Chapter 322:

Chapter 322: Confrontation in the Mountains

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 322: Confrontation in the Mountains

Narrator: Back with the vampire queen. Asina.

*Asina is on her way back to the castle and is passing through the mountains close to it*

*As she runs, two individuals land in front of her so she stops running. Those individuals are Zepto and Sane*

Zepto: Well, look who we have here. It’s the lovely vampire queen.

*Asina looks annoyed*

Asina: What business do you have with me?

Zepto: The Dark Goddess has become very annoyed with both you and Leonis. Neither of you has been attending Council of Demons meetings and neither of you has done anything to help her plans. So we’re here to pay you a nice visit.

*Asina starts walking*

Asina: I don’t have time for this.

*Zepto gets in her way and then, almost instantly, Asina has Zepto pinned down on the ground and gives him a death stare*

Asina: Get in my way again, I will kill you.

*Asina lets go of Zepto and keeps walking*

*Zepto gets up*

Zepto: How about a challenge? We fight. If you win, we will leave you alone and won’t bother you again in the future. If we win, you come with us and meet with the Dark Goddess to discuss punishment.

*Asina stops walking*

Asina: And that includes any other members of the Council?

Zepto: If you win, I will do my best to make sure nobody bothers you.

Asina: Alright, fine then. I don’t really trust you but giving you an ass-whooping will certainly make me feel good.

*Asina turns around to face them and prepares to fight*

Asina: I won’t go easy on you.

*Zepto smiles with excitement*

Zepto: I wouldn’t have it any other way!

*Asina rushes towards Zepto and Sane*

*Zepto pulls out a hair needle from his head and throws it at Asina but she jumps upward just as the hair needle explodes in the air*

*Zepto meets her in the air and tries to punch her but she blocks it*

*From below, a green energy ball comes up and wraps around Asina’s leg. She looks down to see that it was Sane that released it*

Asina: You’re friend there hasn’t said a word so far. I actually forgot he was there.

Zepto: He’s not the most talkative one but he is very strong!

*Asina lands back on the ground and looks down at her leg*

Asina: My leg feels heavy.

Zepto: My man, Sane, is packed with some fun abilities. In addition to weighing you down, it also packs some explosive properties.

Sane: Boom. Boom.

Asina: No matter, I will overcome this.

*Asina starts leaping from spot to spot. She gets close to Sane but a hair needle comes in between them and explodes*

*Sane was able to jump away but Asina was caught in it. Zepto then comes in and punches her*

*Zepto grins*

Zepto: You’re going to have a rough time fighting us both at the same time.

*Asina responds by wrapping Zepto around with her red vampiric magic*

Asina: Your friend isn’t the only one with the ability to wrap people in magic.

*Zepto is being drained of his magic but then the green magic wrapped around Asina’s leg explodes*

*The explosion causes Asina’s magic to stop and thus frees Zepto*

*Asina’s leg took some damage but the magic wrapped around her is gone*

Asina: You damaged me, but now my movement is back to normal. Was it worth it?

*Asina rushes towards Zepto and Sane*

Zepto: Yes, because we are going to win!

*Zepto tries to punch Asina as she gets close, but with great speed, she sidesteps and begins rapidly punching Zepto. Each punch is a damaging blow to Zepto*

*Sane releases another green magic ball at Asina, but she notices it*

Asina: Sorry, but you won’t take me by surprise with that again.

*Asina turns Zepto’s body to the path of the ball and she kicks him into it. The green magic wraps around Zepto’s chest*

*Sane looks surprised*

Sane: Sorry, buddy!

*Asina looks at Sane and starts rushing towards him*

Asina: I’ll take you out first because we have no need for background people.

*Asina lands a powerful punch on Sane and knocks him back into the side of a mountain*

Asina: That should take care of that nuisance.

*Zepto stands up*

Zepto: Sane, detonate this magic!

*The green magic around Zepto’s chest blows up. He takes damage but seems to be fine*

Zepto: You’re as powerful as ever Asina. I guess I will turn this up a notch.

*The closed eye on Zepto’s right shoulder begins to open and the iris shape is a square*

Zepto: I’m sure you remember that the more of my eyes that are open, the more power that I have.

Asina: Yes, I am aware…

*Asina smiles*

Asina: …It just won’t matter.

*Asina gains the upper hand in the battle between members of the Council of Demons. Can Zepto and Sane possibly defeat her?

Chapter 322 END

To be Continued in Chapter 323: Rumbling Mountains