Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Fate of the Unlucky - The Fall of Touimai (Part 1)

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

Entanian HQ - Northern Front Bookmark here

I just received news about the fall of the Northern Frontlines for the United Army from a call sent by a radioman on the front. Bookmark here

"Major General Tegsa, don't you agree that the taste of sweet, sweet victory is near for us?" asked by a voice from behind me. Bookmark here

"Yes, I do agree Colonel Yaishki. The taste of sweet victory is right in the palm of my hands. However, we cannot be certain that Goddess Nike will favour us in these last moments of this front." I replied, turning around. Wearing a full navy-blue military uniform with a tall black top hat on his head, Colonel Yaishki stood at my office's doorway. Bookmark here

"And aren't you in the army? So why are you wearing a naval uniform?" Bookmark here

"Indeed, one cannot be too prepared yes, I do agree, and about my naval uniform, it's my old naval uniform when I originally served in the Navy. Despite being the Army, I still have the rank of Commander in the Navy so I had some Naval-related issues I had to deal with. For now, let us enjoy this occasion with a bottle of 25-year-old wine shall we?" Bookmark here

"Oh? A rare duel-rank holder. Are you going to aim for Captain rank? It's equivalent to Colonel rank in the Army." I replied. Bookmark here

"As they always told me, 'seize the moment at the right time', so I'll work on it, Major General." Bookmark here

The United Army's forces are far too weak and small to do anything against our stronger and much larger forces deployed there. So it should be fine to slack off a little, that's what I thought.  Bookmark here

"Oh right, I almost forgot. Major General Tegsa, how do we plan on capturing the urban city of Touimai? Since the citizens of Touimai aren't allowed to evacuate due to the Sagen Republic's recent law, 'All citizens must fight to the last man in order to slow down enemy advance into the country' what should we do with the 2.4 million citizens? It's not like we'll able to massacre that large amount of people." Colonel Yaishki said while pouring himself a glass of red wine.Bookmark here

"For the plan, surround the city and attack it from all sides and then urban fighting, that probably the best option to capture the city and to not anger our ally, the Eastern Sagen Republic since Touimai was their (their: means the Sagen Republic before it split.) capital city for all of its history until now. But about the citizens? Actually, Colonel, I haven't thought about that yet." I replied. "Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to speak up."Bookmark here

Colonel Yaishki looked up and began to think. After taking a few sips of wine, 
"Major General, this may sound ridiculous but I believe due to the politics of the Sagen Republic, the citizens would most likely hate their country; especially the politicians that make and pass laws..." He said.Bookmark here

"Hm? I'm intrigued. Please continue." Bookmark here

"Alright then, I was thinking of making them join our army, of course, if you want to. The other option would be out POWs and let them be sent to work camps." He continued. Bookmark here

Allowing those who want to join our army to do so and have a chance to kill off their corrupt leaders? This is only a plan that a devil would think of! But... I must say, it's a very good idea. Bookmark here

"Heh." Bookmark here

"Major General?" Bookmark here

I cannot help it. I burst up laughing. Bookmark here

"I LIKE it! I'll give you permission to do that." I finally answered. "For a plan good as this, we shall call this Operation Traitor. I'll think you know who will lead this Operation Colonel."Bookmark here

Being quite shocked, Colonel Yaishki took a few moments to recover. Bookmark here

"Thank you, Major General. I shall commence this Operation up to your expectations." 
Colonel Yaishki finished his glass of wine, bowed, and left the room. Bookmark here

"This front... no, this war, will be fascinating indeed. I'll hope to see more of these plans in the future Colonel." Bookmark here

This quick conversation between Colonel Yaiski and Major General Tegsa, sparked something that will change the course of warfare history forever. Bookmark here

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