Chapter 325:

Chapter 325: Sanctum Vampires

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 325: Sanctum Vampires

Narrator: Back in the castle.

*A vampire is blown through a door, completely destroying the door. Coming from the door are Joe, Emily, and Daniel*

*They walk through a short hall that is dark with vampire statues on both sides and lit torches hanging from the walls*

Joe: Quite the fancy design this hall has.

*The hall leads into a large, square room that has a large machine. Inside the machine, there are a bunch of people hooked up to it*

Emily: What is… this?

*They get closer to the machine and see that some of the people are people they recognize. Everyone in the machine are all unconscious*

*Joe and Emily have shocked expressions*

Joe: Keith. Dom.

Emily: Jane. RAG.

Daniel: You know these people?

Joe: Yeah, well, just the four we mentioned.

Emily: Zaydra was right when she guessed that the vampires were the cause of the disappearances.

*They go to look at the computer by the machine that has a list of names of the people hooked up*

Emily: This list should let us know everyone that is hooked up to this machine.

*They look through the names. Soon, Joe and Emily see a name that shocks them*

Emily: No way…

*The name that shocks them is “Zenfaro”*

Joe: Zenfaro? Zeth’s and Zaydra’s older brother? I thought he was dead?

*They look at the unconscious people and see a man with short, blonde hair. He is wearing a green uniform. The man is nearly 7 feet tall*

Emily: That must be him.

Joe: But how? If he’s not dead, how can Harmona not detect his life force?

*Daniel is looking at the computer*

Daniel: I think this answers those questions. This machine is a life force suppressor. While they are not dead, they can’t be conscious while attached to the machine.

Joe: Clever bastards. Come on, let’s get them off this thing.

*Joe starts moving towards it but suddenly, a shadowy figure appears in front of him and punches him which knocks him back into the wall at the other end of the room*

Emily: What just happened!?

*A shadowy figure appears in front of Emily too, but she jumps back before she is hit*

Emily: Who is there!? Show yourselves!

*A group of five step out of the shadows (The room is pretty dark as the only lighting is lit torches on the walls.)*

*Based on the darkness around their eyes, they are elite vampires. Three are male and two are female. They are wearing black vampire cloaks*

Narrator: Sanctum Vampires.

*Daniel’s eyes open wide as he looks at them*

Daniel: Mom? Dad?

Female Vampire 1: Oh, look honey, it’s our son!

Narrator: Sanctum Vampire member and Daniel’s mother – Diane.

Male Vampire 1: Oh, it is. Good eye, Diane.

Narrator: Sanctum Vampire member and Daniel’s father – Rob.

Diane: Oh Rob, why didn’t anyone tell us that Daniel was in this castle? Now we have another chance to “change his allegiances”.

Daniel: Why!? Why are you doing this!?

Diane: As we have told you before. If we become vampires, we can all live happily without worry.

Daniel: You can’t just sacrifice everyone else!

Rob: You will have to realize that the vampires can’t be beaten. It’s hopeless.

*Daniel just has an angry stare*

Female Vampire 2: Enough.

Narrator: Leader of the Sanctum Vampires – Helen.

*Helen has brown hair that is in a bowl haircut. She looks relatively young, like a human woman in her 20s*

Helen: Allow me to introduce ourselves. We are the Sanctum Vampires. My name is Helen. I am the leader. Sorry, but we can’t allow you to release our sacrifices.

Joe: Sacrifices? Do you mean as in energy for the ritual?

Helen: I suppose what we do with them isn’t your concern.

Emily: Those are our friends! They are definitely our concern!

Helen: You can join them in the ritual if you want.

Joe: No thanks. We are going to defeat you and rescue them!

*Helen smiles*

Helen: You must have a death wish then. You can’t defeat us.

Daniel: I will take on my parents. I shall leave the other three to you two!

Joe: Got it!

Diane: Don’t worry, Daniel. We won’t kill you. We will just change you into one of us.

Rob: It will be great!

Daniel: I can’t believe you two!

Narrator: Joe, Emily, and Daniel are about to begin their battle with the Sanctum Vampires! What special abilities do they have?

Chapter 325 END

To be Continued in Chapter 326: Battle Against The Sanctum Vampires