Chapter 27:

Action Time! Part-1

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

After finishing talking with The Supreme King they all left for their base in Aoikibara. They make their way back to the portal and go back through it again.Bookmark here

After that Akira creates another portal to their base and they go back to their base. But Akira doesn't follow them. Instead, he goes to his own base.Bookmark here

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"Why are we going to a dungeon all of a sudden?" Mio asksBookmark here

"It's about time you guys get dome actual experience." Shira repliesBookmark here

"I am so excited! It's my first time in a dungeon!" Renjii says with an excited voiceBookmark here

"Yeah, me too!" Mio saysBookmark here

"Dungeons are boring…" Roy saysBookmark here

"Sure they are. Have you ever been to one? Heh." Mio says to Roy in a taunting voice.Bookmark here

"…Yeah, I have…" Roy replies.Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

"Let's leave." Shira saysBookmark here

"Okay." The trio says at the same time.Bookmark here

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All of them enter the dungeon. It's a cave-type dungeon that has goblins, wolves, and Orcs. It's an E-rank dungeon which is the second-lowest rank for dungeon ranking.Bookmark here

"Even if it is a low-rank dungeon it has a strong mana pressure inside of it." Renjii saysBookmark here

"It may be a low-rank dungeon but it's still a dungeon. So it's normal for it to have a strong mana pressure" Mio saysBookmark here

"This one's a lot different from the one I went to" Roy saysBookmark here

"Again with the lying…"Bookmark here

"I am not lying." RoyBookmark here

"Did you go alone?" Renjii asksBookmark here

"Of course not! I went there with my grandpa. He is a retired general." Roy saysBookmark here

"What?! Your grandpa was a general rank knight?! You never told us that" Mio asksBookmark here

"He told me." Renjii repliesBookmark here

"Huh? Why didn't you tell me about it?" Mio asks RoyBookmark here

"…You didn't ask me…" Roy saysBookmark here

Mio just stares at Roy with a neutral look.Bookmark here

"Stop this useless talking and get ready for action. And Roy, don't get overconfident" Shira saysBookmark here

"I know." Roy saysBookmark here

"And here take this." Shira says and hands them a stone with different marks on it.Bookmark here

"What is this?" Renjii asksBookmark here

"I know what this is! It's a return stone, isn't it?" Mio saysBookmark here

"Yes, you are right it's a return stone. People use to escape dungeons when it is an emergency situation. The person who uses it gets transported to the dungeon exit in an instant. You just have to pour mana in it to use it." Shira explainsBookmark here

"So, are you all prepared to start the mission?" Shira says in a serious stanceBookmark here

All of them reply loudly "Yes!"Bookmark here

All of them then start exploring the dungeon.Bookmark here

"You guys have to take care of most of the work on your own and I will help you with stuff here and there" Shira saysBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

The first monster of the dungeon is some low-level goblins. After seeing the monsters The Trio takes out their weapon and starts fighting.Bookmark here

Roy uses his fire magic to burn a few of the goblins.Bookmark here

Renjii uses his telekinesis to float his daggers and beheads a few goblins.Bookmark here

'Roy is using his magic more than his sword. He is relying on his magic more now. And looks like Renjii got a lot better at controlling his magic.' Shira is observing them from the sidelines.Bookmark here

'Not bad. Their teamwork is pretty good from before and their fighting has also improved.' Shira thinksBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

They defeat all the goblins with ease. Because goblins are low-level monsters that any knight can beat.Bookmark here

Mio took down a few goblins. Roy and Renjii did the most work. Because of the lack of sand in the dungeon, Mio wasn't able to help them much.Bookmark here

"Good job, let's get moving now." Shira saysBookmark here

They start walking again.Bookmark here

Roy and his team continue their mission after clearing the first level. They reach the second level there isn't that much difference in the surroundings other than the atmosphere.Bookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

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