Chapter 5:

A request, adventurers, a story and a the main objective

I became a healer in another world

After three more days, I have finally reached the Kingdom of Vreadronyth. It really looks like an amazing place from this hill I decided to stop by. If I had a camera I would take a picture of it but since I don't, I just have to process this greatness.

As I came back to the road, I noticed that there was a some type of inspection going on. I guess it's only logical since it's an important kingdom. Hmm, but I don't have any type of I.D yet, are they going to use something to check that I'm not a bad person? Guess I'll find out when I get there.

As I got to the gate, the guards stopped me.

"Halt! Do you have an I.D?" (Guard 1)

"Ah, unfortunately I don't have one yet."

"Then step down and place your hand on this crystal orb." (Guard 2)

I then place my hand on the crystal orb and it immediately starts to shine brightly. The guards seem to nod from the sight so it seems to be a good thing.

"Alright then. Is it fine if we investigate your wagon too?" (Guard 1)

"Um, go ahead."

The other guard then jumps inside to investigate the contents of the wagon and soon comes back.

"All clear. The kid seems to make potions and other healing items. He also has two familiars on his side. (Guard 2)

"Understood, head on in kiddo. You should head to the guild to get a guild card." (Guard 1)

"I'll head the right away."

The guards then opened the gates and I headed inside and the Kingdom had an amazing architecture. Every building appears to be made out of some type of stone. Somehow it reminds me of the ancient Roman architecture.

There seems to be many type of species living in here, Elves, Beastmen and Demons to say the least. At least there isn't any discrimination going on here, or well I haven't seen any yet at least.

Well I should head to the guild. I should ask that female elf.

"Excuse me miss, can you tell me where the guild is?"

"Ah , of course. Just head left and you should see a wooden sign which says 'Sunset Guild'. The sign also has a sword and and a staff crossing each other in a sunset."

"Thank you."

"I'm glad I could help."

I then turned left and I soon arrived to a shopping district. I decided to go past the shops and at the end was the guild.

"Huh, it really does have a sword and a staff in the sunset. A nice little detail."

I then headed in and there sure was a lot of adventurers making alot of commotion. Some of them were probably drinking beer since one person from a group seemed really drunk.

I then decided to step in and when I walked past some tough looking guys, they seemed to start talk mean things about me. Yeeah, I'll just ignore it and head to counter.

The guild lady seemed beautiful, she has long brown hair and violet eyes with red rounded glasses. She's wearing a blue dress and she has an emerald necklase around her neck. She also has a sweet smile.

"Welcome to Sunset Guild, how can I help you sir?"

"I would like to join the guild."

"Ah, of course. Do you know how to write and read?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then sign this piece of paper."

She then gives me a pen. I write my name on it and she stamps it. She then takes a small card.

"This is your guild card and I.D. You need to sign it too."

After writing my name on it too, she stamps it and also takes a blue book under the counter.

"What's this book?"

"It's a status book. You will see all your skills from there that you learn so if you forget something, check it out."

"Huh, interesting."

I take the book and see an 'Ailment nullification' which is on level 10. I wonder what that means.

"Um, what is this Ailment nullification skill?"

"Oh my, that is a rare skill. It means for example, if you are attacked by poison, you won't get poisoned. Or you won't get paralyzed."

Huh, I wonder how I got this skill? Was it because of my illness I had for eight years. It does seem to be the most logical reason I would have this.

When I decided to walk to the request board, the previous guys that talked behind my back came in front of me.

"Heh, what is a tiny child doing here in the first place."

"You seem weak, just go back home to cry for your mommy and leave the adventuring for adults."

"Unlike you, we are capable of slaying monsters the professional way and are respected so head on home."

Sigh, the people that are full of themselves are the people I seriously hate the most. And capable huh? Just one error and they'd be dead. Just because you're strong and able to swing a sword doesn't make someone invinsible. A party always needs a mage with healing and offensive magic that can support them.

"Yo, kid. What's with that look."

"Oh no, it's nothing. I just find those statements idiotic."

"What was that?!"

As the guy was going to attack me, a strong looking person grabbed him and hit all three in the head.

The person had long black hair which reached his shoulders, red eyes and black horns. He wears a black open jacket and grey trousers. He seems to be really mad at them.

"So you are being rude to the rookie adventurer huh?"

"N-No mister Jeroth."

Jeroth then just throws those guys outside from the guild like it's nothing. That's surprising.

"You okay there kiddo?"

"Um, yes."

"Ah, sorry for not introducing myself. I am Jeroth, a demon and the guild master. I also a friend of the hero and helped him defeat a great evil years ago."

"Ah, um nice to meet you too."

"Anyway, what's your fighting style?"

"Uh, I'm meant more for support meaning I'm a healing mage and I also create potions."

"Alright then."

Jeroth then goes through a back door and soon comes back.

"Here is a request. I make a different typeof request for different people along with their fighting style or if they don't fight."

"What do I do then?"

"I need you to go to the nearby forest and collect 20 blue singing flowers."

"What for?"

"I'm sure they'll be useful for your potions when you're making them."

"Ah, I see. I'll go there right away."

"Hold on. You should go to the item store and buy a bag made from spider's silk. It's durable and can hold on items. A great place to store your guild card and Status book."

"I guess I could go buy it."

I then leave from the guild, and head to the item store to buy the bag. If the bag doesn't cost much, it must be a great item to have with me.

Luckily the store was close so I didn't have to look for it for a long period of time. If I don't have enough Quills, I can easily sell a few of my potions I've made.

When I entered the store, it was really tidy with many items in the shelves and on display. There was a large carpet on the center.

"Welcome, how can I help a young adventurer like you?"

The merchant was a young woman with long blonde hair and pig tails and blue eyes. She has freckles around on her face and she is wearing glasses. She has a yellow scarf around her neck and she is wearing a red tunic with white pants.

"I would like to buy a bag which is made of spider's silk. Do you have any in stock?"

"Ah, a great choice. That would be 5000 Quills."

"Gah, I unfortunately don't have enough Quills, but is it possible to trade it with healing potions?"

"Gladly, but don't you need them yourself?"

"I can make more potions by myself. And besides, I'm sure they're more useful with other adventurers."

I then go back outside and bring back a crate filled with healing potions. The girl seems really surprised.

"Oh my, this is alot. I'm going to have to give you something else in exchange too. What would you like?"

"Hmm, let's see. Food and bottles."


We then empty the from the potions and place them on the shelves. The girl then attaches the bag on my waist and then she fills the crate with food and empty bottles. She then says good bye as I leave.

After getting back to my wagon, I call for Silva and Snow and they jump outside. I decide to climb on top Silva's back and head to the forest.

When I arrived to the forest, I started looking for the flowers while taking in the beautiful scenery in my mind. There is alot of different types of birds in the tree branches singing and a river is flowing accross the entire forest with sparkling fish. On the rivers edge's seem to be plants that seem to resemble Typha's, but are probably named as something completely different. Hmm, I guess I could take a few and ask Jeroth if they can be used in potion making.

As I walked through the forest, I started hearing a beautiful melody. This must be the melody from the flowers I came to gather and sure enough, they were. Before I decide to collect the flowers though, I decide to listen for the beautiful melody. I notice that Silva had started sleeping with Snow so I start collecting slowly so I can enjoy the music more.

While I am collecting the flowers though, I start hearing shouting and screaming from the distance which wakes up Silva and Snow. We get ready for battle, but they are normal humans.



"Wh-What the?"

"You should start running for your life!"


As soon as the young adventurers had run past me, a giant bear comes out from a bush.

"Oh crap."

I then drop the flowers and start running for my life and I soon catch the other adventurers as well.

"N-Nica do something!"

"Wh-What? Are you crazy? I can't chant while I'm running!"

Ah, that's a great idea. I should cast the Shield spell. I then grab my staff behind my back.

"Come worth the Goddess of Life and and grant us the power of protection. SHIELD!"

As soon as I cast the spell, the bear immediately bumps into the barrier and starts attacking it.

"*Wheeze* Thank you fellow adventurer."

"You're welcome, but tell me why it started attacking you? Did you attack it?"


("Stop attacking.")

Huh? Did I just hear Silva talk, or is it some kind of telepathic communication.

"Growl! Rawr!"

("The person with the hammer hurt you and now your paw is broken? I-I'm sure it was an accident.")

Huh? The one with that giant frecking hammer hit the bear?

"*Ahem* Apparently mister hammer boy hurt the bear."

"I-I did? O-Oh, it must've been an accident when we stopped to take a breather. I dropped my hammer without noticing the bear."

"Well accidents DO happen."

Well I should probably heal the bear so it can leave.

"Come worth the Goddess of Life and and grant me the power of healing. CURE!"

The bear then gets covered in a blue light and is soon healed.


("Thank you adventurer.")

The bear then comes through the barrier and it starts hugging me. Guh, too much strenght, too much strenght!

After hugging me the bear puts me down and leaves.

"Guh, wh-what a powerful bear."

"A-Are you okay." One of the girls ask with worry.

"Y-Yeah. I'll just use my potion."

I take a healing potion from my bag and drink it. Bleagh, it's bitter but needed.

"Well anyway, I'm Ayumu and I specialize in healing and support spells and in healing potions. I'm still new though."

"Thank you for helping us. I'm the leader of the group Belisario or Bel in short." Belisario was tall and he had long green hair which was being held upright with a red bandanna. He has blueish-purple eyes. He wears a black shirt along with a short jacket. He wears grey trousers.

"I'm Kiro and I, uh accidently got us in danger." Kiro was a almost as tall as Bel, but he was much taller compared to me. He has chestnut colored hair and teal colored eyes. He is wearing a full set of leather armor along with leather gauntlets.

"It's nice to meet you Ayumu, I'm the mage of the group, Nica." Nica has long pink hair and green eyes. She wears a red tunic and black stockings. She wears a blue scraf. She has long fingerless gloves which are white. She has a golden bracelet on her left arm. Her magic staff is gold and a blue spere is located on top of it.

"I'm Yumi. I use the bow and I'm really great at aiming." Yumi has purple hair which is braided entirely, probably so the hair won't get in her way and her eyes are violet. She also wears a tunic but it's red and she has a leather breast plate on. She has short pants which are blue. She has long leather boots and leather gloves. Her bow seems to be made of iron and there's an arrow case behind her.

"So, um anyway. What are you doing in the forest Ayumu?" (Bel)

"Ah! Yeah, I almost forgot."

I then immediately run back to collect the singing flowers, but when I get there, the flowers are almost completely ruined.

"Oh come on!"

"What's wrong?" (Bel)

"Oh, Bel. I was supposed to collect 20 of these singing flowers, but now they're ruined."

"Oh Singolas. Nica didn't you collect a few of them a while back when we came here?" (Bel)

"Yep, here you go Ayumu." (Nica)

"Ah, thank you."

"We're the one's supposed to be thankful." (Bel)

"Well anyway, I'm going to head back now. How about you guys?"

"Ah, yes! We need to report that we completed the request." (Bel)

"What was needed for completing the request?"

"We had to collect spikes from defeated Spike Porkers." (Kiro)

"Huh, okay then."

We then head back to town while chatting with everyone and when we got back, Silva and Snow went back to the carriage to rest for a while.

When I entered the guild, Jeroth was guiding other adventurers with their problems, but when he saw me, he immediately walked over to me.

"Ah, you're back. And it seems that you succeeded even if there were little problems."

"How'd you know?"

"I can tell. The adventurer party that came with you were very grateful for what you did."

"The Singolas I was pickining up got trampled by a bear and they gave me the one's they had picked up. Did I fail?"

"Oh no no no. Anyway, do you want to hear a story connected to these flowers?"

"Yes please, I want to know how these flowers came to be what they are today."

"Very well then. *Ahem* Long long ago, there were two lovers. The girl was a demi-human and the boy was normal human. Everyone knew that they loved each other and they fully supported them. The demi-human girl had a beautiful singing voice and she was usually always singing when spending time with boy, who in turn grew flowers and always gave a bouquet of those flowers. They were a perfect match for each other. But one day, a war broke out and the boy had to participate in it. The girl begged him not to go, but the boy had no choice. He promised her that he'd survive and come back for her in one piece. The girl was lonely without the boy, so she decided to sing every day to the flowers he had grown until the day her lover would return. But that day never came and the girl was devastated when she heard about the news. She wasn't able to live without the boy and soon she herself died and she was buried under a flower bed which are nowadays known as Singolas."

Hearing the story made me sad. It almost reminds me of Romeo and Juliet in a way. I always did enjoy reading romance literature.

"Uh, kid you're crying."

"Oh, sorry sorry. It's just that the story was really sad."

"We've heard about the story too." Bel said who was suddenly next to me.

"You have? From who?"

"From our village elder. He always told us to love our family and friends because one day they'd be gone." (Bel)

"He also told us to love and respect other races." Nica added.

"You must have a lot of respect for your village elder."

"We sure have!" The four said in unison.

We then exit the guild and I start wondering what I should do next. Should I walk around town or should I go eat somewhere?

"Hey Ayumu!" (Bel)

"Wha-? Oh, sorry I was just deep in my thoughts. What's up?"

"Have you gone to the church yet?" (Bel)

"No I haven't."

"Then let's go!" (Bel)

"Wha-. Hey!"

Bel and the others then drag me over through a big crowd into an empty district which has a large white church and they lead me there.

"Ow! You didn't have to pull me all the way. I could have just walked over here with you guys normally."

"S-Sorry, I guess we got a little overboard. (Bel)

We then walked pass through a line of empty seats. Of course there were a few people sitting all over the place. On the the front was a female priest praying for a giant statue.

She is wearing a robe which is white from the centre and blue from the sides and the sleeves. She is wearing long black stockings and white boots. She has long silver hair.

"Ah, greetings young adventurers. Have you come to pray in front of the statue of Goddess Mana herself?"

"This statue represents Goddess Mana?"

"Indeed it does young mage. It is said that if you pray or give your thanks in front of the statue of the Goddess, she will grant you a skill from time to time."

"Ah, I understand."

I then decide to start praying in front of the statue.

""Thank you for giving me a second chance to live my life without any illnesses.""

I then stop praying and stand up.

"What did you pray?" The four asked in unison.

"I just thanked the Goddess for the life she has given me."

"You have a good heart young mage for thanking the her for the life you have. I have high respect for people like that."

Well I have a good reason to be thankful for her. She did give me a second chance to live my life after all.

After praying, we decide to help the priest to clean up the place a little bit and after we had finished out task, we head out and notice that the sun is setting.

"Hey Ayumu, we were thinking of going to the hot springs, do you want to come with us?" (Bel)

"Sure, I guess I could join you guys."

They then show me the way to the hot springs. Apparently it's also an Inn where they had decided to stay for the night.

When we arrived there, the Inn was a large house made from wood. Actually I think this is the only building made from wood. Hm? It also has a resemblance with japanese architecture in a way. When we entered the Inn, we were greeted by the owner. She was a demi-human, a fox to be exact and she was wearing a red kimono with a blue belt. She had blonde hair along with yellow ears and tail which were white from the tips. Her eyes were emerald green.

"Welcome to Silver Bell Inn. How can I help you?"

"We would like to stay here for the night and we'd also like to use the hot springs." (Bel)

"Yes, of course. Right this way."

The owner then takes us to our rooms. Bel, Kiro and me stay in the room while Yumi and Nica stay in their own room. The owner then gives us the keys to the rooms and after that we decided to head to the hot springs until I remembered something.

"Oh shoot. Excuse me Miss Owner, is it okay if I brought my wagon to front garden? I left my familiars and my items there."

"Of course, it would be terrible if something was stolen after all."

"Thank you Miss…"

"Yukikaze. You can call me Yuki if you want."

"Thank you Miss Yuki. You guys can go on ahead!"

"Got it!"

I then leave the Inn and head back to the shopping district. There I find my wagon which looks untouched.

("Ah, Master Ayumu. You have returned.")

"I have. Has there been anyone trying to steal anything from me while I was gone?"

("Rest assured Master, no one hasn't tried anything and even if they did, me and Snow would've made sure they didn't try to steal anything.")

"Good job, you two."

("Thank you Master.")

("Thank you!")

Hm, Silva and Snow's voices are really different. Silva has a much mature voice like a woman in her twenties, while Snow has a much childlike voice who is always happy.

After I got back to the Inn, I headed to the hot springs. There was alot of people washing themselves up. I didn't see Bel and Kiro so they must've already gone to the hot springs. I quickly undress and put my clothes in a basket. Many people had done the same and their weapons were also leaning against the walls. I then grab a towel and wash myself quickly before going to see the others.

After washing myself, I head outside and see how massive the hot springs are. Suddenly I hear crying and head towards the sound. I find an old man, a young boy, Bel and Kiro.

"What's going on over here?"

"Ah, Ayumu. This boy hurt his leg and it's bleeding badly. Can you cast Cure to heal him?" (Bel)

"Ah, let me just grab my staff."

"There's no need, you can use magic without using a staff. It's just a little weaker without it. You just have to place your hand near the wound and do a normal chant." (Kiro)

Ah, I see. So there's a difference if you use a staff or if you just use your hands. Hmm, I wonder how it works while using offence attacks.

"Come worth the Goddess of Life and and grant me the power of healing the wounded! HEAL!"

Instead of the child being entirely covered in the blue light, only the area my hand was had only a small light.

"*Sniff* I-It doesn't hurt anymore."

"Ah! Thank you young mage!"

The man then shaked my hand from gratitude and then he started scolding his child not to run around in the hot springs since the cobblestone floor is wet.

After that, me, Bel and Kiro enter the warm water. As I was relaxed in the water, I noticed my reflection. I really do look much more different than I did back on Earth. I looked really weak back then. Not even my hair was thick anymore as time went on.

"Ayumu! Hey Ayumu!" (Bel)

"Huh? What now Bel?"

"Do you have any dream you want to achieve?" (Bel)

"No, I haven't. Right now I just want to use my healing magic and potions to help those in need. Why do you ask?"

"Bel wants to become a knight and in order to achieve his goal, he needs to become stronger. On the other hand, I want to become a blacksmith." (Kiro)

"Yeah, isn't it better to have a goal in mind. Like why not try to become a highly respected Sage." (Bel)

"A Sage?"

"Yes. You could become a healing sage thanks to your magic and potions. For example, if you help a higher authority in a way, they will hand over a medal for your deeds or if you create a new potion and it's thinked higly, a church will make you a Sage." (Bel)

"Also if you have high intelligence to solve something, you will be highly respected. Of course it's not always easy. And you need a certain amount of medals to achieve that. For example, Jeroth was accompanied his friend Yuudai had a mage named Satomi became a Sage after the adventure." (Kiro)

"The others didn't?"

"Only those who use magic can become a Sage. Miss Satomi is the strongest magic caster in the whole wide world." (Kiro)

"And well sure even we can get those medals, which then imporoves other people's respect towards us or anyone else who receives a medal." (Bel)

"Huh, I guess I could try becoming a Sage."

"Right?! I can already see it, Great Healing Sage Ayumu." (Bel)

Heh, becoming a Sage doesn't actually sound like a bad goal at all.

After taking a bath, we leave from the hot springs and go back to our rooms. Before going to sleep though, I decide to read my potion book to see what I should make.

"What are you reading Ayumu?" (Bel)

"Oh this? It's a potion book which I received after I helped a family."

"What happened?" (Kiro)

"Their horse was exhausted so I made a Vial of Water Breathing to make the horse feel better."

"Was that your first time making a potion?" (Bel)

"It was. I'm still not that advanced in making potions, but I'm becoming better slowly but surely."

"I'm sure you'll become a great potioneer." (Bel)

Kiro then gets behind me and starts checking the potions in the pages. Bel does the same thing, but sits next to me.

"Oh! What about 'Underwater breathing' potion? That would be a really useful one." (Kiro)

"Or how about 'Nightvision' potion?" (Bel)

"Both of those potions have ingredients that I don't have yet."

"Ah, yeah. I guess making them won't be possible anytime soon." (Kiro)

"But I'll definitely try making them once I get the needed ingredients."

There was also a potion in the same page which grants higher jumping ability and it seems to need a paw from a Ferocious Black Rabbit, sugar, fire crystal and a Flame Claw from a Fire Panther. It's going to be hard for me to aquire the claw, the paw and the fire crystal that for sure.

"Oh! Before I forget, do you want to join our party Ayumu?" (Bel)

"Unfortunately I have to decline your offer. Maybe someday when I've become better at my healing powers and potion making."

"Understood. Anyway good night." (Bel)

"Good night, both of you."

After I go to sleep, I wake up on a hill with a beautiful scenery. The sky has alot of clouds moving in the sky.

"Huh? What is this place?"

"Greetings Ayumu."

Huh? That voice, it's familiar. I turn around and see Goddess Mana.

"Eh? Goddess Mana?"

"Do not be alarmed my child, this is only a dream. I wanted to see you."

"Hmm, oh! Is this about my prayer at the church?"

"It is and I'm also here to congratulate you on finding your objective."

"Ah, um thank you Lady Mana."

She then smiles at me with a bright expression and walks towards me. She takes my left hand and holds it tightly.

"I shall give you a new potion recipe which cures heavy poison. It's a stronger poison healer for cases if someone has been poisoned without them knowing, a normal Poison Break won't work."

"Thank you Miss Mana."

"And I shall give you an Appraisal spell. With that spell you will recive information about the appraised object. It should be used with your hands."

"Thank you, I am truly grateful for your kindness."

She then let's go of my hand and walks further away from me.

"Until we meet again Ayumu. Remember that even if you do pray for me every day, I won't always appear in your dreams."


She then disappears into a flashing light which consumes me.

I suddenly wake up and see that Bel and Kiro are nowhere to be seen. I guess they must've woken up earlier than me. I then notice a note on the table along with leather pouch.

*Hi Ayumu. You're probably wondering where we are. While you were sleeping, we decided to continue our adventure. The leather pouch contains 8900 Quills as payment from the potions we took from your wagon. See you next time when you're stronger.*

Ah, I see. They have already continued their journey towards their own goals that they want to pursue. That's really admirable. I should also start pursuing my goal of becoming a Sage. But first, I should try using my Appraisal spell on my staff.


*Ayumu's spell casting staff.*

Hm, I guess it's not powerful enough to tell more about it.

Suddenly I started to feel pain in my head. Guh! What is g-going on? It hurts! It hurts!

*Recipe for Potion of Strong Poison Healing learned*

Ah, s-so the recipe flowed into my mind. Why did it have to be painful? Damn that hurt. Hmm, I should write it down too.

"Hmm, let's see now. Water crystals, antidote herbs, a healing potion, pollen from Singolas and claw from a Silver Wolf. Seems pretty easy to make."

Right then, I should probably go to town and see if anyone needs help.

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