Chapter 1:


Gifted Blessing upon Curses

I was in a really bright room filled with lights. I can’t see the floor neither the wall, a vast bright plane stretch from where I’m standing into the infinity. There’s a certain figure standing in front of me as its shadow fall upon me. I don't know who it is but I'm totally sure that it was not a human. Then, it called out my name and reached out its hand.

"Kazuki Tenrai, I hereby select you as my progenitor"

As a child, I don't know what it mean back then but now I understand what it’s all about. It was a blessing gifted to me gifted, or should I say a, curse. A blessing to change reality itself. The absolute ruling power which may invoke a great changes in the history of humans. The young me who knew nothing, accept it with a big smile, not knowing the responsibility it came with. The burden of all humans and gods was thrown toward a naive human's boy. This was a blessing gifted upon my family bloodline, the Tenrai bloodline. No one told me about when did all of this started or why my family was burdened with this extremely huge responsibility. I can't even tell anyone about it since it’s my family secret. Fortunately, I was not an out-going kind of kid. If I was, maybe I would be isolated to keep me from saying all of these toward my friends.

I slowly open my eyes and stand up, I was in a dimly lit square room. I saw my sister, mother and my father who was standing right in front of me. Then, my father said something to me.

"Listen Kazuki, humans must never try to use God’s power at all cost. Even if me, your mom or your little sister is endangered. Remember this for all your entire lifetime. I'm sorry that you also must suffer but I believe you can change the suffering of the Tenrai family.”

He finished his sentence, and tears began falling from his cheek and tightly hug me. At the end, I remember what it’s all about. After the oldest child of a Tenrai bloodline reach 13 years old, they will be given a blessing by Gods or what my family called curse. I don’t really understand him as to why is he crying when we have a special power and why I mustn’t use it but since he’s my father, I will listen to him.

"I promised!" I answer him with a smiled.

Back then, I promise my dad with a smile, without knowing that this will happen.
Something which can only be prevented by me yet, I don't, and now she's gone.