating you.

*The darkness starts to pull back and outlines the walls of the room*

Zeth: Awesome. I like that.

*The Snagger finally gets the Hell Shark off of its claw and flings it against the wall. Sasha unsummons the Hell Shark*

Sasha: You will pay for harming my Hell Shark!

*Zeth and Sasha then run towards the Snagger*

*The Snagger swings its claw at them and they jump away to dodge but it quickly swings its claw at Sasha again. She holds up her scythe horizontally to block it*

*Zeth does another Dark Super Nova Punch on the giant Snagger’s face and the small blast again tears up its face. Sasha then pierces its claw with her scythe*

*The Snagger jumps back a bit and it looks like it is in pain. It roars at Zeth and Sasha in anger*

Sasha: If you don’t like it, you are welcome to die sooner rather than later.

*Sasha releases a wave of dark energy while Zeth releases a Dark Star Blast and both of the attacks hit and do a lot of damage to the Snagger, blowing it back*

*The Snagger feels cornered and roars. the normal-sized Snaggers start to return to the battle to help*

Zeth: Trying to win the battle with numbers?

Sasha: It won’t help them. They will be no match for us currently.

*The normal Snaggers start to head towards Zeth and Sasha while the giant one opens its snout*

*Sasha opens her eyes wide as she targets some of the normal-sized Snaggers*

Zeth: What are you planning?

*He is amazed as, suddenly, Sasha reaches her targets with extreme speed. She then instantly slashes them with her scythe which cuts them to pieces*

Zeth: That’s awesome but the big one is still about to attack!

*The giant Snagger finishes charging its vampiric beam and releases it*

Zeth: Sasha!! Watch out!!

*Then, almost instantly, Sasha is right next to Zeth again as the normal-sized ones that didn’t get slashed get obliterated by the beam*

Zeth: How did you do that!?

Sasha: It was a targeting move that gets my body to automatically move towards the targets and slash them, followed by getting back to my original position with almost the same speed. It only works while using Power of the Dead and can be draining on stamina.

Zeth: You continue to impress. I need to catch up. Hehe.

Sasha: How about we finally take this thing out and get out of here?

*Sasha winks. Zeth then does a fist-in-hand motion while having a confident smile*

Zeth: Oh yeah! Let’s make quick work of this thing!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have unleashed Reaper Power through Power of the Dead! How difficult will it be to finish off the giant Snagger?

Chapter 301 END

To be Continued in Chapter 302: Out of the Rabbit Hole