Chapter 8:

Chapter 7: Discovery - The Fall of Touimai (Part 6)

Diary of Void: The Millennium War

"Here." I said while giving Heodia a piece of cloth. "This isn't much but at least it should wipe away the blood. And by the way, is it even real blood or something else?" Bookmark here

To my surprise, Heodia didn't have the answer. 
"Thank you. And for the answer for your questions, I don't know actually. It may be an animal's blood or something but I can't confirm it since biomimetic technology has evolved so far that even I can't tell." She replied to my question. Bookmark here

"Oh okay." Bookmark here

Wrapping up our quick conversation while she wiped off the blood, we began moving to North Touimai. 
Along our way to North Touimai, we saw no one. Which is strange even if Touimai is a lawless city, there should be at least some people walking or searching for food. But it's close to dawn after all so maybe people are sleeping. Bookmark here

Something's up... I can feel it.
We were now at Greygor Bridge, the main bridge for crossing the small yet powerful freshwater Heulus River, which flows throughout most of the city. Bookmark here

This bridge is a massive local battleground yet no one is here? It is like everyone is too scared to go here. Even now and before dawn, several hundred people would be here. Bookmark here

But still, we moved towards North Toumai, crossing over Greygor Bridge. Along the way, we passed a working clock hanging on one of the bridge's support beams, I saw it was 7:07 am.Bookmark here

Turning my head around and slowing down my speed a bit, I asked Heodia how long until the next round was coming.  Bookmark here

"Well, according to my information, even with the latest reloading technology and other equipment, artillery would usually fire about once every 10 minutes." Heodia explained. Bookmark here

"Oh. Well, how accurate is your information though?" I asked back. Bookmark here

"The accuracy of my information you say?" She replied "Well it depends on how much you trust Uto. If you trust him completely, then it's 100% accurate, and so on." 
She glanced eastward. I bet she was using her magnifying eye or something. Bookmark here

"Tsk. The eye's lenses are ... damaged ... I only zoom up to 50 times .... and the quality is bad as well ... Oh well, I'll repair it once we take a break." She whispered under her breath.Bookmark here

I wasn't able to catch everything she said but that didn't matter. The next instance I knew, Greygor Bridge, the one we were running across rocked. Both I and Heodia were thrown quite high into the air (6 metres to be exact) and thrown back down. Heodia was able to land on her feet while I... Bookmark here

"My back! Ack!." 
Yes, I landed on my back. I don't know how but my back was perfectly fine (no broken bones and such) but the pain was the most deadly part of that fall. Bookmark here

"You alright Void? No broken bones or anything?" asked Heodia. Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that nothing broke. You good?" Bookmark here

She nodded back and then turned around. Bookmark here

"Something big and heavy must have hit or fallen onto the bridge. Do you want to check it out? It may be something extremely important." Bookmark here

Still trying to numb the pain, I replied. 
"Having a quick glance wouldn't hurt would it?" Bookmark here

And thus it was decided. Getting a hand to get up from Heodia, we carefully walked to the site of impact. 
What we found was a gigantic material artillery shell. A metre in diameter, and if made from standard materials of a material shell (brass, plastic, etc.) along with microtechnology, it would have weighed a hefty 125 tonnes (125,000 kg) at least. Bookmark here

"An unexploded artillery shell, and a large one indeed." Heodia remarked.  Bookmark here

Meanwhile, I was doing some calculations in my head. 
The shell looks around a metre in diameter and if you times that by 50... crap. Does the SEA mainly the mighty Cloud Empire, already had created a weapon with a 50-metre barrel?! Bookmark here

I had gone pale just from that thought of a nation already creating a super artillery unit that fires metre-wide shells at the enemy, probably at a max range of up to 50-55 km depending on the type of shell. Though the effective firing range is much lower than the max range, it is still a scary thought. Bookmark here

(Note from Author, Fun fact: For those who don't know, a 50-metre barrel is huge. Even the German Schwerer Gustav; the largest artillery unit to be used in combat only had a 32.5-metre barrel length and should shoot up to 47 km with normal shells and 38 km with armour-piercing shells.)Bookmark here

After Heodia finished examining the shell, she noticed my pale face. 
"By from your pale face, it looks like you also noticed right?" She said. Bookmark here

"Yeah. I can't believe that the Entanian Alliance, most likely the Cloud Empire, already created a super artillery unit this early in the war." Bookmark here

The war already raged on for over 26-years. Due to medicine and other causes, humans now could live for over several hundred years with the help of nanomachines working in our bodies and they care for the main reason why humans die in the first place. Cells. Cells, the building block for all living life, constantly die and get made. However, as you age, cells stop getting made without a new way to create them, the total amounts of cells in the body slowly decline and once the cells in your body reach a certain amount, you die. Bookmark here

"I see. This 'Cloud Empire' seems to be very troublesome." Bookmark here

"Yes, they are troublesome indeed." I replied back, agreeing with her. Bookmark here

"Anyway, this is very important info we just got here. I saved it to my memory storage for later use so let's continue." Bookmark here

Memory storage? Oh right. Heodia is an android. I completely forgot due to her actions being way too human-like. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"So shall we hit the road now?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Yeah, let's go." Bookmark here

It was 7:10 am by the time we continued and the second wave of artillery was about to be fired.Bookmark here

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