Chapter 324:

Chapter 324: Pure Vampire Power

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 324: Pure Vampire Power

Narrator: Asina increases her strength!

Asina: By releasing my pure vampiric power, I will destroy you.

Zepto: If you think I’m afraid, you’re wrong. I’m a Council of Demons member. There is no vampire that I can’t fight.

Asina: I like your confidence. Maybe you aren’t afraid, but that will make it even better when I do strike fear in you by the time I’m done with you.

*Asina smiles*

*Then, in the blink of an eye, Asina lunges at Zepto and he just barely dodges in time. He then jumps in the air where Asina then meets him*

Asina: How is it, Zepto!?

*They each attempt a punch but they block each other’s punches*

Zepto: It’s nothing special!

*Then, Asina grabs Zepto by the neck and slams him down to the ground and keeps him pinned down with her hands*

Asina: Surrender.

*Zepto grabs onto her shoulders*

Zepto: I’m not defeated!

*Zepto yanks her head lower where he then head-butts her on the forehead and kicks her back*

*Zepto stands up*

Zepto: I’m not some chump that you will just walk all over.

*Vampiric magic begins to seep out of Asina’s monstrous arms*

Asina: Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. What you are seeing is the process of my Blood Form transformation. Otherwise called Pure Vampire Form for vampires.

*Asina thrusts her left arm forward and a wave of vampiric magic is launched forward towards Zepto*

*The eyes on Zepto’s shoulders open wide as a green, hexagon-shaped, magic barrier forms in front of Zepto to shield him against the magic*

Zepto: Your magic can’t get through my shield.

Asina: Think again.

*Zepto is then shocked as some of the magic does get through the barrier*

*The vampiric magic that got through starts partially tearing at his body and he begins running with the barrier staying in front of him. Asina gives chase*

Asina: You’re witnessing just how powerful pure vampiric magic is, especially from someone as strong as me.

*Asina then jumps in front of Zepto and she tries slashing him with her claws. Despite having the barrier, Zepto is blown to the side and even rolls up the mountain*

*Asina continues to chase him*

Asina: You are as I thought you were. Not strong enough to withstand my attacks.

*Zepto stops himself and turns his hexagon-shaped barrier into a punch of magic spikes. He then launches them at Asina*

*Some of the magic spikes do pierce her but she continues running despite the damage. Her shoulders and neck become dark and monstrous to go along with her already dark and monstrous arms and hands*

Asina: My Pure Vampire Form is getting closer to completion.

*Zepto reforms the magic spikes around his body*

Zepto: I don’t care about your Blood Form or Pure Vampire Form or whatever else you may call it because you will take this loss!

*Asina gets close to Zepto and tries to punch him but he dodges the punch while the magic spikes attached to his body begin to tear at Asina’s arms*

Zepto: Got you!

*Zepto then lands his own punch and knocks Asina back. At the same time, Zepto throws a bunch of hair needles at her. They land on her and explode*

*Zepto smiles with satisfaction*

Zepto: You should be the one to surrender.

Asina: Unfortunately for you, that won’t be happening.

Zepto: What?

*The smoke from the explosions clear and all of Asina’s skin is dark and monstrous. She is smiling*

Asina: This is my Blood Form Stage 2 and I still have Stage 3 after this. And now this battle will end.

*The next thing Zepto knows, Asina is decapitating him with her claws*

*Zepto’s head falls to the ground and his body also collapses*

Asina: That should do it.

*Asina begins walking away*

Asina: I have won this battle. I know that decapitation isn’t enough to kill you and that your head can be reattached. Leave now and don’t come back.

*Asina crosses over the mountain*


*On the other side of the mountain, Asina returns to her normal form but she begins rubbing her arms and abdomen*

Asina: (Thinking) Damn. His attacks did more damage than I thought.

*She then heads back to the castle*


Narrator: Back with Zepto and Sane.

*Sane walks over to Zepto. Zepto’s head still lying on the ground*

Sane: Why didn’t you open your forehead eye and unleash the power of your Blood Form on her?

Zepto: At the end of the day, we are technically on the same side. There is no reason to go full power.

Sane: I suppose you are right.

Zepto: Come on, reattach my head and then we shall return to Hell to give the Dark Goddess an update.

Narrator: Asina won the battle between the Council of Demons members. Somehow, she will need to be taken down.

Chapter 324 END

To be Continued in Chapter 325: Sanctum Vampires