Chapter 5:

Devils & Tigers, Two Clans Meet!

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(As time passed, Sayuri Ukyo was being treated to her feet being kissed by one of her gang members as she remembered Kazuki Takabe and exactly what they did to him. She then got pissed and kicked her own gang member in the face.)
"Rakuyomi: They should b-be back soon, Lady Sayuri-"
(Sayuri then punched Rakuyomi in the stomach on purpose and sat right on her back as if she was a chair for her comfort.)
"Rakuyomi: Y-You're right.. L-Lady Ukyo..! Please.. forgive me for speaking so.. out of line..!"
"Sayuri: Tch. All of you are just pigs."
(The door to the bar's backdoor was slammed open as part of her crew returned with information to infiltrate the Yakuza Organization's headquarters which brought a smirk to Sayuri's face.)
"Everyone. Phase one is complete."
(They all cheered in relief as the first part's now over.)

"Sayuri: However... We have a meeting, with one of the top ten gangs. If we can get them on our side, we can gain more information from the inside of the organization. On top of that, we can begin our ascend to the top of the ranks instead of remaining at rank fifteen."
"Natomi: So what's phase two?"
"Sayuri: Phase two will take some time to complete, we'll have to settle a deal with the Emerald Tiger Clan in the west side of Kyoto. They're expecting us later on so we're going to meet in their territory with their protection guaranteed until the deal is over."
(The other devils was a little worried about the location and the clan.)
"Look, I don't like this as well but do understand that they promised no funny business guys. If anything happens, we'll be sure to kill them."
"Everyone: Right!"
(The front bar door opened as Akibara returned with a smile but looked around and noticed a small change after being away for a while.)

"Akibara: Where is young Kazuki?"
(The devils were quiet as Rakuyomi was the most guilt-felt than the others, along with Sayuri.)
"Sayuri: Look. I kicked him out. He was a liability, a reject I never should've taken."
"Akibara: I see... I will not try and argue with your decision, Ms. Ukyo. But you must know, Kazuki did try his hardest. After all, you managed to destroy the convoy vans before, did you not?"
"Sayuri: How did you..?"
"Akibara: ARS allows me to see everything that goes on inside or outside of Kyoto. Either way, Kazuki is my responsibility in a way. A year ago, I found him lying in the middle of the cold street with death surrounding him. I took him out of that area and you all basically sent him back."
(Sayuri punched her in the stomach again as she got down on both knees and was in pain.)
"Sayuri: As much as you're right, we'd want nothing to do with him whatsoever."
"ARS: ...I-If I can have a say in this, Kazuki only got the job done like that to speed up the process! Plus, you guys managed to gain what you was aiming for! You should be thanking him and instead you tossed him aside..!"
(They all was silent with guilt as Sayuri sighed.)

"Sayuri: You're right. I owe him an apology then. Also, what are you?"
"ARS: Do you remember the couch in the living room? That's where I originally came from but my name is "ARS." Consider me as your digital friend with unlimited access to all technology."
"Sayuri: Yeah yeah. ARS, Do you know Kazuki's location?"
"ARS: I unfortunately do not... But I also cannot find Kazuki's phone! Its like the signal was jammed out by some force field."
"Akibara: I may have a guess where he is.. But its not a pretty one."
(Akibara then picked up the phone and called Tulliano Takamori whom was humming a song while about to eat a twelve inch steak at a fancy restaurant but paused to answer his phone.)
"Tulliano: This better be good Akibara, my well done steak has arrived and I would like to enjoy the thick and delicious taste before it gets too cold!"
"Akibara: Well, Mr. Gold T, sir.. Um, the Kabukicho Devils wanted me to call you on their behalf to ask if you've heard or seen from Mr. Takabe Kazuki?"

"Tulliano: Takabe.. Takabe... Sorry. Last I heard, those devils actually killed the poor guy. He ended up bleeding to death in an alley two stores away from the bar. Let me tell you, Takabe was not happy to be alive. So he begged us to put him out of his misery and so.. we did. Kazuki's no longer a concern to you, me or the devils. Also, tell them ungrateful bastards that Kazuki's final words was this: "Fuck you most of all Sayuri, you're the reason of my final breath."

(Everyone was suddenly filled with disbelief as Sayuri's stomach turned and twisted with guilt which made her sweat out of anxiety.)
"Akibara: I... I see.. Please.. f-forgive me for calling you then sir.."
"Tulliano: No problem, its steak time!"
(The call was then ended as everyone then was completely in shock for what they heard.)
"Sayuri: Shit... Shit.. Shit. Shit. SHIT!"
(Sayuri slams a beer bottle against a wall which shattered.)
"Rakuyomi: We killed the last Takabe..."
"Akibara: That wasn't the final Takabe of the family killed. His grandmother and father are still alive but left for America years ago. As for Japan... All of them are dead."
"Sayuri: I see.."
"Akibara: Anyway, its close to eleven o'clock. Shouldn't you all meet with the Emerald Tigers?"
"Sayuri: You're right. Lets.. go guys."

(As the devils then left the bar, they made it to the location where they are going to meet the Emerald Tiger Clan and waited as a shine of green appeared in a dark distance. Arriving was four green sport cars with green-striped tigers on the hood. One of the doors opened which was the leader of the clan, Kinjou Ayame walked towards Sayuri Ukyo.)

"Ayame: Sayuri, did you bring what agreed upon?"
"Sayuri: Depends.. You got the "truth?"
(Ayame snapped her fingers and revealed a sealed case which has illegal blueprints to an unknown firearm. Sayuri nodded her head and traded two suitcases full of ten million yen each which they counted as it was the exact amount as promised and Sayuri was given the blueprints to the new illegal weapon.)
"Ayame: These blueprints are what our weaponry architects are coming up with. Sixteen of these new assault rifles are shipped to lower-ranked gangs for testing. Before you go trying to create the weapons yourselves, keep your eyes and ears sharp. Rumor has it that some "pigs" has been sniffing around the south of Kyoto lately. Two gang members already got arrested after being set up by an undercover officer."
"Sayuri: Shit.. Really..?"
"Ayame: It gets worse. They're paid by the Yakuza Organization to take down any gang that crosses them. Ever since the Takabe Incident, they took over half of the northwest."
"Sayuri: Damn it... They need to be taken down as soon as possible.."
"Ayame: Easier said than done Ukyo. Just be careful out there, most gangs will do anything to get what they want."
(She nodded as they both got what they came for and began to depart from the meeting area. Time has passed as the Kabukicho Devils returned to the bar and Sayuri was the most exhausted yet sleepy out of the others.)

"Akibara: Welcome back, did you get the agree upon document?"
"Sayuri: Right here.. The blueprints to one of Belgium's best assault rifles, the FN SCAR."
(Everyone took an eyeful look at the blueprints as some was a bit confused about the rifle.)
"Rakuyomi: Wait a second, wasn't these rifles excluded from years ago during the wars?"

"Akibara: Actually, there is a story behind that gun. The creator of that assault rifle actually managed to create blueprints for it and sell it at a not cheap price. Once it was sold to the Belgium Government, the blueprint was actually copied and sold off to a mafia leader, then was stolen and used. The cycle repeated over and over and over again. Until all copies of the blueprint was completely eradicated. Somehow, this is the very same blueprint that wasn't seen since the year 2014."

"Sayuri: So this is a four year old blueprint and this gun is dangerous if the blueprint's been stolen and made as copies."
"???: Which is why you'll be giving it to us."
(They all startled at a voice in which it was coming from the shadows. As three individuals walked out, it was revealed to be two members of the FBI as one was the deputy director of the Japanese CIA. Sayuri along with Akibara and the Kabukicho Devils was startled.)
"Sayuri: Who the hell are you three..?!"
"Harumi Iori (FBI Agent): Iori Harumi, FBI."
"Isobe Rinji (FBI Executive Agent): Rinji Isobe, FBI."
"Serizawa Kyoshi (CIA Deputy Director): Kyoshi Serizawa, CIA. You, Kabukicho Devils are under arrest for possession of an illegal document. However.. if you're willing to comply and hand it over, then we'll excuse this act of disrespectful conduct and let you off with a warning."
(Sayuri thought hard about the decision as her hand was then rested on her sheath.)

"Harumi: I'm afraid trying to attack us is futile, we have prepared contingencies for anything you planned to throw at us."
(In a second, ARS then appeared on Sayuri's phone.)
"ARS: Sayuri.. You should give them the blueprints.."
"ARS: I'm serious..! I'm sensing a lot of presences and most of them are FBI agents ready to storm the place..!"
(Everyone was surprised at ARS's evaluation as the three was impressed.)
"Serizawa: Your little electronic friend is right. At our signal, we can smoke this bar down and murder every last one of you, including the bar owner."

(Akibara then sweats a bit at the threat which didn't affect him as much but was worried for his bar becoming shot down by FBI agents. Sayuri clenched her hands as she then inhaled and exhaled her breath as she surrendered the FN SCAR rifle blueprints to Isobe whom then nodded at the other two to call off the agents.)

"Harumi(Intercom): We have what we came for, return home."
(The FBI vans then began leaving the area as both the front and backdoors of the bar was unblocked. Sayuri did not lift her head for a single second for she was pissed off.)
"Serizawa: The attack is called off, we appreciate doing business with you."
(The three was then beginning to leave until they stopped.)
"Serizawa: Also.. little question. Mr. Akibara, are you familiar with a "Kazuki Takabe" and if so, do you know his location?"
(The devils was sweating with anxiety as Akibara took his time to answer.)
"Akibara: Last I heard.. He.. died from an attack from.. a different gang. I don't know who precisely but its the news spreading around..!"
"Serizawa: Very well.. and if you don't mind.."
(Serizawa then takes a crispy donut from the sample batch of freshly baked donuts he placed out for a promotion.)
"I will be taking a donut on the way out."
(As the three left, the bar's door was shut as they all relaxed but Sayuri then smashes an empty glass beer bottle across the counter as she was pissed the hell off.)
"Sayuri: We paid... fucking... twenty.. million... yen.. for that.. f-fucking.. blueprint... AND NOW ITS FUCKING GONEEE!!!"
"ARS: Fear not, I actually screenshotted the blueprint!"
(Everyone was surprised at ARS's news which made Sayuri calm down a bit.)

"Sayuri: How did you do that..?"
"ARS: I actually managed to hack into Japan's City Hall's and found the original screenshot and date it was transported here!"
(She then revealed the screenshotted blueprint which the devils was relieved with joy.)
"Sayuri: ARS... You're a wonderful helper to the gang.. and to Akibara here, thank you a lot.."
(ARS then was blushing as she received a helpful compliment.)
"ARS: OH! W-Well.. I-I.. I was just t-trying to prove I am.. useful and not just.. a electronic avatar!"
(They all laughed as Sayuri smiled and looked out the window near her.)
"Sayuri (Thinking): Phase two, in progress. Our mission: Complete and form the FN SCAR assault rifle. Now that we got the blueprint, we'll need to build it."

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