Chapter 316:

Chapter 316: Mirror Image Zone

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 316: Mirror Image Zone

Narrator: Zonbi continues her battle against Leonis who has activated his Mirror Image Zone!

*Zonbi raises her right hand forward and her mirrored version raises her left forward to match*

Leonis: Whatever you do, that mirrored version will do the same. You may consider that self-explanatory but you will find fighting me to be a lot more difficult now.

*Zonbi tries punching the mirrored version but the punch is matched by the mirrored version, causing their punches to collide*

*Zonbi looks at her hand and it is bleeding*

Leonis: Any damage you cause your mirrored version is inflicted on yourself. Of course, all of these rules also apply to me and my mirrored version.

Zonbi: I see…

*Zonbi then starts running left and then right and then left again, trying to outmaneuver the mirrored version but she is matched movement for movement*

Leonis: You can’t get around it. It will always be directly in front of you.

*Leonis quickly releases a vampiric blast to his right which bounces off a reflective wall and heads towards Zonbi*

*It doesn’t hit Zonbi but it does hit her mirrored version in the right arm which also damages Zonbi’s left arm*

*The vampiric blast released by the mirrored Leonis is still bouncing around*

*Zonbi dodges the other vampiric blast and starts rushing towards Leonis, making her mirrored version just rush backwards*

*The vampiric blast continues bouncing throughout the room*

Zonbi: (Thinking) I have to take into account not just my own position, but the position of my mirrored self as well as both Leonis and his mirrored self… Such a pain!

*Zonbi calculates the path of the vampiric blast in her head while she runs. As she gets close to Leonis, Leonis thrusts his left elbow backwards and the mirrored version thrusts its right elbow backwards which hits the mirrored Zonbi in the back*

*The pain causes Zonbi to fall to the ground*

*Leonis does a backwards kick with his left leg and the mirror version does a backwards kick with its right leg. The mirrored kick hits the mirrored Zonbi which causes Zonbi to be knocked back*

*Zonbi gets up with her mirrored version still facing her. She is still tracking the vampiric blast*

Zonbi: (Thinking) He can fight here on instinct alone. I’m certainly not used to taking into account these mirrored versions. I will need to use that blast still bouncing around.

*Zonbi starts rushing towards Leonis again*

Leonis: You’re struggling to fight in here. Let’s see if you’ve adapted yet!

*Leonis also starts rushing towards Zonbi so now both of them are rushing towards each other*

*As they get close to each other, Leonis tries the elbow attack again but Zonbi jumps over Leonis before it hits. Zonbi then lands behind Leonis*

*Leonis turns around and Zonbi ducks as the vampiric blast that has been bouncing around goes above her head and hits the mirror version of Leonis in the back, causing Leonis to take some damage*

*Zonbi goes in to attack. She attacks with multiple side punches which leave both Leonis and his mirror version getting hit multiple times. Leonis is taking double the damage because his mirrored version is getting hit too*

*Zonbi then does a side kick to send Leonis flying into the reflective wall*

Zonbi: I’ve got you now!

*Zonbi moves sideways towards him and prepares to use Momentum Blast*

Zonbi: Here we go! Momentum Blast!

*Zonbi and her mirrored version both use Momentum Blast. However, Leonis jumps away from the wall in time*

*Leonis smirks as he jumps away*

Leonis: That was a poor decision.

*Zonbi opens her eyes wide as the Momentum Blast reflects off the wall and comes back and hits her and her mirrored version, dealing a lot of damage and blowing them back*

*As they are blown back, Leonis and his mirrored version appear above them and kick her and her mirrored version down onto the ground*

Leonis: It’s always fun to watch opponents damage themselves with their own attacks.

*Zonbi has been highly damaged but she gets up and she looks to her side at Leonis*

Zonbi: You’re being real cute with these zones. Wouldn’t you rather show your skill without the tricks?

Leonis: To be honest, you learn too fast for me to get the most use out of these zones. Okay, fine. I’ll end the zone.

*Leonis ends the Mirror Image Zone and they go back to the original room they started the fight in*

Leonis: No more zones. No more games. I’m going to show you that I’m the stronger one of us.

*Zonbi confidently smiles*

Zonbi: Let’s see it then.

Narrator: Zonbi survived the trials of the Mirror Image Zone! Now the battle will continue only with their pure skill. Can Zonbi win?

Chapter 316 END

To be Continued in Chapter 317: Blow For Blow