Chapter 12:

Aron and the case of missing manga End!

Hopeless Romangatic

The rain lightens up leaving nothing but the bugs that hum filling the night. The streetlights being the sole lights. Our escapade proceeding as we must find our next suspect.  With the moon shining so brightly, Clair de lune comes to mind.Bookmark here

"Is this it?"Bookmark here

Eva points to a house with his name out on the front.Bookmark here

"Hopefully..."Bookmark here

We walk up to the front door. We hear a pile of plates crash.Bookmark here

"Hello are you ok in there?!"Bookmark here

Eva tries to knock on the door. The door cries out as it slowly pries open. A warm breeze pushes against us. The inside of the home was almost pitch black. Excluding a light coming from the kitchen.
Bookmark here

There's noise also coming from in there. It stops for a moment and then he talks.
Bookmark here

"Ah! Sorry about that... Come right in!"Bookmark here

We make our way to the kitchen.  He's sitting at his table one hand on the other one under the table. A small light swings from above showing parts of his figure. Mostly shrouded in darkness I speak.Bookmark here

"So... You're Rean?"Bookmark here

"Yea, that's me. What do you need Detective?"Bookmark here

"We're investigating a missing book for a man named Yu.  If you would so kindly let us see if you have misplaced it in your home, we would be so grateful."Bookmark here

He sighs.Bookmark here

"Detective, I suggest you make this quick. I'm a busy man with a full plate if that already weren't apparent."Bookmark here

His other hand comes from under the table. He has a gun. British Brass, Cannon Barrel, .45 Caliber Flintlock it has a nice look to it and can do some damage depeding on who's holding it. But it's about 20 years dated meaning they must have had it lying around from a family member or some acquaintance. They have a stern face, but that doesn't hide how young they truly look. I continue to play along.
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"Don't worry, it'll only be a few moments."Bookmark here

"I better hope so..."Bookmark here

The kitchen itself isn't that big. It will be the only place I search because it's the only thing I need to search. I tap on the walls very lightly.Bookmark here

"Detective, why are you doing that?"Bookmark here

"Your close friend rose told me you have a hidden compartment somewhere hidden around here."Bookmark here

"Oh right..."Bookmark here

He clearly has no idea what I'm talking about. I tap on the pantry. It sounds like a wall. I go over to the glass ware. He seems relived. I inspect a glass cup.
Bookmark here

"Rean, do you know the code to the safe?"Bookmark here

"The safe?"Bookmark here

"Good. Eva open the pantry."Bookmark here

I throw the glass at his face. Stunning him for a period.Bookmark here

"Woah! Where's the aggression coming from?"Bookmark here

"I didn't mean to throw it that hard... Just open the pantry!"Bookmark here

Out falls Rean tied up and knocked out. The criminal at the table recovers a bit of his eyesight and tries to aim his gun at me.
Bookmark here

"Oh no you don't!"Bookmark here

Eva grabs a bag of nuts and knocks it out of his hand. A round goes off while and scrapes my cheek.Bookmark here

"Ah, Aron are you ok?"Bookmark here

"Tis but a fleshwound!"Bookmark here

The criminal gets up from his chair and puts his fists up. He comes charging twoards me. I move to the right a little and he rams himself into the glass. I sweep the bottom of his foot causing him to fall on the floor.
Bookmark here

I get onto his back grabbing his hands and putting them into my cuffs. Eva walks over and drops a bag of grains on his head.Bookmark here

"Eva! Was that really necessary?!"Bookmark here

"Oh...? I thought we were just causing chaos after he feel into all that glass!"Bookmark here

"I will admit I was a bit harsh, but that was just flat out crazy?"Bookmark here

"Tehe!"Bookmark here

She's trying to act all cute. What a demon... I wouldn't have it any other way.Bookmark here

"Congratulations on 5 years Aron- What... Happened here?"Bookmark here

Yu, Sara, and Rose are all here.Bookmark here

"Did we come at a bad time...?"Bookmark here

Yu looks around at the mess we made.Bookmark here

"Oh no! What did you to Rean?!"Bookmark here

He pushes me off the criminal and takes the bag of grains off his head.Bookmark here

"Oh... Rean my manga loving pal! Who could've done this to you?! Huh?"Bookmark here

"Yu... That's not me...."

Rean groans over by the pantry as Sara and Eva help to cut him tied up.

"I knew that! I was just practicing."

"Sure..."Bookmark here

He gets up and walks away from the criminal on the floor. Checking up to see if Rean is ok. From my quick analysis I didn't see anything immediately wrong with him. I do have one question though.Bookmark here

"Why are you all here?"Bookmark here

"Well, I gathered them to celebrate you being on the force for 5 years! I made up most of the problem and got you to solve it!"Bookmark here

Eva seems quite proud of herself. I would say I'm surprised, but...Bookmark here

"I could tell from the start."Bookmark here

"Eh?! You could?"Bookmark here

"If I couldn't we have bigger issues on our hands."Bookmark here

"Ha... I should've known. Why did you have to ruin all my hard work?!"Bookmark here

"No, no! I appreciate it, so was this criminal apart of your plans too?"Bookmark here

"Ehehe, if I said yes would you believe me?"Bookmark here

"Not really."Bookmark here

Yu is in awe.Bookmark here

"Wait... Is that Aho Girl Volume 6?!"Bookmark here

He goes back over to the criminal and sees that in his pocket laid the book that was at the center of the mystery.Bookmark here

"I missed you so much...!"Bookmark here

Tears fall from his face filled with joy in every drop.
Bookmark here

"I didn't tell him that I gave his manga to Rean to make all his emotions authentic!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Well I guess we should celebrate with the cake?"Bookmark here

And with that... A very weird mystery came to a close with a very chaotic ending... Once more, Polevestian Dance Number 2 rings in my head. All is well.Bookmark here

"Hehehe... Aron you look so cute!"Bookmark here

My eyes open.Bookmark here

"I'm so proud how it came out!"Bookmark here

I get up from my resting position to see Eva dressed up as a weirdo. Spyral eyed glasses. Some white shirt with a long blue haired anime girl on it. A backpack with some poster sticking out of it.Bookmark here

"Let me just take a picture of you...!"Bookmark here

Is she drooling?!Bookmark here

"Eva what are you doing?"Bookmark here

I look down to see that I'm in a maid dress.Bookmark here

"WHAT?!"Bookmark here

"I put it on while you were sleeping!"

"This isn't a mystery I wanna solve!"Bookmark here

(Hey all, Bert here! All my paperwork is finally done... I'm Freeeeeeeee! That means I can finally play more Xenobla- I mean... Get my writings done in a reasonable time frame! Ahahaha... Hopefully you liked this short, short! And if you didn't the normal shorts will be back starting soon! Not for long, but that's not important right now hehehe. Anyways, I wonder what the Monday chapter will bring in store for these characters? Who knows?! Cuz I sure as hell don't!)
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