Chapter 303:

Chapter 303: The Vampire Queen Makes Her Move

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 303: The Vampire Queen Makes Her Move

Narrator: Back with the vampire queen, Asina.

*The vampire queen is running at a fast speed across the land. She is wearing a green uniform. The sleeves for both the arms and legs are gray*

Asina: (Talking to herself) I’m almost there.


Narrator: Back with Zaydra’s team.

Zaydra: We have what we need! Let’s get out of here!

*They start hearing voices inside the base*

Ruby: There are vampires in this base now!

Sapphire: I’m detecting a lot of movement!

Zaydra: Then we will have to fight our way out of here!

*They leave the office room where some vampires are heading down to the floor where they are at*

*The handful of vampires see them*

Male Vampire: There they are! Get them!

*The vampires begin throwing magic orbs of vampiric energy at Zaydra’s team*

Zaydra: Get ready to fight!

*Zaydra and her allies get out of the way of the vampiric magic orbs*

Kerdon: We need to take them out without destroying the place.

Bonetru: Leave that to me.

*Bonetru takes out a large sword and begins rushing towards the vampires. The vampires release more orbs of vampiric magic at him but he dodges and slashes away the vampiric blasts*

Bonetru: You vampires won’t stop me!

*Bonetru quickly reaches the vampires and then starts trying to slash them. He lands his slashes on a few of them, killing them*

*More vampires start to come down the stairs. One of them lunges at Bonetru from behind but the female vampire is pierced in the head by one of Sapphire’s arrows before she hit Bonetru*

Zaydra: Let’s support him!

*They start moving closer to assist Bonetru. Combined, they overwhelm the vampires that came down the stairs*

*Zaydra kicks a charging vampire back up the steps and throws multiple Star Shards that cut through any of the ones behind the first one*

Ruby: You all made a mistake trying to fight us!

*Zaydra’s team moves up to the top floor only to encounter more vampires. They prepare to take the vampires out. In preparation, Zaydra also ends her Star Light Shield*

*The vampires begin throwing more vampiric blasts. Zaydra’s team does take some damage from the vampiric blasts being thrown at them but it’s not enough as Zaydra’s team gets in a lot of their own hits*

*The vampires get desperate and lunge at Zaydra’s team in an attempt to bite them*

Zaydra: They’re coming in to bite! Don’t let them succeed!

*Zaydra’s team has to punch and kick the vampires away as they get close. All of the vampires are knocked back and none of them were able to bite*

*After doing that, Bonetru goes after them with his big sword and tries to finish them off*

*Suddenly, all the windows of the room break, and a fist hits Bonetru in the face. Bonetru is knocked back into the wall and it breaks partially*

Zaydra: Bonetru!

*They look at the one responsible and it is Asina, the vampire queen. She looks at them, unimpressed*

*The vampires move behind her*

Asina: You all stay back. I will take them all on.

Narrator: Zaydra’s team finds themselves faced with Asina, the vampire queen! Is Asina really capable of taking them all on?

Chapter 304 END

To be Continued in Chapter 304: The Vampire Queen’s Power