Chapter 304:

Chapter 304: The Vampire Queen’s Power

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 304: The Vampire Queen’s Power

Narrator: Zaydra’s team is confronted by the vampire queen!

Zaydra: How did they even know we were here!?

Asina: You were spotted and tracked by one of your recon teams. Your carelessness will now be the end of you.

Zaydra: You can’t take us all on!

Asina: Oh really?

*Asina does a motion with her hand signaling them to come at her*

*All except Bonetru, who is recovering from the last hit, rush towards Asina*

*Zaydra tries to punch Asina but she dodges. Zaydra then immediately tries a kick after that and Asina grabs Zaydra’s leg, shocking Zaydra*

Zaydra: What!?

*Asina then punches Zaydra in the gut, doing a lot of damage, and throws her into Kren as he is about to attack which knocks them both back*

Asina: Six against one, it doesn’t matter. I outclass all of you.

*Ruby and Sapphire approach from each of Asina’s sides. Asina does a 180-degree jump-in-place so that her legs are reaching up and her head is lower. Asina grabs both of their heads and slams them together*

*Asina kicks them away as she lands and immediately catches a grenade that was thrown by Kerdon*

Asina: A grenade? How pitiful.

*Asina throws the grenade back at Kerdon and it explodes in mid-air, damaging him*

Asina: It’s my turn now.

*Asina rushes through the smoke towards Kerdon and she gets in a strong punch that damages him even further and blows him back into a wall*

*Bonetru tries to slash her from behind with his large sword but she evades to the side. She then immediately grabs his arm and kicks the sword which breaks it into two pieces*

Bonetru: She broke my sword that easily!?

*Asina then pounds his arm and injures it*

Bonetru: Gaah!!

*Zaydra and Kren move in to help*

Zaydra: I’ll put an end to your arrogance!!

Kren: I’m with you, Princess Zaydra!

*Zaydra uses a Galaxy Blast but Asina jumps back to avoid it. However, she is grabbed from behind by Kren who locks her in place*

*Zaydra goes into Raging Star Mode*

Zaydra: Hold her right there, Kren! She’s right where I want her!

*Zaydra rushes towards them to do a very powerful magically-charged punch. However, Asina elbows Kren in the gut which breaks through his armor, and then she ducks out of the way as Zaydra does her punch. This causes Zaydra to punch Kren in the chest and it knocks him back and breaks his armor*

Zaydra: Damn it! I’m sorry, Kren!

*Asina gets in Zaydra’s face and it scares her*

Asina: You need to worry about yourself.

*They then block a few of each other’s punches until Asina grabs Zaydra’s face*

*Asina then notices an arrow flying towards her. She throws Zaydra into the arrow and it pierces her, causing her to land on the ground wounded*

Sapphire: Oh no!!

*Asina releases a vampiric blast at Ruby and Sapphire. They get out of the way but Asina gets in front of Sapphire and kicks her into the ground*

*Ruby is enraged and tries to stab Asina with her daggers*

Ruby: I won’t forgive you for hurting Sapphire like that!!

*Asina dodges a few attempts but is finally stabbed in the left arm by one of Ruby’s daggers. Ruby tries to do a follow-up attack but Asina bashes her on the forehead with her own forehead, causing Ruby to fall on her back. At the same time, Bonetru tries to smash Asina with a Sledgehammer*

Bonetru: I have got you now!!

*Asina jumps and kicks Bonetru in the face, knocking him on his back*

*All of Zaydra’s team is now defeated*

*Zaydra looks at Asina with fear and her Raging Star Mode has also ended*

Zaydra: (Lying on the ground) To think she really could take us all on… I now understand how Zenfaro could be killed against the vampires…!

Asina: Earlier, you called me arrogant. You see, arrogance is not necessarily wrong if you back it up. A weak fool being arrogant is just a cocky moron. Someone like me being arrogant, who has backed it up countless times in battle, has earned that arrogance. I am allowed to be arrogant because I am better than all of you combined.

*Zaydra looks angry while she still lies on the ground*

Zaydra: Maybe so… but even someone who has earned their arrogance will eventually stumble when they least expect it. Mark my words, someone will take you down!

*Asina walks towards the exit of the base. She reaches the exit and looks back at them*

Asina: There will be no need for any new gravesites. This building will be all of your graves.

*Asina starts releasing vampiric blasts at all of the supports and destroys them. The building is about to collapse as Asina walks outside with the rest of the vampires*

*Asina begins forming a very large vampiric blast in her hand*

Asina: Allow this to be my parting gift.

*Asina releases the large vampiric blast at the building which destroys and collapses it entirely*

*After the blast, there is nothing left of the main floor of the building but a pile of rubble*

Asina: My exercise is over. Let’s go back.

Narrator: Asina defeated Zaydra’s entire team! Did they survive or have their lives come to an end?

Chapter 304 END

To be Continued in Chapter 305: Vampire Livestock