Chapter 323:

Chapter 323: Rumbling Mountains

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 323: Rumbling Mountains

Narrator: Zepto and Sane continue their battle against the vampire queen, Asina. So far, Asina has the upper hand.

Zepto: Let’s see how you handle me when I have one of my shoulder eyes open!

*Zepto begins rushing towards Asina with his powered-up right arm. He tries to punch her but she blocks with her arms. However, the force of the punch still knocks her back*

*The force also causes parts of the mountain behind her to crack*

Zepto: And again!

*Zepto rushes towards her again and tries to punch her again. This time, Asina jumps over it and Zepto’s punch hits the mountain. The strength of his punch shatters the part of the mountain around where he hit*

Asina: Impressive strength but…

*Asina then kicks Zepto in the face to knock him back before finishing her sentence*

Asina: …It’s not enough to beat me!

*Asina then notices Sane’s green energy balls are continuously coming after her. She then keeps jumping backwards up the mountain to dodge*

Zepto: Try fighting when you can’t see!

*Zepto throws three hair needles near Asina. They explode and the smoke blocks Asina’s vision*

Asina: A smokescreen? You really think that will work on me for more than a few seconds?

*Asina throws two vampiric blasts through the smoke, causing it to clear away*

*Neither Zepto nor Sane are anywhere to be seen*

Asina: (Thinking) Apparently, a few seconds was all they needed to vanish. Did they run away? Or are they setting a trap?

*Suddenly, from underneath the ground of the mountain that Asina is standing on, two hands break through the ground and grab her ankles*

*Asina tries to break free from their grasp*

*Coming out of the ground, right in front of her, is Zepto who punches her hard in the face with his right hand. He then follows up with another punch but Asina’s legs start to charge with magic*

*As Zepto goes for another punch, Asina grabs his arm to stop it*

*Zepto is shocked*

Zepto: You stopped my power punch just like that!?

*Asina smirks*

Asina: Did you really think I was helpless?

*Blue magic energy then bursts downwards from her feet which shatters that part of the mountain under her and makes the hands let go of her*

Zepto: Sane!

Asina: Worry about yourself first.

*Asina gut punches Zepto and then kicks him. Asina’s legs release more magic energy which tears at Zepto’s abdomen and sends him flying back into a different mountain*

*When Zepto’s back hits against the mountain, he coughs up a bit of blood*

*Sane comes back up from under the ground and is bleeding in a lot of places*

Asina: It doesn’t matter what you try. I’m superior to both of you.

Zepto: I’m just going to have to take the next step then.

*The eye on Zepto’s left shoulder opens and the iris shape on the eyes of both arms turns into a hexagon shape. Zepto’s power further increases and the power of his aura starts making the mountain he is standing on rumble*

Zepto: Sane, stay back. Don’t go insane. You have too many wounds.

*Sane smiles and backs away from the fight*

Zepto: Time to continue this battle!

*Zepto launches himself from that mountain to the one that Asina is on*

*Zepto puts his hands together and tries to slam them down on Asina. Asina tries to counter it with her own upward punch and they collide*

*Asina is pushed into the ground and the strain starts to cause cuts on her arm*

Asina: You won’t overpower me!

*Asina charges magic into her other arm and punches Zepto with magic energy being released and he is blown upwards with more damage. While above, he pulls out more hair needles and prepares to throw them*

Zepto: It’s you who won’t overpower me!

*Zepto throws a barrage of hair needles down towards Asina. She has a look of concern as she sees the dozens of hair needles coming down towards her. They all land and explode around her*

*Zepto starts to fall down and he smiles while looking at all the smoke. However, out of the smoke comes a large vampiric blast which explodes near him and blows him down to the ground with a lot of force*

*Zepto coughs as he stands up. He has received more wounds*

Zepto: *coughs* Damn it!

*The smoke clears and Asina is still there but she has also sustained some injuries. She was hurt from the explosions*

Asina: I didn’t escape your explosions but you also couldn’t escape my attack. In fact, I would say you took more damage than I did.

Zepto: All I see is that we are about equals.

Asina: Wrong.

*Her arms start to turn monstrous and dark. Her hands become claws*

Asina: You haven’t seen the limits of my vampire power.

Narrator: Asina’s and Zepto’s battle begins to wreck the whole area around them as they increase their power! What more does Asina have to show? What are the limits of her vampire power?

Chapter 323 END

To be Continued in Chapter 324: Pure Vampire Power