Chapter 307:

Chapter 307: Delta’s Anger

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 307: Delta’s Anger

Narrator: In their battle against Vampire Squad Delta, Joe and Emily have managed to kill Darmo, leaving three of them left.

Joe: We’ve taken one down.

Emily: Unfortunately, we still have three to go. The same strategy won’t work again.

*Kuton forms a dagger in his hands out of vampiric magic*

Kuton: Your deaths will be brutal!

*Kuton stabs his dagger into the ice and it starts to crack a bit*

Joe: New strategy!

*Joe removes the ice from the floor*

*Emily pulls out her Ball & Chain and Joe infuses wind onto it*

*Emily swings her B&C at Kuton. Kuton tries to avoid it and he does, but the wind starts to push him back so he throws his vampiric dagger at Emily*

*The dagger pierces Emily’s left hand*

Emily: Ah!! Damn!!

Joe: They are rushing towards us!!

*Vincent, Kuton, and Sath are all coming after them*

*Emily fights through the pain and pulls out her Wolf Fang Shotgun when she puts away her B&C*

*Joe creates a vertical cloud and razor hail shoots out of it horizontally*

Sath: Your little storm is useless!

*Sath steps in front while having on an absorbing vampire aura and it absorbs the razor hail*

Sath: Have you forgotten my strong absorption abilities!?

*Joe looks frustrated*

Joe: I hate that stupid absorption ability…

*Emily shoots her shotgun at Kuton. While it blows Kuton back, Vincent punches Emily and knocks her back*

*Joe engages in a punching battle with Sath that starts off even, but then Sath eventually lands an uppercut and then kicks Joe back*

Joe: We’re getting nowhere! Surely there is some other strategy we can come up with!

*As the vampires continue rushing, Emily puts away her shotgun and puts on her channeling gloves*

*Emily starts fighting against Vincent but Kuton approaches from her side and starts rapidly punching her. She is then slammed into the ground*

*Joe feels helpless as he engages in a physical battle against Sath*

Joe: (Thinking) Sath is a bad matchup for me! He can absorb almost anything I use! I need to switch with Emily!

*Joe looks over at Emily and he jumps back*

*Joe then covers his body in electricity and uses Blitzkrieg to get away from Sath. Joe uses his Blitzkrieg attack to slam into Vincent from behind and it blows him away*

*Joe quickly punches Kuton a bit and then kicks him away. After that, Joe’s Blitzkrieg then ends*

Joe: Emily, you take Sath!

Emily: Got it!

*Emily goes to confront Sath while Joe focuses on Vincent and Kuton*

*Joe throws multiple lightning bolts and they split into smaller ones. Both of the smaller lightning bolts land hits on Vincent and Kuton, stunning them enough that Joe is able to punch both of them hard in the face. Vincent and Kuton are both knocked back from the punches*

*Unfortunately for Joe, it does not stop Kuton from throwing a vampiric dagger at him and he is pierced in the abdomen*

Kuton: Feel my rage!

*Kuton gets in a few punches before Vincent kicks Joe into the ground. Vincent then picks Joe up and gut punches him a few times before punching him hard enough to send him flying back*

Vincent: Nobody kills a member of Vampire Squad Delta and gets to live to tell the tale.

Emily: Joe!

*Sath grabs Emily and elbows her in the chin*

Sath: You don’t have time to be distracted!

*Sath then rapidly punches Emily and kicks her back to near Joe*

Joe: I need to figure out how to use my Storm Lord Eyes. There is… one idea I have come up with. It might be linked to Blood Magic. I need to use Blood Magic. I know I’ve never used it before but it’s probably the best option.

Emily: And how are you going to do that?

Joe: You’re going to stab me in the gut with your Shadow Sword.

*Emily has a scared look on her face*

Emily: What!?

Narrator: Joe knows they need more power to take down the vampires and is suggesting Emily pierce him to possibly activate Blood Magic. It’s a dangerous idea. Could it work?

Chapter 307 END

To be Continued in Chapter 308: Holding Off