Chapter 315:

Chapter 315: Momentum Blast

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 315: Momentum Blast

Narrator: In Leonis’s Explosion Zone, Zonbi has to deal with nine Vampiric Thieves while avoiding the glowing explosion spots! All this while she still has to worry about Leonis himself!

*Zonbi continues running with the nine remaining Vampiric Thieves still after her*

*She suddenly stops moving, turns around, and shoots nails into two of the Vampiric Thieves causing them to explode and lose their explosive glow*

Zonbi: (Thinking) Now!

*Zonbi quickly moves towards them and kicks them. The Vampiric Thieves are knocked into glowing Vampiric Thieves and it causes explosions that destroy the non-glowing Vampiric Thieves*

*Zonbi sees that Leonis is now running towards her*

Zonbi: (Thinking) He now sees that his Vampiric Thieves stand no chance against me on their own so he is coming to help them out. It’s time for a change in strategy.

*Zonbi goes on the run again*

*Zonbi jumps across a long rectangular table from one end to the other while forming magic energy in her hand*

*She ducks under the table as the Vampiric Thieves start to form in a singular line to go under the table*

Zonbi: Bye-bye.

*Zonbi blows air on the magic in her hand and, suddenly, a long line of explosions goes through the table which causes the Vampiric Thieves to explode and it destroys them all*

*Zonbi is able to jump out of the way as Leonis arrives and tries to punch her*

*Zonbi smiles*

Leonis: What was that?

Zonbi: Momentum Blast. Do you like it? I can take an explosion and give a lot of forward momentum and thus extending its reach. I wanted to save it but with you coming after me I had to get rid of those thieves as fast as possible.

Leonis: It is indeed an impressive move. But it won’t be enough to defeat me.

Zonbi: Let’s see then.

*Zonbi quickly blows air on the magic in her hand and the explosion travels far enough to reach Leonis who barely jumps out of the way in time to avoid it*

Leonis: (Thinking) It moves faster than I thought.

*Leonis sees that Zonbi is in the process of doing it again so he quickly lands and ducks to avoid the forward-moving explosion*

*Zonbi then starts running towards him*

Leonis: (Thinking) She has me on the defensive right now so I’m going to bet that she is about to do it again.

*However, Zonbi does not use the move again and tries to punch him instead. Zonbi’s punch hits Leonis in the face, knocking him back*

*Leonis lands in an area with a lot of glowing spots*

Leonis: (Thinking) I guessed wrong… She really is a clever one.

*Zonbi smiles*

Zonbi: Excellent.

*Zonbi uses Momentum Blast again and the explosions extend to where Leonis is. He jumps out of the way*

Leonis: As I said, you can’t beat me with that.

*Zonbi smirks*

Zonbi: Oh really?

*The explosions start contacting glowing spots and they start chain explosions which Leonis gets caught in*

*Leonis is blown back against a wall. His uniform is pretty burnt and torn and he is bleeding in multiple spots*

Zonbi: As I said, this zone is child’s play for me. I know all of the advantages a zone like this presents to me.

*Leonis pushes himself off the wall*

Leonis: Oh yes, I can see that clearly now. I have only myself to blame for not thinking about the chain reaction explosions. So why don’t we try a different zone? One that your little tournament couldn’t possibly replicate.

Zonbi: And what would that be?

Leonis: Just wait a moment.

*The Explosion Zone ends and the room returns to normal*

Leonis: Now for the next zone.

*The room starts to change into a large, reflective square room with nothing in it*

*In front of both Zonbi and Leonis is a mirrored version of themselves. Zonbi’s mirrored version faces her and Leonis’s mirrored version faces him*

Leonis: Welcome to the Mirror Image Zone.

Narrator: Leonis has changed the zone again! What challenges does the Mirror Image Zone present?

Chapter 315 END

To be Continued in Chapter 316: Mirror Image Zone