Chapter 310:

Chapter 310: Elite Victory

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 310: Elite Victory

Narrator: Vampire Squad Delta is on their last leg!

*Joe opens his eyes wide and derecho winds slam down onto where Vincent and Kuton are but they jump out of the way*

*Joe focuses on Vincent but he keeps jumping out of the way of the derecho winds while getting closer to Joe*

Vincent: I’m coming for you, you bastard!

Joe: I’ll give you this, your dodging abilities are quite good.

*Before Vincent gets too close, Emily punches him into a wall*

Emily: I got this one. You get the others.

Joe: Consider it done.

*Kuton notices Joe’s attention turning towards Sath and also notices Sath isn’t using his absorbing aura so he starts running towards Sath*

Joe: I’ll finish you first.

Kuton: Nooo!!!

*Joe uses his Storm Lord Eyes to make a bunch of razor hail form in the air and all of it surrounds the weakened Sath*

*Joe has the razor hail launch at Sath*

Kuton: You won’t take his life!!

*Kuton is able to save Sath but he is pierced by some of the razor hail in his right leg and is bleeding badly. Sath is shocked*

Sath: You fool! You are in better shape to fight! You shouldn’t have saved me!

Kuton: Darmo is already dead. You think I’m just going to let you die too?

Sath: Didn’t you hear me!? You still have enough energy to fight! Don’t waste it on me! We have to kill those humans! Helping our king and queen complete their goals is more important than my life!

Kuton: Even so, I’m not going to abandon a friend! I—!

*Kuton is interrupted when more razor hail forms around them which scares them*

Joe: Sorry, but I have to put an end to this.

Kuton: You monster! Can’t even let me finish!?

Joe: You vampires have terrorized the people of this country for a very long time and were also trying to kill me and my friends. I have no sympathy. This is over.

*As the razor hail launches at Kuton and Sath, Sath knocks Kuton out of the way and he takes all the hits. Seeing it gives Kuton a look of despair*

*Sath falls over dying*

Kuton: Why didn’t you use your absorbing aura!?

Sath: My… last use of it… was the last I was going to… get out of it without rest… It’s over… for me…

*Sath’s eyes shut as he dies. Kuton is angry*

Kuton: How dare you… How dare you!!

*Kuton reforms a vampiric dagger and a vampiric saw in his hands. He starts rushing towards Joe but he has a slight limp because of the razor hail that pierced his right leg*

Kuton: I will saw you into pieces!!

*Kuton starts swinging away in rage and even manages to get a large cut on Joe’s right arm, surprising Joe*

Joe: (Thinking) His mobility is hampered by his injured leg and yet he still landed a direct attack on me!? I can’t let this go on any further!

*Joe charges a lot of electricity into his hands*

Joe: Lightning Strike Punch!

*Joe punches Kuton on the chest and lightning bursts out from the punch. The punch sends Kuton flying back and also kills him as he lies lifelessly on the ground with his eyes wide open*

*Joe looks over to his right to see Emily still fighting Vincent*

*Vincent extends a vampiric spike at Emily but she dodges it. Vincent immediately releases a vampiric blast at Emily but it is blown down into the ground by a derecho wind which shocks Vincent*

*Vincent looks to his left to see Joe*

Joe: You’re the only one left. Your allies are finished.

*Vincent sees the dead bodies of Kuton and Sath and his eyes open wide*

Vincent: No… Noooo!!!

*As Vincent screams, he is punched a few times by Emily and then kicked into a wall*

Emily: It’s over for you.

Vincent: I’ll kill you both where you stand!!!

*Vincent gets off the wall and angrily starts launching the large vampiric spikes from his hands towards Emily and Joe. His attacks aren’t very coordinated so Joe and Emily have no trouble dodging as they walk closer to him*

*Joe opens his eyes wide and hits Vincent with an instant lightning strike. The damage causes Vincent to fall back against the wall and he is now bloody*

Vincent: *huff huff* And so it ends for my squad… But you still have no hope… *huff huff* The king and queen would have no trouble defeating you both even with your powerful forms.

*Vincent coughs up blood*

Vincent: So be prepared… *cough* Your end is coming.

*His eyes close and he dies*

*Both Emily and Joe end their forms and Joe drops to one knee to catch his breath*

Emily: What’s wrong?

Joe: *huff huff* I think using all of those abilities took a lot out of me.

*Joe coughs up blood multiple times*

Emily: Joe!!

Joe: I feel like shit right now…

Emily: Remember what we were told! Using Blood Magic can kill you!

Joe: *huff huff* I know… *huff huff* I’m not going to die… *huff huff* I guess I can thank the Enigmus demon heart for that…

Emily: If you say so…

*Joe stands up but still looks exhausted*

Emily: Do you think the vampire king and queen could really be that powerful?

Joe: The king said the same thing to us. We have nothing but their word. We will have to find out for ourselves.

Narrator: Joe and Emily have finally defeated Vampire Squad Delta! What challenges lie ahead for them?

Chapter 310 END

To be Continued in Chapter 311: Daniel’s Story