Chapter 311:

Chapter 311: Daniel’s Story

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 311: Daniel’s Story

Narrator: With Vampire Squad Delta defeated, it’s time to check up on the caged humans.

*Joe and Emily go back to check on Daniel*

Daniel: I can’t believe it! You really defeated elite vampires! That’s amazing!

Joe: It certainly wasn’t easy but a good accomplishment nonetheless.

Emily: Unfortunately, they were only a few of many.

Daniel: So? Look at all the people in these cages. Their expressions have changed!

*All the people in the cages look at Joe and Emily with their eyes more open and not all depressed*

Daniel: You have just given these people even a little bit of hope.

*Seeing that makes Joe and Emily feel a bit better about all of this*

Joe: You said you were one of the newer people thrown in these cages. Why aren’t there other new people?

Daniel: I am a member of the resistance. My work requires me to put myself in harm’s way. I was taking supplies from one of our bases to another. Unfortunately, I was caught on my way there and captured and now here I am.

Emily: When did you join the resistance?

*Daniel looks down as if troubled*

Daniel: It was 5 years ago…

*Daniel begins to have a flashback*

Daniel: (Narrating) I was just a teenager trying to live in a country ruled by vampires. One day, my parents went out and they told me it would be a few days before they returned.

*In the flashback, Daniel watches as his parents are about to leave their home. Daniel’s mother has upper back-length brown hair with bangs that are pushed to the right side of her face. His father has short black hair. They both are about 6 feet tall and look like they are in their late 30s. Like every native of Vandox, they have gray skin with their irises being yellow*

Daniel: (Narrating) They returned after three days but something was different about them. Their eyes… They were red. They had both become vampires. Yet they both smiled at me like nothing was wrong. I could only stare in shock.

*In the flashback, Daniel’s mother smiles at Daniel with her mouth open. Her sharp vampire fangs are very visible*

Daniel’s Mother: We’re sorry we took so long Daniel. I hope you weren’t worried.

Daniel: (Narrating) I asked them if they had realized that they had become vampires and they responded that they did. They then started walking closer to me. It was the next thing they said that destroyed me. They told me that they were going to change me into a vampire and then we could all live happily. I started backing away with tears flowing down from my eyes. They tried leaping towards me and I ran away. I ran away as far as I could. On my way out, I remember hearing them say they would find me one day and change me. Eventually, I encountered the resistance. After meeting them, I decided to fight. No more sitting around and just letting the vampires rule. It was then that while doing work, I also began to train and get stronger and use magic.

*Daniel’s flashback ends*

Daniel: Since then, I have killed my own fair share of vampires. It honestly confuses me as to why they didn’t kill me when they captured me… Unless my parents are still trying to turn me and the vampires that caught me know this.

Joe: If that’s the case, we need to get you out. How does a person get turned into a vampire?

Daniel: Usually through a bite. When vampires bite you, they not only suck your blood but also release chemicals inside you. The only ones that can stop the process are vampires so there’s not much one can do if you are put in that situation.

*Emily has a flashback to when she was bit back in the battle at Kenzo and she gulps. She also remembers licking her lips when first seeing the livestock and she now feels scared*

Joe: What about the people kept in these livestock cages?

Daniel: The vampires make sure they do not change. Maybe they just want me for more food. I suppose we should escape this room.

Joe: What about all these people?

*Daniel looks at all of them*

Daniel: It would only be more dangerous for them to let them out at the moment. At least we know the vampires won’t kill them. Let’s take down the vampires and then free them.

Joe: Good idea.

*Joe and Emily open the door to the cage to that Daniel is in to let him out and they start leaving the room. Daniel looks back at the people*

Daniel: I promise you all that if we succeed in taking down the vampires, you will all be free!

Narrator: Joe and Emily have listened to Daniel’s story. Now he will help them fight.

Chapter 311 END

To be Continued in Chapter 312: Unexpected Help