Chapter 11:

Trial 6: A cold chat~

Hopeless Romangatic

Sigh... It's been three weeks since we switched back into old bodies. Ah, how I miss feeling lively! Even walking again, it's just not the same. My moment of loathing an unfamiliar voice is heard behind me.Bookmark here

"Yu? It's really you!"Bookmark here

What? This guy, he goes to my school. I can only tell by his clothes... His hair is pure white and covering over one of his eyes. It's like he's supposed to be the protagonist, but someone stole his spotlight... Now he's just a forgotten background character.Bookmark here

"Uh... Who are you?"Bookmark here

"You...Forgot about me?"Bookmark here

His face that once had glee is replaced by sorrow. I don't ever remember meeting this guy! How does he know me?! Unless...Bookmark here

"Wait! I'm sorry, it's just been a bit since we've seen each other, right?"Bookmark here

"Yea, We saw each other three weeks ago! I'm so glad you remembered!"Bookmark here

Sara... So it was you. I know my life is boring, but it's not that bad! There's always manga... She better had not said anything weird about me!
Bookmark here

"So... did I tell you anything, weird?"Bookmark here

"No? In fact you told me all the adventures you went on in the past! You went on how cool you were and you even said you'd teach me how you'd teach me to cool too!"Bookmark here

"I-I did..?"Bookmark here

"Yea, I can't wait to start training with you master! So, what are we doing first, going to fight some bad guys, or maybe we can go surf on the waves with swords, or we could-"Bookmark here

"How about we start simple and just have normal chats...? Ok?"Bookmark here

He puts a claw hand over his only visible eye. Can he even see now...? He begins to cackle.
Bookmark here

"Keheheh...!  I talking normally? Hmph. That's easy! I just need a moment to power up!"
Bookmark here

I guess in his mind he looks like he's from Dragon-ball, but to me and everyone else passing by he's going insane.
Bookmark here

"Well... I have to go for now! See ya later Milk Boy!"Bookmark here

"Milk- I have a name! It's Sojiro, wait master come baaaaack!!!"Bookmark here

I rush over to school to try searching for Sara. Just to have... a little chat. I get there and I check around for her. No sign. That's... weird. So I go up to Sara's friends.Bookmark here

"Tamara, Yume have you seen Sara today?"Bookmark here

The two stop talking. Did I do something wrong? Tamara has a weird look on her face and Yume is confused. Tamara comes up to me.
Bookmark here

"What, did you do something to her and are trying to apologize?!"Bookmark here

"No, I was just trying to figure out some things after we switched our bodies back!"Bookmark here

"You did...What?"Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

I think I may have had a slip of the tongue. Her face is telling me something bad is about to happen... She comes up to me.Bookmark here

"How could you?! Yo-You scoundrel I didn't take you for that type of guy, but I knew deep down in my heart you were an animal just like the rest of them!"Bookmark here

Yea... That was a bad idea. She continues to scold me for a bit until Yume intervines.Bookmark here

"Wait... I don't think he did anything wrong."Bookmark here

"Huh?! Did you not just hear what that sleazebag just said?"Bookmark here

"He's never done anything else wrong right? He barely even talks to people let alone doing something so risky."Bookmark here

Thanks Yume... Tamara sighs.Bookmark here

"I guess you're right... I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions Yu."Bookmark here

Yume looks pleased.Bookmark here

"Great! Now hug!"Bookmark here

Tamara has a disgusted look on her face. Am I really that bad in her eyes? I guess I should save her from me...Bookmark here

"No, I think just telling me where Sara is just as good!"Bookmark here

Tamara is relived. Yume decides to answer this time.Bookmark here

"Hmm... Now that I think a bit more, I haven't seen her today."Bookmark here

That entire situation could have been avoided if they had just said that...Bookmark here

"Thanks!"Bookmark here

"You better treat her right!"Bookmark here

"I'm not even dating her!"Bookmark here

Maybe she's hanging around Eva and Aron. I head over to our usual place we meet up in the morning. Aron is wearing maid clothes while Eva is wearing a perverted look on her face dressed up as a generic otaku.
Bookmark here

"Eva...! Stop, no not there!!!"Bookmark here

"Fufufufuuu just a little bit closer!"
Bookmark here

They both look at me. Then step away from each other.
Bookmark here

"H-Hey Yu... How's it hanging?"Bookmark here

"Have you seen Sara?"Bookmark here

"Now that you mention it... I haven't heard a single Yuta! Or... Fuwa?! Not even a Fuweh?! today."Bookmark here

That's weird, then where could she be? Aron ,still wearing a maid outfit, chimes in.Bookmark here

"Have you might've thought that she was just at home sick or something?"Bookmark here

"Oh, Ok! I guess that's that! I'll just talk to her when she comes back."Bookmark here

Eva has a conceited look on her face. She's about to say something that spells trouble for me.Bookmark here

"If she's sick why not go check up on her... I'm sure she'd love that!"Bookmark here

"What?! Why would I do anything like that? That's so weird. I can't just walk into her house you know that right?!"Bookmark here

"Don't act you haven't been over there before."Bookmark here

Ah- that's right I did go over there.
Bookmark here

"But that still doesn't mean I can just waltz in there when I please! The only way I would do anything that weird is if I'm invited!"Bookmark here

My cellphone begins to ring. I take it out of my pocket and answer it. Immediately I regret it.Bookmark here

"Yuuuuuuuuuuchiiiiiiiiiiiii."Bookmark here

"Auntie?! Why are you calling me?"Bookmark here

Auntie is in tears.
Bookmark here

" sick! I have to work today and so does her father...!"Bookmark here

"What does that have to do with me?"Bookmark here

"Well...Well someone needs to take care her!"Bookmark here

"What about her sister?! Why do you have to ask me?"Bookmark here

"She won't pick up her phone!"Bookmark here

She sobs so loud that I pull the phone away from my head.Bookmark here

"What about school, I still have classes to do!"Bookmark here

"Oh, I already got that covered. They think you're already there!"Bookmark here

Of course it's rigged... I should've known dealing with Auntie.Bookmark here

"Fine, I guess I can come."Bookmark here

"Yaaaay! Thank you so much Yuchi~!"Bookmark here

"Yea...Yea..."Bookmark here

We say our goodbyes and I hang up the phone. For someone with two kids and a husband she sure does act the youngest in the household... Eva teases me.Bookmark here

"So, does that mean you're going over to her house and taking care of her?"Bookmark here

"I hope you're happy."Bookmark here

"More than just happy!"Bookmark here

I take a photo of the two.Bookmark here

"Huh?! Why did you take that photo?"Bookmark here

"Just as evidence, for later on."Bookmark here

"No fair~! Delete it!"Bookmark here

"Think of it as punishment for three weeks ago."Bookmark here

Aron protests.Bookmark here

"Why am I included in the picture?!"Bookmark here

The bell rings and I take that as my cue to leave with my blackmail.Bookmark here

"See ya!"Bookmark here

Aron frustratingly calls out to me as I flash off into the distance.
Bookmark here

"Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"Bookmark here

I make it to her house. Jeez. It's too hot to be running in this stupid jacket. I take it off before stepping up to the front door. So many memories begin running through my mind. All the happy times and sad times we had together. Most of them were had here or started here. I knock at the door.Bookmark here

"Yo! It's me, Yu!"Bookmark here

No response.Bookmark here

"...Hello?"Bookmark here

I try and push the door open and it glides with barely even a sound. Did they really forget to lock the door? I shut it behind me locking it. I put my jacket up on the hanger next to the entrance. The entire house is in order. The table is set and ready to had food put on it at any moment. The kitchen has everything strung up neatly around it prepared for any type of use. The tv and everything else in the livingroom is off and it's all spotless. As much chaos as this family makes they sure do like their organization and cleanliness...
Bookmark here

Though, I'm quite glad it's the same since I last came here. Well... Before we switched bodies anyways. Hanging out with her entire family was always tons of fun. All the time over the summer we would be cooped up in here just chatting and playing games together just like any other family. I'm still not too sure why, but her parents really took a liking to me even after we split she still loves me as if I were her own son. She treats me like one to...Bookmark here

I guess I should stop reminiscing about the past and go up to Sara's room. While heading up the that someone taking a shower?  It just be my mind playing tricks on me. I enter in her room. She's sitting upright reading a... Wait that's my manga! How did she get hold of that?!Bookmark here

"Fuweh?! Yuta...?"Bookmark here

Ah. Now I see what Eva was talking about. Sara quickly hid back under her covers.Bookmark here

"How did you get in here?"Bookmark here

"The front door was unlocked."Bookmark here

"Eh? I swore I locked it..."Bookmark here

I sit by her beside. I've rarely been in here. Scanning the area it's just as I expected just like the rest of the house.Bookmark here

"This room is so... basic."Bookmark here

There's a desk with notebook on it a clock hanging right above it. Other than that, there's not much decoration around the room.
Bookmark here

"Am I boring to you...?"Bookmark here

"Heh... It's actually the opposite I excepted you to have lots of stuff everywhere considering how lively your personality is."Bookmark here

She pulls the covers tighter over her head.
Bookmark here

"T-Thank you..."Bookmark here

This entire situation even just 5 months ago would've seemed impossible. Back when we were dating Sara despised me. I never really understood why. She refused to talk to me. She would always get between me and her. I feel like I should've gotten mad at her, but I never did. Most of the time I just felt bad for her.
Bookmark here

"It's feels like you're a different person entirely."Bookmark here

"Eh? Oh right... I'm sorry about that."Bookmark here

"It's fine! I know you had your reasons."Bookmark here

We sit there, peacefully. The silence is a nice chance of pace. She looks like she'll be fine without me so I've done what I said and I'm going to go home now. I get up from her bedside.Bookmark here

"Well I'll stop bothering you and go back to school now!"Bookmark here

"Wait."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

She grabs my arm and I trip while trying to walk away. I fall backwards, quickly readjusting myself to face her and not crush her. I quickly put my next to her face on the bed. Her hair is a mess. She has a soft blush. Along with her yellow pajama top being unbuttoned too far. Revealing more than I bargained for. We're both covered in sweat. Her eyes intertwined with mine. She gives me a very accepting smile. Moving towards me with her eyes closed.Bookmark here

I regain my balance. She's turning red! One of my hands go on her forehead and the other goes on mine. She's smoking hot! This is bad, Very bad!
Bookmark here

"Hang on I'll grab you some medicine! I forgot where they kept the medicine..."Bookmark here

I try and walk away, but she grabs my hand again.
Bookmark here

"Please... Just stay here with me for a bit..."Bookmark here

"Ok, but are you sure you'll be fine?"Bookmark here

"Yes..."Bookmark here

I guess I should make myself comfortable. I sit back down on the floor by her side. She refuses to let go of my hand. She uses the last bit of her energy to speak.
Bookmark here

"At first I really disliked you because I saw you only as a problem, but now..I knew I was wrong back then. You're really nice to me and I'm happy that we're getting to know one another...Thank you Yuta..."Bookmark here

"You're Welcome..."Bookmark here

I have that feeling again. It's bothering me how it's not the feeling I want and yet, it's still a feeling a like... Her grip loosens. She had fallen asleep.Bookmark here

"Ha... Today has been hectic."Bookmark here

I would love if I could just stay at home today, but I guess it isn't all bad...
Bookmark here

The door opens. There she was in all her glory, Karawase.Bookmark here

"YuYu, What are you doing in my sister's room?"Bookmark here

"What are you doing in the house, aren't you supposed to be at school?"Bookmark here

"I'm taking care of her for today."Bookmark here

So this was planned out. I should've known! Auntie always acts like everything just falls into place, but really she just plans it all out. Who does that type of stuff? Hell if I know!
Bookmark here

 She comes over to rest her head on my shoulder. She just had came out the shower. Her shampoo is strong. Having a lavender smell. It is one of my favorite types of smells. She has a pair of simplistic light blue pajamas on complimenting her hair. She continues to speak.
Bookmark here

"You didn't do anything weird to my sister did you?"Bookmark here

I roll my eyes.Bookmark here

"Of course not! Have you forgotten who I am already?"Bookmark here

"No, just wanted to make sure haven't became an evil mastermind."Bookmark here

"Hmph. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could ever do such a thing."Bookmark here

"I know, I know."Bookmark here

She's giggling while teasing me. She's in a really good mood today. I'm running one of my hands through her hair. I pause after seeing it and take it out.Bookmark here

"Did my mom tell you to come over today?"Bookmark here

"Yea... I should've known I was being set up."Bookmark here

"I will never understand how she's older than us and yet younger at the same time..."Bookmark here

"She may be a mystery for the rest of time."Bookmark here

"I'm surprised you're not mad at me for so suddenly dumping you."Bookmark here

There it is. I have no other options nor excuses. Sigh... 
Bookmark here

"I would be mad if I didn't think you had your reasons. Just like your sister. Sure I was sad and devastated, but deep down you really never did anything that made me wanna hate you."Bookmark here

"You're too kind."Bookmark here

"Oh stop it."Bookmark here

"Either way, I've found a new way of living and honestly I like it. Even if it is a bit chaotic."Bookmark here

"And my sister is included in that too? Times have changed..."Bookmark here

She says it in a very sarcastic manner, but in actuality I can tell she's disappointed that she's not included.Bookmark here

"When you say it that way it makes you sound like a villain."Bookmark here

"In some sense... Maybe I am the villain now."Bookmark here

Hm... Both of us feel like in some rights, we messed up. After how she put all the blame on me that day I would've never noticed. Does she really feel that bad about it?
Bookmark here

"We should make some soup!"Bookmark here

"Soup...?"Bookmark here

"Yea, it's been a while since I last cooked and I'm sure if we worked together Sara would appreciate it!"Bookmark here

We get up and go to the kitchen downstairs. We take out everything we need nothing more, nothing less. Back when we were dating, Karaka wanted to me to learn a bunch of new hobbies. It got to the point where even her dad wanted me to learn new things. So her dad showed me how to cook. She always said I was pretty good at it, but I've thought myself as pretty mediocre.Bookmark here

Working together it took us no time at all. She takes a cup and scoops some soup out.Bookmark here

"Here, try some I'm sure you'll love it!~"Bookmark here

I taste it and it's pretty good. I nod in approval.Bookmark here

"Heh! I knew I could do it."Bookmark here

She's so proud of some soup...Bookmark here

"I helped out too!"Bookmark here

We laugh and then we finish cleaning up. It's almost night. Just when we're about to go back upstairs...Bookmark here

"Hey Yu..."Bookmark here

Uh oh. I smell trouble. She gives me a bright, warm and excited smile.
Bookmark here

"Let's get back together!"Bookmark here

HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH????????????????Bookmark here

"If that is a joke it isn't funny!"Bookmark here

"It's not."Bookmark here

She's not mad...?
Bookmark here

"After we broke up, I tried to find someone who did everything you could do and more!"Bookmark here

"Gee, thanks."Bookmark here

"Everyone I dated was boring compared to you. All my relationships just never could work out like ours did... Then I realized I ruined everything just because I was getting bored. I still regret what I said that day. I wish I could just take it all back!"Bookmark here

She's really caught up in all of that? I feel bad for her... If this was me some time ago I would've immediately said yes, but...Bookmark here

"I wish I could say the same. I don't think I can go back even if you do regret it. I'm happy how my life is now. It may not be as cool, or as stylish, or even as nice! But... I wouldn't want to trade it for a past long gone. I'm sorry, but I'm changed."Bookmark here

She didn't seem to take my response too well. She goes quiet for a moment.Bookmark here

"Heh. I guess I should of expected such from YuYu!"Bookmark here

Eh? I thought she would give up right then and there, but... She points her finger at me, filled with pride and determination.
Bookmark here

"You're right, since you've changed then I guess I'll just have to make you fall in love with me all over again!"Bookmark here

This can't be real... I knew this would turn into a problem!
Bookmark here

"Ha... Try all you want I'm not going to budge!"Bookmark here

"We'll see about that!"Bookmark here

"Before you try anything can we please get this soup to your ill sister? I don't think trying to get back with your ex will help with that."Bookmark here

"Ah~ So cool as usual."Bookmark here

I didn't even say anything to warrant such a response. Anyways, we get the soup to her and I decide it's time for me to head home after staying almost the entire day. I grab my jacket and get ready to head out.Bookmark here

"YuYu, you better come back here soon!"Bookmark here

"I will not be."Bookmark here

"Ehh? Why not?"Bookmark here

"I have my reasons!"Bookmark here

"You're so mean~!"Bookmark here

She pouts. I'm mean? I've just been given an opportunity that most people would die for... And I just gave it up to read manga and go watch Aron as a maid. I will say, he does make a pretty good maid...
Bookmark here

"Goodbye Karaka!"Bookmark here

I walk out the door and head home.Bookmark here

(Blah Blah Blah longest chapter so far blah blah blah paper work is a pain blah blah Anyways, I'm sure all 4 of you reading this are hella surprised because I sure am! And I wrote it! Hopefully after this week all my paperwork will stop being such a pain and I can finally write without any issues. I hope you all have a nice week!)
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