Chapter 317:

Chapter 317: Blow For Blow

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 317: Blow For Blow

Narrator: The finale of the battle between Zonbi and Leonis now begins!

Leonis: I’ll show you my might!

Zonbi: I’m ready for it, king of the vampires!

*Leonis begins rushing towards Zonbi but he takes a step back as Zonbi tries to punch him. Leonis then immediately steps forward and punches Zonbi. The punch makes Zonbi stumble back*

*Leonis tries another punch but so does Zonbi which results in their punches colliding. Neither overpowers the other so the punches end in a draw*

*Zonbi does a swipe kick but Leonis blocks it with his arm. Zonbi then uses her other leg and kicks Leonis in the chin*

*Leonis is stunned for a moment but then grabs Zonbi by the neck and slams her onto the ground*

Leonis: This is it! This is where I win!

*Leonis tries to stab her with his hand but Zonbi grabs his arm and then kicks him in the gut to cause him to stumble back*

Zonbi: I’m not done yet! Just try to keep up!

*Zonbi quickly stands up and uses Momentum Blast. The blast seems to hit Leonis but Zonbi can’t tell if she truly got him or not*

*Suddenly, Leonis comes from Zonbi’s side and lands a powerful punch on her right shoulder, knocking her to the side*

Leonis: That was a close one but you will never defeat me!

*Leonis continues rushing towards Zonbi*

*Zonbi releases her orange sparkles and uses her Momentum Magic to push them forward*

Zonbi: This will get you for sure!

*The orange sparkles start popping when they reach Leonis and they do damage to him*

Leonis: Grrrah!

*Zonbi uses her magic to propel her forward while doing a jump kick that hits Leonis, knocking him back into a wall*

Zonbi: Let’s keep this attack train going! I’m not letting up!

Leonis: Not a chance!

*Leonis forms a vampiric blast in his hand and throws it*

Zonbi: You think you will hit me with that?

*Zonbi steps to the left but the blast splits into three*

Zonbi: What!?

*One of the vampiric blasts hits her and explodes*

*Zonbi is damaged and a bit stunned from the attack, allowing Leonis to rush towards her and punch her in the face. The punch knocks Zonbi onto the staircase in the room*

*Leonis charges his fist with a lot of magic. He jumps at an arc and tries to pound his fist into Zonbi’s gut but she quickly gets up and jumps out of the way. Leonis’s punch partially destroys the staircase*

Zonbi: (Thinking) I probably would have been dead if that hit me! He really is one of the strongest warriors of Hell!

*Zonbi picks up a sharp piece of wood from the railing of the staircase and charges it with magic. She does a throwing motion but doesn’t throw it while Leonis jumps, preparing to avoid it*

*Zonbi smirks*

Leonis: (Thinking) I won’t be able to dodge! And I probably won’t be able to block!

*Zonbi throws the sharp piece of wood charged with magic and propels it at a fast speed with her Momentum Magic*

*Leonis tries to grab it but he fails and gets pierced by the wood. He coughs up blood*

*As Leonis pulls out the wood, Zonbi gets within point-blank range of him*

Zonbi: You’re finished, vampire king!!

*Leonis opens his eyes wide in surprise but he quickly reacts and does a hand chop on her shoulder which sends her down to the ground*

*Leonis falls to the floor in pain. Zonbi sits on the ground and is coughing. They then just start staring at each other*

Leonis: *huff huff* Your strength is certainly legit.

Zonbi: *huff huff* So is yours. We’ve matched each other blow for blow.

Leonis: I certainly did not think you were capable of Channeling Magic as well.

Zonbi: I guess we’re all full of surprises.

*Leonis stands up*

Leonis: Well then, I think it’s in my best interest to retreat for now. You appear to be in terrible shape as well. I think we will call this a draw. But if we encounter each other again, I will kill you. This is your chance to leave the castle with your life. Farewell.

*Leonis leaves the room as Zonbi just sits there and stares*

*While the battle was ongoing, someone was watching them. The silhouette of that person was watching from around a corner and that person now starts to walk away*

*Zonbi stands up but coughs up blood*

Zonbi: That was rough. The truth is this battle has taken a bigger toll on my body than I showed. He probably could have finished me off. Hopefully, Zeth and Sasha were able to get a good distance away from this room.

Narrator: Zonbi’s battle with Leonis ends in a draw and she has been left weakened! Where does she go from here and has she at least stopped Leonis from getting Zeth? Who was the hidden person that was watching the battle?

Chapter 317 END

To be Continued in Chapter 318: Reinforcements