Chapter 302:

Chapter 302: Out of the Rabbit Hole

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 302: Out of the Rabbit Hole

Zeth: Let’s end this!

*The remaining normal Snaggers get in front of the giant one and open their snouts to release vampiric beams while Zeth and Sasha rush towards them*

*They dodge the beams and get in close. Sasha slices a few of the Snaggers in half with her scythe*

*Zeth punches a bunch of them with dark magic-powered punches. The giant Snagger swings at Zeth and Sasha with its claw multiple times but they are able to dodge the swings*

*The giant Snagger roars at them in frustration*

Sasha: I think I know how we can end this quickly. Having such a large mouth is a disadvantage. Throw a Dark Super Nova down its throat.

Zeth: But if I do that while it’s charging a beam then we will get caught in the explosion.

Sasha: Not to worry. Leave the opening to me.

*Zeth starts to form his Dark Super Nova in his hands while Sasha rushes towards the giant Snagger. The Snagger slashes at her but she slides under its claw and arm and is now in front of the Snagger’s face*

*It looks angrily at her*

Sasha: I’ll try to make this quick!

*Sasha swings her scythe so that the blade stabs into the giant Snagger’s upper lip. She then starts to try and force its mouth open. It turns out to be more difficult than she thought as she struggles to open its mouth. The Snagger is about to slash at her again*

*Sasha forms a Dark Spear in her hand. She throws the Dark Spear into the eye of the Snagger, causing it to be in a lot of pain and interrupting its slash. This makes it easy for Sasha to pry open its mouth with the scythe*

Sasha: Now! Release the Super Nova!!

*Zeth throws the formed black unstable star into the mouth of the Snagger. Sasha releases her scythe and jumps back as the Dark Super Nova goes into the Snagger’s throat*

Zeth: It’s about to blow!!

*Zeth and Sasha get even farther back as a large explosion happens in the throat of the giant Snagger which also engulfs any remaining normal Snaggers*

Sasha: Not even a monster of that size could survive an explosion like that from the inside.

*The smoke from the explosion starts to clear and the giant Snagger is dead as it was blown into large pieces*

Zeth: That takes care of that!

*Sasha ends the Power of the Dead*

Sasha: It’s time to get out of here.

*Zeth and Sasha jump from platform to platform as they head towards the exit*

Zeth: I am so done with this dank dungeon! I hope this truly gets us out of here!

*They go through the exit path and they soon find themselves out of the underground and into a normal room*

Zeth: We’re finally out of the rabbit hole!

Sasha: That’s a relief. I was tired of being down there and may have just started blowing the whole place up if the exit just led to another dungeon area.

Zeth: Now we need to reunite with Joe and Emily.

*Zeth and Sasha get moving*


Narrator: Back with Zaydra’s team.

*Zaydra’s team is still in the underground portion of the resistance base. They are still reading the documents*

Zaydra: This is bad. The vampires are trying to unseal Kazan.

Ruby: Please explain. These documents are from over 60 years ago. How have they not already unsealed him?

Zaydra: They need a descendant of Kyle Dredon. Zeth is a descendant. I feared that it was only a matter of time before someone went after Zeth to do that, especially once I saw that one painting depicting Zeth as a baby and Kazan right after Kogen was defeated. (Note: See Chapter 183). How did this information get out?

Ruby: So how would they do that?

Zaydra: (Reading) They will take the descendant to the volcano north of the castle and use that in combination with one of Kazan’s relics and infuse Kazan’s being into the descendant.

*The others are concerned*

Kren: Prince Zeth is in extreme danger!

Zaydra: I know! And we just led him right to them! We have to find him before they do!

Narrator: Zaydra’s team has learned how the vampires will use Zeth to unseal Kazan! Can they stop them?

Chapter 302 END

To be Continued in Chapter 303: The Vampire Queen Makes Her Move