Chapter 299:

Chapter 299: The Largest Monster

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 299: The Largest Monster

Sasha: With all of this water, not many of my Dark Creatures can help us here. However, there are a few that specialize in movement in liquids. Hell Shark!

*Sasha summons a Hell Shark in the water. It is a demonic shark that is black with red markings*

Zeth: I don’t think this water is deep enough for a shark to be effective!

Sasha: You might be right but it’s better than nothing! Let’s get after them!

*Zeth and Sasha jump from platform to platform while the shark swims*

*Zeth engages a Snagger and punches it in the gut with a magic-powered punch, knocking it upwards a bit*

*The Hell Shark launches out of the water and grabs the Snagger with its mouth and starts chomping on it*

Sasha: I’ll get the one trying to hit us with ranged magic attacks!

*Sasha goes after the Snagger in the back that is releasing vampiric beams. That Snagger releases another vampiric beam at Sasha but she dodges and then forms a Black Energy Ball*

Sasha: I’ll show your mouth some more impressive magic!

*Sasha shoves her Black Energy Ball into the Snagger’s mouth, causing it to explode and kill the Snagger instantly*

*While Sasha was dealing with the ranged attacker, Zeth has been fighting multiple Snaggers, and one bites onto his right leg*

Zeth: Gah! Not again!

*Zeth quickly blows the other Snagger away with a Star Shine Blast while the chomping Snagger keeps its grip on his leg. The Snagger tries to drag Zeth away but the Hell Shark bites onto the body of the Snagger and the pain makes the Snagger release Zeth’s leg*

*The Snagger tries to overpower the Hell Shark but fails and gets eaten*

*Sasha dodges a Snagger chomp and kicks it away from her but it is now headed in Zeth’s direction. It opens its snout to charge a vampiric beam*

Sasha: Zeth! Watch out!

Zeth: Don’t worry! Chains of the Volcano Demon!

*Zeth uses the chains and they wrap around the snout of the Snagger which shuts its mouth closed as the vampiric beam fires. The force blows off the Snagger’s head*

*All of the other Snaggers start sensing the losing battle and retreat into a very large opening*

Zeth: They’re retreating!

*Sasha looks at Zeth with sadness in her eyes*

Sasha: Zeth… Those chains.

Zeth: I know. I have them because of my link to Kazan.

Sasha: I remember how you had them since that time we fought those poachers in your home city of Kunasha but I never understood why until now.

Zeth: Don’t worry. We will defeat these vampires and the curse won’t matter.

*They are interrupted as they hear a loud grumbling sound*

Sasha: What was that!?

*Large splashes of water are heard from the large opening that the Snaggers retreated into. Zeth and Sasha both look nervous*

Zeth: Something big is coming! We need to get out of here while we have the chance!

Sasha: Right!

*They start jumping from platform to platform towards the exit when a giant Snagger comes out of the opening. This Snagger walks on four legs*

*The giant Snagger quickly slashes its left claw at them and it hits them, sending them flying back in the opposite direction of the exit. They are knocked against a wall and are damaged*

Zeth: A giant one!? Come on!

Sasha: This is my fault. I should have had us get out of here before talking about those chains.

Zeth: It’s alright. We just have to beat this thing. Let’s go!

*They stand up ready to face the giant Snagger*

Zeth: We’re going to take this oversized gator thing down!

*Zeth and Sasha charge up their magic to high levels and the giant Snagger roars at them*

*Zeth and Sasha rush towards it. Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast and it hits the giant Snagger’s head, stunning it. Sasha follows up with a magic-powered punch to do some more damage*

*After their attacks end, they both jump back*

Zeth: How did you like that!?

Narrator: A giant Snagger is attacking Zeth and Sasha! Will they be able to handle it?

Chapter 299 END

To be Continued in Chapter 300: Zeth and Sasha… Together… Forever… Their Love Finally Blooms