Chapter 11:

The Leaker Uncovered

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“W-wow!” I can’t help it and stare when we arrive to Liana’s private rooms. Erik carries me in his arms again which I thoroughly enjoy this time.

“It’s as I’ve always imagined a super rich person’s apartment to be like,” Erik agrees.

The room is unbelievably spacious and it’s only the entrance lobby. My whole apartment would fit in here! Everything is meticulously clean and super modern. I don’t see any stuff lying around like in my place. I admire the way Liana is able to show off her wealth by total minimalism.

“You’re finally here,” Ingri appears in the door opposite to us.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to wake up Ryuuto too early,” Erik says. “Did you have breakfast already?”

“Not yet,” she shakes her head. “Liana refuses to eat until we confront the leaker. Follow me.”

She leads us through two rooms into the study. This room is quite different from the rest of the mansion—full of antique furniture and paper books. Liana is sitting in the armchair and looks tired even though we’ve just woken up. Fefnir is sitting near her, browsing the news on his tablet again. I notice strange formations on his hands.

“Fefnir, your hands…!” I exclaim.

“Yeah, real scales,” he nods and lets me touch them. “They’ve started growing properly overnight. There’s one unpleasant side effect, though.”

“A side effect?” I don’t understand.

Fefnir sighs and ruffles his hair. Quite a lot of them fall off.

“You’re losing your hair!” Erik is shocked.

“The Dragonkin are all scaly,” Fefnir explains to him. “I guess my horns should be growing soon as well.”

I’m glad the only difference in your case are the wings, Erik is relieved.

And hollow bones… altered digestion… stronger lungs probably… golden eyes… mana, I name.

But you stay pretty, he insists while sitting down into the armchair to Liana’s right. He positions me on his lap, giving Ingri an eye candy.

Beauty is subjective, Erik, I insist. We aren’t human anymore so our perception of beauty will most probably change over time.

“So… the leaker?” Erik asks aloud. We can’t speak telepathically for too long because then we make unnaturally long pauses.

“Two of them actually,” Liana informs. “One of them dumb, the other more cunning.”

“Two?” I’m surprised. “Is it one of the maids then?”

“It is,” Liana nods. “The information that I was the Celestial viceroy ingame appeared online almost immediately. But I suspect she didn’t release it on her own and rather gossiped to other people in my mansion. What a bonehead.”

“And the other?”

“I strongly suspect one of my bodyguards,” Liana sighs, disappointed. “We checked the security logs that overlapped the time the information was released with respective work shifts. Only a handful of people fitted those criteria and even less talked to the maid in question that day. Besides, I’ve been having problems with tiny leaks for over a year now, especially when travelling, so it must be one of the people I take with me.”

“So we have our main suspects and just need their confession,” Fefnir concludes.

I knew it, Liana was on the task almost the whole night. No wonder she looks so worn off. After the incident is over, we’ll have to insist she rests even if I have to talk to the doctor about it. Where’s Dr Stein anyway? I guess Liana doesn’t want her to witness it.

One of the maids enters the study and I recognise it’s the one from yesterday that felt guilty. I’m relieved that Liana was able to identify her even without my telepathic help. The woman is probably in her late twenties, quite young. If she’s just dumb, I hope Liana will have mercy.

The maid puts a tea set on the table and intends to leave.

“Stay, Anna,” Liana orders and her voice is cold.

The maid flinches. She can tell something’s wrong.

“Sit,” Liana points to the sofa in front of her.

Anna shivers but obediently sits down.

“M-Miss, I-I…,” the maid is nervously squeezing her apron. “I didn’t do anything!”

“How long have you been employed here?” Liana looks sternly at her.

“T-three years,” Anna gulps and starts to shake.

“Are you aware that you’re still bound by the confidentiality contract?” my viceroy narrows her eyes.

“I didn’t post it!” the maid jumps.

“I didn’t say anything yet,” Liana says calmly.

She’s telling the truth, I say to Erik. She didn’t post it but she knows who did.

“But you told the information to someone else,” Liana leans towards her. Menacingly. “Who posted it then, Anna?”

“I… I…,” the maid is sobbing at this point.

She’s scared, Erik, I realise. Not by what Liana might do to her, though. Her fear goes elsewhere.

Is it possible that whoever she stupidly told it to is threatening her? Erik deduces.

Most probably, I agree.

“Are you being threatened by the person who got the information from you?” Erik asks aloud.

“Y-yes,” she whispers and lowers her head.

“Anna,” Liana faces the maid again. “I’m disappointed that you gossiped with other servants even though your contract forbids it but whatever that person is threatening you with, you know I can protect you, right?”

“Y-yes, Miss,” Anna keeps sobbing.

“So who is it?” she presses on but generously gives the maid a few moments to catch her breath.

“P-Paul,” Anna lets out weakly after a pause.

Liana sighs and I can feel her utter disappointment. Did she consider him a loyal employee until now?

Is she telling the truth? Erik wants to make sure.

Yeah. She’s one of those people who aren’t able to lie effectively. Or hold a secret. Ask what is he threatening her with. She’s really nervous and not only because she’s being interrogated.

“Does that Paul have something incriminating on you?” Erik asks for me. I’m glad he does. Liana knows too well that logical deduction isn’t my forte.

“P-photos…,” Anna twitches and inadvertently looks Fefnir’s way. She widens her eyes when she takes a proper look at him and discovers the forming scales.

“Hana!” Liana calls her trusted housekeeper who was apparently waiting behind the door because she appears immediately.

“This one did it?” Hana shakes her head, also deeply disappointed. “Anna, you stupid, that blabbering mouth of yours ruined your future career.”

“I’m so sorry, Miss Richter, Mrs Hana,” the maid is crying uncontrollably at this point.

“Paul did it,” Liana says tiredly. “Bring him here so that he doesn’t suspect anything. Tell two other bodyguards to come as well just in case.”

Hana nods, looking pale. The betrayal of one of Liana’s direct employees is a nasty thing.

“Normally I’d confront him without you being here,” Liana says and I feel embarrassment from her. “But, frankly, I feel so weak I’m afraid I might faint. Having you with me…”

“Say no more,” Fefnir puts his hand on her shoulder. “You have our support, you know that.”

“What are you going to do with her?” Ingri, who’s been silent the whole time, finally speaks up and points at the sobbing maid.

“A-are you going to fire me, Miss?” Anna shakes.

“I should, shouldn’t I?” Liana scratches her chin. “But you’ve been working excellently so far and I’m not a person who can’t forgive one blunder.”

“S-so…?” Anna looks up, hopeful.

“Still, I can’t fully trust you after this,” Liana adds. “You can stay in my company but not as my personal maid. Hana will arrange a transfer for you.”

“O-oh,” the maid is both relieved and sad at the same time. I guess working for Liana directly comes with all sorts of perks and quite a salary.

Two bodyguards come to guard the entrance but I’m still nervous. What if he turns violent?

Don’t worry, they’ll handle him, Erik assures me. Besides, we have Fefnir here as well. It seems his transformation doesn’t make him feel weak.

Because he’s a Dragonkin, I say and I’m glad that I can distract myself by explaining. They have extremely strong bones and muscles. Even if they’re hurting, they’re pretty resilient towards pain.

Whereas your and Liana’s bones and are getting weaker, he’s saddened.

We stay silent, anxiously waiting for this Paul guy to arrive. Liana is resting, Fefnir is checking the news again and Ingri is managing my profile. Erik is hugging me and doesn’t say anything specific even in his mind. Anna continues sobbing. We all want it to be over.

“I’m here, Miss Richter,” a man in his forties with a beard finally enters the study. “Do you need me to escort you some…,” he widens his eyes when he sees the sobbing maid. He quickly puts two and two together, turns back and tries to flee.

Only now he notices the two bodyguards standing by the wall. They readily seize him.

“You bitch! Did you tell on me? Stupid whore!” Paul starts spouting insults. “It’ll upload automatically unless I cancel it, understand, you slut?”

Anna is on the verge of fainting but Fefnir catches her and lies her down on the sofa.

“On his knees in front of me,” Liana orders coldly.

The bodyguards raise their eyebrows but they manoeuvre Paul towards Liana and push him down. It’s as if something in Laura Richter just snapped and I can feel my viceroy for the first time in real life. The pain, anger and betrayal were too much for her human psyche—I get the first glimpse of a Celestial mind. It’s not only our bodies changing, it seems to be affecting our minds too!

“Hey,” he’s furious and tries to free himself desperately.

“Why?” Liana asks and her expression is unreadable. Not to me, though. I can feel her fury and I’ve never felt anything like that from a human before.

“Money, what else!” he snaps.

“Was I not paying you enough?” Liana tilts her head.

“They offered me three million,” he grins.

The hate he feels towards Liana is making me nauseous. I know for sure it wasn’t his first betrayal, only the biggest one that finally uncovered him.

“Did you sell information on Laura before?” I ask myself as I don’t have time to discuss it with Erik.

“You have no idea!” he chuckles.

It’s just a hint of a gesture Liana does and Paul is suddenly lying on the ground, coughing blood from his mouth and swearing. I blink, unsure what just happened. It seems Liana made a silent order and one of the bodyguards hit Paul. Hard.

“L-Li?” I gulp because the mixture of emotions I feel from her is anything but pleasant. It’s dark and full of rage at the same time.

“How did you get Anna’s photos?” Liana’s voice is a whisper. Still, it somehow resonates the room. Even Fefnir shivers.

“The bitch was whoring around the mansion,” Paul starts laughing madly. “I’ve just stolen the footage as evidence. It’s quite juicy.”

I feel total shame from Anna but it fades in comparison to what Liana feels right now. This is how I imagine Celestial wrath.

“I suppose you think that now I’m going to call the police and have you arrested,” she says in an unnaturally calm tone.

“I have my money,” he shrugs. “I can have everything I want even in home arrest.”

Liana clicks her tongue. “Just simply fire you? Hana!” she calls for the housekeeper again.

“Yes, Miss,” Hana appears from behind the door once more.

“Banish this scum from my district and put him on the EU unwanted list,” Liana orders.

At first, I have no idea what that means but judging by Paul’s horrified expression it must be a terrible punishment. I massage my temples. My head starts to hurt. Too many turbulent emotions.

Are you okay? Erik asks, concerned, because he feels my unease.

Just a minor headache, I assure him.

“Y-you can’t do that!” Paul tries to get up but he’s smacked down again.

“Oh, yes I can,” Liana smiles darkly. “You thought it’s just an urban legend? Well, good luck in your future life. Get him out of my sight!”

The bodyguards nod and pull the screaming and cursing Paul outside. Hana takes away Anna. She’s disappointed with her junior but stays gentle and tries to comfort her.

“God, I’m tired!” Liana takes a deep breath. “Bring us breakfast at once!” she shouts after other servants.

“Li? What did you mean by banish?” I ask, afraid to hear the answer. I’m still shocked how ruthless my kind viceroy can become if there’s a need.

“Exactly as it sounds,” she says. “That traitor won’t be able to buy even a train ticket. Not to mention a decent job or a house.”

“So it’s true!” Fefnir is astonished. “I’ve heard about it but I also thought it’s only a made-up rumour.”

“Is such a thing even possible?” Ingri opens her mouth.

“It’s actually very simple,” Liana yawns. “Adding his ID on the black list means that he’ll be refused everywhere when he tries to identify himself. He might have his three million but he won’t be able to use it in the EU.”

“Poor fella,” Fefnir utters but he doesn’t care.

The servants come with our breakfast. It must have waited for us for quite some time because everything is under heating lids. We start eating in silence, the atmosphere is too heavy. Not even Fefnir has anything funny to say.

I’m shocked, Erik says to me. She didn’t hesitate to use violence. Can we really trust her?

She was merciful to Anna, I remind him. Besides, I don’t feel she’s a violent person. I guess… she just has to be ruthless sometimes? Consider her difficult position.

Liana leans towards the bread but it’s too far for her to reach. I don’t think hard about it and use telekinesis to pass it to her.

“Oh, did you get the hang of it?” she’s pleasantly surprised and her emotional state brightens.

“This morning,” I nod. “The key is not to overthink it. Just think you’re moving the object and it does move.”

“Pass me the sausages!” Fefnir nudges me and his mood also improves.

I focus on the plate and land it in front of him.

“And I want that salad,” Ingri demands as well.

“I’m not your butler,” I roll my eyes but pass her the bowl to make her happy.

“You need to practice it anyway,” Fefnir shrugs and ravenously gobbles his meat. Ingri wrinkles her nose. She’s still far behind us with her transformation but it seems meat is starting to stink for her. Erik takes notice.

“Do you mind me eating meat so near you?” he asks me because he also grabs a sausage.

“Nope,” I shake my head. “And my nose isn’t that sensitive anyway. Except for the eyes able to handle even the brightest sunlight and an excellent eye-sight in general, Celestials don’t have super senses.”

“The game was very balanced when it comes to races,” Fefnir says between munches. “Celestial magic might seem over-powered but Celestial bodies are extremely weak.”

“Every race has its strengths, weaknesses and special abilities,” I explain to Erik and bite into a toast.

“Which is fascinating beyond belief,” Dr Stein suddenly emerges. I was wondering when she was going to show up. “I barely slept, the doctors and scientists are getting more and more intriguing data on patients. What about your telekinesis, Ryuuto?”

I make a few pieces of cutlery levitate as a demonstration.

“Unbelievable!” Dr Stein is touching the floating objects and is anxious that she can’t film it. She’d love to make it public but she isn’t as stupid as Anna. She knows well what is Liana capable of if she breached the contract.

We continue eating breakfast while Dr Stein is documenting our new dietary preferences. When we finish, Liana is strongly advised to return to bed.

“Do you need company?” I ask because I feel she’s reluctant to leave… without us.

“Is it that obvious?” she looks at me with reddish sleepy eyes that are turning golden.

“I would be scared shitless without Erik,” I say.

“I’d really appreciate it then,” she murmurs.

“I don’t want to invade your private rooms, but what about moving us all here?” I suggest. “I bet you have more than one bathroom on this floor and beds can be put anywhere in these ridiculously huge spaces.”

She’s thinking about it for a while, then she slowly nods.

“Ok, let’s make our headquarters here,” she agrees. “Ingri can sleep in a room next to my bedroom, Fefnir can take the lounge and you two the salon.”


It doesn’t take long for the servants to move us. In just an hour, I’m sitting with Erik in our new room, a luxurious salon. Our double bed was positioned to the left corner which required to move some furniture but it’s still spacious.

Because we’re much closer, I can now feel Liana. She’s sleeping soundly and Dr Stein is looking after her. Fortunately, my headache didn’t develop into a migraine so I didn’t have to take any painkillers.

“What is it?” I ask because Erik frowns while looking at his phone.

“A text from work, they want to cut my holiday,” he says. “The hospital is full of Draconians and they need all the help they can get.”

“Draconians?” I blink. “Is that the official term?”

“Seems so,” he shrugs. “I saw it twice already on the news and now my superior has called you that in her text. What, aren’t you called like that?”

“Not really,” I shake my head. “Sure, the game was called Draconia but we never used any term describing all races altogether.”

“Well, get used it. It seems to be catching on.”

“What about your job? Will you go?” I get nervous. I can’t imagine being without him even though I realise how selfish I am.

“No way.”

“Won’t they be mad?”

“I’ve just texted them back that I’m taking care of a Draconian. They can’t say anything against that since it means one less patient in hospital,” he says.

“What would I do without you?” I hug him.

“You’d still have Liana,” he reminds me. “By the way, you did feel something strange from her, right? I mean besides all the drama. The way she acted… I know that she’s a big shot but even super rich people wouldn’t push someone on their knees, would they?”

“I think our mentality might be changing as well,” I say slowly. “Liana actually acted as a true Celestial viceroy would.”

“But you stayed the same… I mean mentally,” he opposes.

“I don’t know, Erik,” I sigh. “I guess I was always weird so there’s not that much difference.”

“Liana… she was… scary. I don’t want you to be scary,” he shivers.

“I most certainly won’t become scary,” I assure him. “Not in my nature. Liana is probably inclined to it and the transformation is making it stronger.”

“But it’s in the Celestial nature in general?” Erik is finally realising that we’re really not peaceful angels.

“We’re actually the least peaceful race in Draconia,” I admit.

“The least peaceful?” He gasps for breath. “B-but… I thought it’s the Dragonkin who must be violent… or those Clawfangs.”

“The Dragonkin are actually the most peaceful race, they’re really phlegmatic,” I’m amused by his judgment based on looks alone. “It’s my race that thrives in conquest. We might not seem like it but according to the lore we treat other races as inferior. Which was something I was constantly standing against and I hope won’t transfer here.”

“No shit, can you imagine that?”

“I don’t even want to imagine that.”


“Li, how do you feel?” I gently catch her hand to check up on her.

She was walking just a few hours ago but it was only thanks to adrenaline. Now that the leaker is uncovered and gone, her body finally gave in.

“Shitty,” she’s breathing with difficulties.

“Can I see your back?” I ask because so far she has been shy about it.

“Be my guest, I don’t care at this point,” she half-closes her eyes. “Doc?”

Dr Stein carefully pulls up Liana’s pyjamas so that we don’t see more than we have to. Damn, did I look like that as well? Liana’s back is all swollen and the bone structure of forming wings is clearly visible from under the skin. It looks horrid… alien even.

“How come you’re fine?” Erik asks Fefnir. “Your compatibility level was just two percent lower than Liana’s, right?”

“You mean except for the fact that I almost can’t sit down normally because of my tail?” he laughs. “Well, I do feel pain but somehow… I don’t mind that much?”

“The Dragonkin resilience,” Ingri comments. “I’m afraid my transformation will be similar to the Celestial one. I feel weaker and after our breakfast this morning I had to spend an hour outside… sunbathing.”

My phone starts ringing so I take it out of my pocket. It’s Gotrid.

“H-hey,” he’s panting and this time he’s not half-naked. The room behind isn’t the same as before. Did he move to meet other players?

“What’s wrong?” we’re all startled, even Liana opens her eyes because his voice sounds serious and disturbed.

“They voted just a few minutes ago… it got through,” he gulps.

“Voted what? Who did?” I’m confused. Only Fefnir who is constantly glued to the news understands right away.

“The Congress?” Fefnir guesses.

“Yeah, they’ve announced the state of national emergency,” Gotrid says. “Guys… I’ve just seen a tank in the street under my window.”