Chapter 1:

The Tale of how I Ended up in Another World.

The Tale of how I was Reincarnated as a Hero but Decided I'd Help the Demon Lord Instead.

A flash of light was the last thing I saw before everything around me disappeared.

Suddenly I opened my eyes to see myself along with twelve other people, in a circle about ten feet from one another. The area we awoke in was dark and seemingly without end, and to make matters worse I couldn't move in inch no matter how hard I tried.

A loud booming voice broke through the silence. "My name is Thanatos. " He said as he appeared in the center of us, a tall man with black feathered wings sprouting from his back, the rest of his features were concealed by the same dark fog concealing the rest of the people I awakened with. " All of you here have died. " I wanted to protest, surely I couldn't be dead, only my lips couldn't move. " But I have granted you another chance at life. The thirteen of you will be reincarnated as heroes in order to stop a Demon Lord from destroying the world of Rexia. A task which I am sure you may have read about in one of your mangas. But be warned it will not be so simple. "

Thanatos snapped his fingers and another flash of light blinded me. I must admit the blinding lights were getting a little dull.

As I came to the very first thing I saw was the most wondrous pair of love muffins in my life. Suddenly any fear or anxiety I had disappeared as my head was soon engulfed in a soft, warm, delight. As a matter of fact I had probably spent at least four minutes in booby nirvana before realising where I was.

I appeared to have been summoned in a large church of sorts, perhaps even a cathedral. Judging by the perfection that was the love muffins I'd say it must be dedicated to some sort of goddess of desire. Unfortunately a statue above the alter dismissed my hopes as it was quite clearly a man. Thanatos himself actually.

I looked up at the girl with the brilliant boobies. A blond young women dressed in a nun's attire. Her skin was soft and flawless like freshly fallen snow, and her eyes like glowing blue sapphires.

 " It worked! I can't believe it worked! Our Lord has blessed me indeed. " She began to jump in joy, a sight of which I most certainly couldn't complain about. 

In a slur I spoke " Boob are you? I meant who. I mean who are you? " It wasn't until I finished that I noticed my voice had changed into a deeper more mature voice. 

 " Wow. You sound so heroic. " The oblivious nun replied as she calmed her senses(unfortunately) halting her jumps. " Oh wait you must be so confused. My name is Graxia, a priestess of Thanatos, the God of peaceful death and, little known fact, rebirth. Now your turn who are you? "

My mind began to flood with questions rather then answers. 

Should I go by an alias? Can I squeeze them? Should I tell not her that I'm a lone shut in nerd? Can I squeeze them? Or should I just tell the truth? And may I please squeeze them!? 

 " My name is Tokuma Jiroki. I'm a shut in weebo. Nice to meet you. " It hurt to hear my own ( Or rather my new ) voice, admit that aloud, especially considering how nervous I was, but I couldn't lie to a nun.

 " Oh really? What's a shut in weebo? " She played dumb but the disappointed was crystal clear in her voice. " Never mind. Unto more pressing matters. Follow me. " She fortunately continued as though nothing happened.

She clutched her arm around mine and pulled it into her happy humps. That's when I noticed I was no longer in my uniform.

My arm was dressed in dark studded leather which was surprisingly comfortable, obviously since I couldn't even notice I was wearing it. I looked at the rest of my clothing to see it matched my arm. Along my torso was a strap with numerous throwing knifes that I had no idea how to use. On my hips were two short-swords resembling Scottish dirks which was a little disappointing considering how bland they were in comparison to something like a katana. Finally I had a bandana over my face which explained my muffled voice. It's important to mention that I did not pick such edgy attire it is how I arrived here. But I must admit, as a shut in it's a lot easier to talk when nobody can see your face.

 " Uhm. Tokuma? Are you coming? Wait I get it you must be tired from the trip! " 

 " No I'm coming. " I somehow managed to forget about the magical melons absorbing my arm so when I looked to see them again I almost squealed. 

The double doors to the church opened before we even got near. 

Immediately I noticed how beautiful the sky was, It was without a single cloud or imperfection, a sight which I could easily waste the day away admiring. The next thing I noticed was the loud chatter of the townsfolk, it was almost deafening, especially for a shut in like me. It seemed impossible for the noise to just suddenly began considering how peaceful the church was.

" How come the church was so quiet? " I asked unable to contain my curiosity.

She looked at me with a genuinely confused face. " It's the spell. Silence. Have you ever heard of it? "

 " Not in real life. " I replied shamefully at the seemingly basic question.

" It's a spell which completely nullifies outside noises from being heard from the inside, and vice versa. It grants the people inside a peaceful prayer. Now come on. " She pulled my arm again but I didn't budge as I stared at my hands just thinking of my potential.

" Can I cast magic? " I said interrupting Graxia yet again.

 " We'll get to that later. Now stop interrupting me. " She puffed her cheeks in a annoyed yet cute way. In that moment I was glad to have a mask on, since I was definitely blushing. 

She pulled my arm forcefully this time with enough force to pull me along, not allowing me to respond.

The first place she showed me was even louder than I thought possible. It was lined with stores of various kinds and about five taverns. In the middle there was a line of stalls dealing in even more goods. Oh and the place was drowning in people and, though I couldn't believe my eyes. Animal eared ( And tailed ) people.

Apparently I made it too clear that I was absolutely dumbstruck as a concerned look was drawn upon Graxia's face " Are you alright? Do you not have markets where you come from? We can come here later if that's what you'd like. "

 " No. I'm good. " I began to regain my posture after coming to my senses " I've just never seen a demi human before. "

" A demi human? " She asked completely unaware as to what I was talking about. My heart sunk, were those people just furries? Like from home? " Oh you must be talking about the Homo Bestia. The beastmen. I don't understand how you could have never see them before, they appeared in bulk when the first Demon Lord was summoned and they've been here ever since living amongst the rest of us. "

" All over the place? I see it now. I'm in heaven. " Upon reaching nirvana I realized something she said and turned attention to her." What do you mean, first, Demon Lord? "

" We've had several Demon Lords over the last few generations. Normally whenever our Lord Thanatos demands a high priest to summon a hero it's a sign of another Demon Lord. " She began trailing off with a concerned look in her eyes. " But this time he commanded all thirteen of us. Which is quite worrying... But I'm sure it'll be fine. " Her voice for the first time since I heard her speak sounded worried but she soon returned to her care free persona. " Anyways, we should book a night at the tavern. I know the perfect one, you won't believe how comfy the beds are considering the price. And once we're done I'll show you the guild. "

Without allowing me to protest she dragged me into a tavern. To be honest it looked exactly the same as the others, nothing special.

Inside was completely empty, creepyly so.

As though she read my mind Graxia spoke. " The only reason why it's so empty is because it's still early. You should see it at night. Oh yeah you should probably know I'm about to yell. "

" Huh? "

Before I could properly prepare myself she yelled in a commanding voice, completely out of character. " I know you here, come on Dad! "

A girl slightly shorter then Graxia with brilliant pink hair sat on the bar with eyes blue much like Graxia's, kicking her legs playfully. She was dressed in tavern lady clothes which is basically a medieval maid uniform. " Oh hey Lucifer. How's it going? " Immediately I could tell her cute exterior was only a show.

" Did I sound like I was calling for a whore? " Graxia asked in a cold voice. " No? Then why are you here? "

I was dumbfounded once again and at a complete loss for words.

" Since you asked so kindly. Dad told me I should be the new store front since I'm so adorable, his words. " The tavern girl replied with a smug look, each of her words dripping in pure pride

Finally I gained the will to speak. " Who are you? "

The tavern girl looked at me like she just noticed I was there. " Oh. My sister finally found a man. "

At this point I had basically given up on trying to make sense of the situation.

Graxia's face turned a bright red as she waved her hands dismissively " It's not like that at all Luna. I summoned him. "

 " He's... a hero? " 

Her eyes scanned me like she was checking the quality of meat. All the while I was still as a post.

" Hmm. Brown hair, green eyes. " She began to squeeze my arm and run her hands down my chest. " Acceptably buff. All around he doesn't seem very heroic he seems more. Edgelord.  "

" Hey that's not my fault. " I protested freeing my body from her.

" Oh he speaks. I thought you were just gonna stare all day. " Luna hadn't moved from where she was and she was way too close. " Well if my sister won't make a move then. " Luna continued her attempts to seduce me. And she was doing a fine job.

 " Oh come on Luna. He just got here. "

I heard a voice like a when a bodybuilder tries to sound cute and horribly fails " Graxia! Is that you!? Oh how I missed you my lovely—" Suddenly his voice changed and I was getting stared down by a seven feet tall monster of a man with fierce blue eyes and a body like stone, perhaps the most terrifying thing was his glorious pink hair, or the inch thick layer of lipstick on his face, most likely though it was his pretty pink apron. " Who the hell are you and why is my daughter's hand on you! "

 " Oh hey dad. This is an Edgelord hero. I haven't gotten his name yet but he seems friendly enough. Right Graxia. " Luna teased continuing to molest me.

I saw Graxia's face light up red as a tomato " Why do you have to say it like that? I summoned him today. "

" Are you saying you have plans for later then? "

Graxia explained the situation and eventually everything settled down enough to talk, though it was getting late so we didn't have much time.

" So your giving him a tour? " Graxia's father said before turning his attention to me. " Well my daughter just led you to the best tavern in all of Rexia. Volx is my name and this is my tavern, your welcome to stay, if you can pay. "

" And if I can't? " I asked knowing that I probably couldn't afford it.

" Then get your broke self outta my tavern. " His creepy smile did not waver from his face.

I patted myself down looking for anything worth whatever the currency was, but to no avail.

" Oh you don't have any guld? I can pay for you. " Graxia reached into her bosom and shifted through a bag. Then she pulled out three golden coins apparently called Guld. " Oh that's all I got. Being a priest isn't very lucrative it seems. " she let free a nervous chuckle.

" Wait. Aren't you her dad? Isn't there some kinda family discount? " 

Volx stood up hastily in disdain. " Never! All customers are to be treated equally! However she could just stay in her old room. If that's okay. "

Volx calmed down and sat back at the table.

" No thanks. Besides you turned it into an extra storage remember? " 

" Yeah dad remember! " Luna added insult to injury.

" Right. Well you could spend the night in a customer's room with that. "

 " What about Tokuma? " Graxia asked which I was glad of, since I for one had one completely forgot.

" He has to pay of course. "

" I'm paying, for him. " Graxia argued for my sake.

Just as Volx was about to respond customers started to flood in the building. He immediately shifted his attention to the customers.

I didn't realize how exhausted I was, between multidimensional traveling and claustrophobia my vision began to fade to black as I fell unconscious. 

Mystical Frog