Chapter 305:

Chapter 305: Vampire Livestock

Beyond The Stars

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Chapter 305: Vampire Livestock

Narrator: Back with Joe and Emily

*Joe and Emily continue through the castle and are currently in a hallway. In the hallway, they fight off a few average vampires, ultimately, defeating them*

Joe: Well, that takes care of that. I’m starting to get the hang of fighting vampires.

Emily: Hopefully, that is really the case. Maybe we would have an easier time liberating Kenzo now than we did before.

*After leaving the hallway, they then find themselves in a large room that has a lot of caged sections like a zoo*

Joe: Where are we?

*They start walking around*

Emily: I don’t— ah!

*Emily sees something that freaks her out*

Emily: What is going on in here!?

*In the caged sections are captive humans that are natives of the country*

Joe: Caged humans? Just when you think these vampires can’t get worse.

*They run up to one of the zoo-like cages. Even though the humans don’t look malnourished, they all look hopeless, knowing they have no future*

Joe: Hey, can you tell us why they are holding you captive?

*The humans look at him for a moment and then just go back to looking depressed*

*Emily’s mouth starts to water as she looks at them and she subconsciously licks her lips as Joe continues looking around*

Joe: Emily, look at this sign.

*Emily realizes what she is doing and shakes her head. She then walks over to Joe*

Emily: What is it?

Joe: This sign explains it all.

*Emily looks away from Joe and towards the sign. Her expression turns to shock*

*The sign is titled “Livestock Rules” and the description says “Livestock is available for all vampires. However, do NOT overfeed. There must be enough for all vampires and overfeeding risks killing the livestock.”

Emily: This is terrible!

Joe: These poor people are treated as nothing more than food to vampires.

???: Hey! Over here!

*They notice someone calling out to them, it’s a young man in one of the cages*

*They go over to him. Like every native, he has gray skin and yellow-colored irises. He has short brown hair. He looks like he is in his 20s*

Narrator: Vampire Livestock and native of Vandox – Daniel.

Daniel: My name is Daniel. I’m one of the newer people thrown into these Livestock cages. What you read on that sign is true. They just feed on us.

Joe: I’m sorry. This whole place just disgusts me.

Daniel: Indeed. Once people are here long enough, it’s as if they have become lifeless. So please excuse those that didn’t answer your question earlier.

Emily: It’s okay. We understand.

Daniel: I have a question of my own. You are humans, so how did you even get in here?

Joe: We were captured but broke out of prison. We have been working with the Light Goddess and her forces to free this country from the vampires. Ultimately, we are going to take the vampires down.

*Daniel looks at them in awe*

Daniel: For real!?

Emily: Yes.

Daniel: Happy days! Our belief that the Light Goddess would save us has finally come true!

Joe: It won’t be an easy process though. Their strength is incredible.

*Daniel still looks confident*

Daniel: Even so, the forces of light shall prevail!

Emily: That said, it might not be safe to free all of you until we have completely defeated them.

Daniel: Agreed.

*A door to the room then opens. Entering into the room are the four elite vampires that Zeth’s team was defeated by*

Joe: Someone’s here. We have to deal with the threat before we talk more.

*Joe and Emily go to encounter the threat and feel fear when they see that it is the Vampire Squad Delta. The vampires smile upon seeing them*

Vincent: Oh look, we found the escaped rats. It looks like we will have to kill you since you are too much trouble to keep in prison.

Joe: What horrible luck…

Narrator: Joe and Emily discovered the Livestock room and they want to help the people but they find themselves up against Vampire Squad Delta again!

Chapter 305 END

To be Continued in Chapter 306: Elite Rematch