Chapter 1:

Volume 1 | Chapter 1: You Did It Again

Don't Worry, I'm Just a Mob!

Chapter 1: You Did It Again

If I can be... actually let me be frank.

I am 《dead》.

However, if someone was to ask me how does it feel to be 《dead》, I will answer that I don't know.


Well, if you exclude that there will be no way for one to ask me about it, it is because I was just literally 《dead》 and not actually dying.

If there is still someone who cannot grab a sense of what actually happening, let me enlighten you.

I was 《dead》 in a game. In other words, I was 《Game Over》.

It's 《Game Over》.

I look up at the ceiling and take a deep breath before I turn around, only to dive into the pile of pillows on my bed.

"It's Game Over!!!" I scream into the pillow.

I kept screaming until I felt satisfied. Only then, I raise my head and despite the panting come from my mouth, I punch the pillow.

"All that hard work!"

"All that time!"

"All that tears!"

Every time, I said a line, a punch came to the pillow.

"In the end, I was 《Game Over》!"

This time, I do not immediately release my punch. Instead, I hold my fist in the air. Closing my eyes, I push all of my anger, bitterness and tear into this little fist of mine before I pull it back over my head and release it into the pillow for the last time.


A loud sound enveloped my room and I see feathers are flying around in the space before my whole room is finally covered with white feathers.

"Ah." A sound comes out from my mouth as I hear footstep from the outside of my room.

I look at the bedhead where the pile of pillows used to be but now there is none there.

'Bang!' I hear the door is fiercely opened from the outside.

"Young miss!"
"Miss Jannice!"

I see a group of maids and butlers hurried into my room.

All of them look shocked when they see my completely white room which used to be have more color in it before it is covered with the white feathers. I think most of them already catch a glimpse of what actually happened but there is still some who look at me with a confused, blank look.

Mr. Thompson, the head butler of my household clears his throat before he glances at me and throws a question that has been stuck in their throat but unable to voice it out.

"May I ask young miss, what exactly happened?"

I looked at them, meekly as the guilt weighed heavily in my chest.

"I...I broke my pillows."

All of them felt into silence. Not because they feel astonished of how a mere child at the age of six can destroy those many, many pillows in her room that not even one is left untouched and even create a loud sound while doing that. It is exactly because they don't know how to react.

Suddenly, a Red Sea appears between all of them, giving a chance for a rather mature young man walks to the front.

Just like the maids and butlers, he is shocked when he sees the completely white room in front of him but immediately after that, his gaze fall into my body.

He smiled but I know that he is not actually smiling. His eyes do not contain that smile but contained that one look.

A look of helplessness.

"You... you did it again."

"F-Father..." I mutter then I bite my lips.

I cannot help but keep my head and shoulder down.

In my heart, I curse myself.

'I know that I should not use even a bit of mana in that punch! Why I am so stupid?'

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