Chapter 4:

From Gang To Mafia!

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(After a brutal beating from the Kabukicho Devils, Kazuki dragged himself out of the dumpster then was seen dragging his bloody, bruised and wounded body on the wall to keep his balance as Kazuki walked down a quiet street and then limped into an alley and lies on the wall then slides to the ground, holding his left arm knowing the pain from the untreated gunshot wounds.)
"Kazuki: To hell.. with gangs.. To hell with.. trusting a-anyone.. I'm.. on my own.."

(Kazuki then lies behind another dumpster bleeding out, he then was breathing quietly as he was about to die but forced himself to stay alive by punching his wounded arm which he was biting down on his own jacket to withstand the pain. Suddenly, a headlight shined in the distance which blinded his eyes. As the sound of doors closing was heard, they walked to the injured Kazuki and looked at him as he couldn't see.)

"???: Is this him boss?"
"???: This is the poor guy. Damned devils treated him bad so we'll change that.. Bring him back with us, but patch him up first..."
(As Kazuki then lost consciousness a while later, he was then brought to a new luxury home while patched up from the injuries. Kazuki then woke up and noticed the change of scenery.)
"Kazuki: Wait.. where the hell- ARS..? ARS..!"
(ARS suddenly awakened to Kazuki's voice.)
"ARS: Kazuki!! Are you okay?"
"Kazuki: I.. I'm not sure.. I'm feeling sore and hurt still but.. where the hell am I..?"
"ARS: My radar is jammed, I can't confirm your location... What happened last night..?!"
"Kazuki: I'll tell you what happened. The devils kicked me out."
(ARS was then upset at the news as Kazuki noticed.)
"Kazuki: Hey. Its okay, I promise it is. For now, I-"
(The door opened as ARS then shuts off at the sound of the opening door which startled Kazuki. As two golden gun armed men walks through the door, the one responsible for bringing the injured Kazuki to the hideout was Tulliano Takamori who was pleased to see Kazuki was still alive despite the serious injuries.)

"Wait.. you're.. Tulliano Takamori..!"
"Tulliano: Way to be fast with words, kid! Welcome to the Golden Pyramid, my crew and I's hideout from the public."
"Kazuki: Why.. did you come back to save me..?"
"Tulliano: I wanted a man to man chat you see? I am familiar with your killing sprees."
"Kazuki: You know..?"
"Tulliano: Of course! I am the second wealthiest man in Japan after all! Kazuki, do understand that this isn't a country of honesty nor fairness. In a world like this, you can either fire the first round or die by the bullet. When you're in a money-corrupted society, the weak must huddle together for warmth and comfort when homeless. That is what I see of these gangs, the Kabukicho Devils especially and how they treated poor you!"
(Kazuki was silent at the thought.)
"Kazuki: They.. kicked me out and I never asked to join their crew."
"Tulliano: If you think about it, they basically kidnapped you and made you a part of them! Without YOUR consent, isn't that right?"
"Kazuki: ..That's... true."
"Tulliano: Would you mind coming with me, Kazuki?"
(Kazuki then followed Tulliano as they walked and talked to the upper floor which was Tulliano's casino room which was very crowded and had Kazuki surprised. Everyone noticing Tulliano then bowed before him as he made his way to the bar counter which had very exotic drinks.)

"Bartender: Ah, Gold T! What can I get for you boss?"
"Tulliano: Your finest Shirly Temple, alcohol please."
"Bartender: Coming right up!"
(As Kazuki watched the Shirly Temple be freshly made, he was then given the drink on Tulliano's behalf but was nervous.)
"Tulliano: I promise you, there is no tampering with this drink. Its on me kiddo, so relax!"
(Kazuki then took a little sip but found it very tasty so he drinks the entire Shirly Temple and exhaled out of sweet relief.)
"Kazuki: TASTY!"
"Tulliano: What did I tell you?"
"Kazuki: Sorry for the doubting, Mr. Tu-.."
"Tulliano: Please, Big T, Gold or Boss is fine with me."
"Kazuki: Ah okay.."
"Tulliano: Tell me, you got any yen with you?"
"Kazuki: About.. thirty three thousand yen. Why?"
"Tulliano: You're gonna love this."
(They both got on the elevator as Kazuki then heard lounge music coming from this floor. The doors opened as Tulliano introduced Kazuki to his upper level strip club, crowded with exotic, very experienced strippers and men willing to spend their money as the bar too was crowded.)

"Kazuki: Is this..?!"
"Tulliano: Welcome to... Flirtues! My very own strip club for all of the mafia to enjoy!"
"Kazuki: No way.. This is- amazing..!"
(All the strippers, spectators and DJs paused as they listened to Tulliano's announcement.)
(Tulliano then pulled out two money guns and fired countless bills of yen everywhere as everyone cheered and the music continued but now started playing dubstep as the strippers on stage was dancing nonstop for the spectators as Kazuki was amazed at Tulliano's generosity.)
"Kazuki: You're such a generous guy, Gold T.."
"Tulliano: Mafia is family! All in this very pyramid is family to good ole Tulliano! Here, let me get you a dance on me, Amelie!!"
(He clapped his hands as an East-German stripper with long flowing blue-jet hair and brown eyes walked over to Kazuki and Tulliano with a neutral look on her face but was feeling enthusiastic in the inside of her body.)
"Kazuki, this is my top sniper and stripper, Amelie Geloyra."
"Kazuki: Sniper?"
"Tulliano: That's right, don't let her body fool you, she's good with a sniper even from midair! Amelie, I believe you and Kazuki are going to get along just fine, give this man your finest dance! I will gladly be paying for it."
"Amelie: Of course!"
(Amelie holds Kazuki's hand and leads him to an available seat as Tulliano was then greeted by three different strippers and was given a dance by each of them. Kazuki then sat down as he watched Amelie dance for him.)

"Amelie: You seem down, something on your mind?"
"Kazuki: Well.. its just that. I'm grateful that.. Mr. Takamori saved me and all.. But I just wish I wasn't an important asset. I want to live a normal life, but I can't do that.."
"Amelie: Is this because of the Takabe incident? If so, I give you my condolences. Those Yakuza bastards are unacceptable for taking family from you."
(Kazuki continued to watch her dance as they talked more. A while later as time went by, Tulliano noticed Amelie sitting next to Kazuki and talking after her dance. He then decided to grab Kazuki but overhears something personal from him.)
"Amelie: Wait.. Would you mind explaining the meaning "treated like dirt?" What made you feel that way?"

"Kazuki: In truth, I never had friends. I witnessed so much hell in my life, I was just prey to them all. But.. when I got expelled from high school, things went downhill for me entirely. I met this gang, Kabukicho Devils and they personally didn't like me after my very first mission. So they dumped me in the trash and left me to die after beating me mercilessly. I couldn't defend myself so I was fucked either way."

"Amelie: There was a time I was like that too. I was living with a very abusive owner who only used me for his sexual desires. I learned to handle pain like that.. but after meeting Mr. Tulliano, he's been the one man I have great respect for. He gave me a chance to be myself again, I might be stripping.. But I'm actually a college scholar thanks to him."
(She then revealed a smile from her neutral face.)
"He always acted like a true father figure and actually cared about what I was going through, he looked into my eyes and saved me from a nightmare I assumed would last forever. That's why I'll always give my life away for him, he saved me and I'm always in his debt."
(Kazuki thought about it and smiled.)
"Kazuki: He's more of a nice guy than I thought. So.. I made my decision."
"Amelie: Before you go, I can get you into my college if it'll help."
"Kazuki: Y-You'd do that for me..?"
"Amelie: You are the only other person I've spoken this deeply with. So of course."
"Kazuki: Thank you Amelie.."
(As Amelie then hugged Kazuki as a thank you for the talk, she then walked off as Tulliano was ready to call it a night and Kazuki then caught up to Tulliano to talk more.)

"Tulliano: So how was it with Amelie, Kazuki?"
"Kazuki: She and I did get along well."
"Tulliano: Told you! I also heard about your.. backstory."
"Kazuki: Ah. Sorry if it's a sob story to you."
"Tulliano: No no. I care about all of my family! However... you're welcome to be a part of it if you wish Kazuki. You will live your normal life as you want to as we work together to place an end to the Yakuza Organization and avenge your fallen loved ones."
"Kazuki: ...Can I have some time to think about it?"
"Tulliano: Of course! I will need an answer by midnight however, do remember!"
(As Tulliano began walking away, Kazuki then already made his decision three seconds later.)
"Kazuki: Do I have to pay any rent?"
"Tulliano: Rent?"
(He then lets out a hearty laugh which had him shed a tear.)
"No! No! You silly boy.. Its my building! Of course you don't have to pay rent!"
"Kazuki: Then I would like to join the Mafia."
"Tulliano: You made an excellent choice kiddo. I now welcome you.. to the Golden Gate Mafia."
(They both then gave each other a firm handshake to prove their strengths to one another as Kazuki finally felt accepted into a new gang he can now call a new family.)

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