Chapter 326:

Chapter 326: Battle Against The Sanctum Vampires

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 326: Battle Against The Sanctum Vampires

Narrator: Emily, Joe, and Daniel prepare to fight the Sanctum Vampires! The lives of all the missing people are at stake! For Daniel, he must take on his vampire parents, Diane and Rob!

Diane: It’s time.

*Diane and Rob start running towards Daniel. Daniel powers his arms with magic*

*As Diane and Rob get close, Daniel tries to punch Rob, but he side steps to dodge while Diane slides on the floor and kicks Daniel on the chin. The kick knocks Daniel back*


*Meanwhile, Emily and Joe begin fighting Helen and two male Sanctum Vampires. Both of them have short black hair. They both have gray skin which makes them both natives of the country. (Helen is the only one who doesn’t have gray skin among the five which means she is the only one not a native of Vandox)*

*Emily pulls out a one-handed grenade launcher and channels magic into it. She starts shooting at the vampires. The vampires dodge the first grenade blast*

*Emily reloads the grenade launcher after the first shot*

Emily: (Thinking) I was hoping I would have hit at least one of them!

*The vampires try to get close to her but Joe steps in front of Emily and uses fierce winds to blow the vampires back*


*Meanwhile, Daniel lands a punch on Diane. As his punch lands, steam is being released from his arm*

Daniel: You may be vampires but I can certainly keep up with you!

Narrator: Daniel’s Magic – Steam Magic.

*Daniel releases steam forward from his hands to blow himself backwards which leads him to kicking Rob*

*Daniel them blows himself to the side and smashes Rob’s head into the wall. Immediately after that, Daniel is then hit by a jump kick from Diane and knocked away from Rob*

Diane: Daniel, don’t you feel any shame in hitting your parents?

*Daniel stands back up and wipes blood from his mouth*

Daniel: Maybe I would if you two weren’t sell-outs. I would rather die than become a vampire.


*Emily shoots a grenade which the vampires dodge away from but Joe uses wind to blow it right towards them anyway, causing them to get caught in the explosion*

*The vampires are damaged from the attack. Helen looks a bit annoyed*

Helen: You have some nerve doing that. I don’t want to have to clean myself up for later.

*Joe throws a large lightning bolt which splits into smaller bolts and the vampires get damaged even more*

Joe: Just shut up. This isn’t a game. There are people counting on us.

*Emily has her Shadow Sword out and moves in to strike*

Emily: I’m cutting you all down!

*Helen opens her eyes wide and suddenly vampiric magic envelops Emily’s arm that is holding the sword. Emily stops moving all of a sudden*

Joe: Why did you stop!?

Emily: I don’t know!

Helen: Ah yes, the sweet sight of total confusion. You see, I am a vampire capable of at least partially controlling our thralls.

Emily: Your thralls!?

Helen: Yes. You may recall but you were bitten while fighting in Kenzo. I watched and saw as your group left town and determined that both you and Zeth were now thralls.

*Emily has a look of fear*

Emily: Oh no…

Joe: Zeth too… That’s not good.

Helen: You see, controlling thralls is a very rare ability. Even the king and queen do not have the ability. That makes me highly valuable to them.

*Helen looks at Joe and then speaks to Emily*

Helen: The man behind you. Kill him.

*Emily’s body starts shaking as she is trying to resist the command. In the end, she doesn’t move*

Joe: Emily…

Emily: I won’t!

Helen: You must be strong to be able to resist that much. Oh well. I may not be able to force you to kill your friend but you won’t be landing any close-quarters attacks on me either.

*Emily jumps back*

Emily: This limits our attack options.

*Emily’s eyes glow red like a vampire’s eyes for a few seconds before returning to normal*

Joe: Emily. Your eyes just glowed like a vampire’s eyes for a few seconds.

Emily: What?

Helen: I see my attempts to command you are speeding up the vampirification process. I guess you will become one of us.

Emily: I won’t!


*Back with Daniel on the other side of the room. He is still using his Steam Magic to quickly change movements without slowing or losing momentum. He lands physical attacks on both Diane and Rob*

Diane: Daniel, you need to stop!

*Eventually Diane is able to trip Daniel and cause him to lose his momentum. Rob then punches Daniel in the back which hurts him a lot*

*Rob then grabs onto Daniel*

Rob: I’ve got you now, son!

*Daniel tries to break free but fails*

*Diane starts walking towards him*

Diane: It’s time, Daniel. You shall become one of us.

Daniel: No! You can’t!

Rob: We can.

*Diane is now in point-blank range of Daniel*

Diane: Are you ready?

Daniel: No! Stop this! Don’t do it! I don’t want to become a vampire!

*Diane bites Daniel on the shoulder and Daniel’s eyes open wide*

Daniel: No… Damn it…

Narrator: Joe, Emily, and Daniel have begun their battle with the Sanctum Vampires! However, difficulties have arisen with Emily being a thrall and Daniel being bitten! What happens from here?

Chapter 326 END

To be Continued in Chapter 327: Stages of Vampirism