Chapter 308:

Chapter 308: Holding Off

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 308: Holding Off

Narrator: Joe is determined to use Blood Magic but wants Emily to stab him with her Shadow Sword to help make that happen!

Emily: What are you saying!?

Joe: In my stomach area, the ingredients are right for activating Blood Magic. In addition to the magic in my blood, there is the demon heart as well the vampiric magic from that dagger. That should be enough to create a chemical reaction in my blood, right? After stabbing me, you are going to go into your Ancestral Form. We will need to hold them off first.

Kuton: It’s annoying how you two always slowly plan things out while acting like we’re not still here. We’re going to kill you right now!

*The three vampires begin rushing towards Joe and Emily*

*Joe starts charging magic into one of his arms*

Joe: Stall them long enough for me to get off a tornado!

Emily: Got it!

*Emily takes out her Shadow Sword*

*Emily confronts the vampires while Joe continues to charge his magic. Emily starts swinging her sword rapidly at the vampires. However, swinging at three vampires proves too difficult as Sath punches Emily in the gut, causing her to flinch. Kuton then thrusts his knee from the side and hits her in her left abdomen*

Vincent: You must be very stupid to think you can hold the three of us off all by yourself!

*Vincent knocks Emily back with a punch. After that, they then rush towards Joe*

Joe: Thanks, Emily.

*Joe is ready to release the tornado*

Joe: L3 Tornado!

*Joe releases a powerful tornado at the vampires*

Kuton: He got it off!

Sath: My absorption abilities won’t be able to absorb this!

*All three of the vampires are picked up by the tornado*

Kuton: We must escape from this!

*Kuton is then slammed into a wall while being swirled around*

Sath: How should we do that!?

Vincent: Give me a moment!

*Joe walks up to Emily*

Joe: Do it. Stab me in the stomach with your sword.

Emily: It could kill you.

Joe: Not if you do it only the necessary amount. Just get the tip of the sword into my stomach area.

*Emily shakes nervously*

Emily: …Alright.

*Emily stabs Joe in his abdomen with the tip of her Shadow Sword. Joe feels the pain and grits his teeth*

Emily: Joe—!

Joe: It’s alright! I can deal with the pain…

*Emily pulls out her Shadow Sword from Joe’s abdomen as Joe begins to focus. Emily puts away her Shadow Sword and also begins to focus*

Kuton: Have you thought of a way yet!?

Vincent: I have come up with two possibilities! The first is either to wait until the tornado runs out of power!

Kuton: We are getting damaged by this thing! We can’t wait!

Vincent: The other possibility is that maybe Sath’s magic absorption can drain its power faster even if he can’t outright absorb it to stop it!

Sath: I can try! I don’t know if it will work since most of the magic was used in spawning the tornado, and has very little magic powering it after that point!

Vincent: There should definitely be some magic properties to this tornado even if not a lot!

*Sath activates his magic-draining vampiric aura*

*It starts to drain some of the power of the tornado*

Kuton: It’s working! Even if it’s just slightly!

*The tornado starts to become a bit smaller*

Vincent: Keep going!

Kuton: Can you drain it faster!?

Sath: Draining something like this isn’t easy! And it takes a toll on me!

*After some more time passes, the tornado ends and they all land on the ground*

*Sath falls to his knees, heavily breathing*

Sath: *huff huff* Draining that tornado took a lot out of me…! I’m going to need to rest for a bit…

Kuton: No problem. We can handle it.

*Emily appears in front of them in her Ancestral Form*

Emily: Can you?

*Vincent smiles*

Vincent: We have already defeated you in that form once. We can do it again.

*Emily smirks*

Emily: Sorry, but this time it won’t be so easy.

*A silhouette of Joe steps forward*

Vincent: What’s this…?

*Joe comes into clear view and he is using Blood Magic. His hair is made out of blood. He has Storm Lord Eyes and he has blood-colored zig-zags all over his skin*

Joe: This is where we take command of this battle.

Narrator: Joe has at last activated Blood Magic for the first time. Will it, combined with Emily’s Ancestral Form, give them the ability to defeat Vampire Squad Delta?

Chapter 308 END

To be Continued in Chapter 309: Joe’s Blood Magic