Chapter 327:

Chapter 327: Stages of Vampirism

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 327: Stages of Vampirism

Narrator: The battle against the Sanctum Vampires continues! Complications have developed, however, as Emily is a controllable thrall and Daniel was bitten by his parents!

*Joe continuously tries to land a punch on Helen but he fails. Helen then lands a punch to Joe’s chest, damaging him, and she tries another one but he dodges*

*Joe blows her back by releasing a Snow Storm which completely piles snow on her within seconds*

Joe: This snow will freeze your whole body.

*To Joe’s surprise, she breaks out of the snow easily*

Helen: Unfortunately for you, vampires like the cold.

*Emily is fighting the two unnamed male Sanctum Vampires. She has her Wolf Fang Shotgun out*

*Emily tries to melee one of them with her shotgun but he blocks it with his arm. However, Emily’s shotgun is pointed up towards his head and she shoots it, causing the vampire to take a lot of damage on the head*

*The other male comes in and punches Emily a few times and then kicks her on her back*

*Joe is also knocked on his back near Emily after getting attacked by Helen*

*The three vampires stand above them and are smiling*

Helen: It was fun while it lasted but it is over.

*Emily’s eyes begin to glow like a vampire’s again for a few seconds*

Helen: Tell me. Do you know the stages of vampirism?

*Joe and Emily just stare angrily*

Helen: First, a bitten victim starts out as a thrall.

*Helen looks at Emily*

Helen: That’s what you are currently. Then either after enough time or through more bites, the thrall’s eyes change to that of a vampire in which they become a basic vampire. That is what you are about to become.

*Suddenly, Emily quickly gets up and tries to punch Helen but Helen easily just grabs Emily’s fist to stop it*

Helen: Then…

*Helen pins Emily down*

Helen: You become a standard vampire when your fangs develop and your thirst for blood truly grows. Most vampires are standard. The thirst becomes so strong that even those who resisted start to see our ways. Those who rise in strength one day become elite vampires which are indicated by the darkening around the eyes. We Sanctum Vampires are examples of elite vampires.

Emily: I won’t become you!

Helen: Finally, there are top-class vampires, which are indicated with the appearance of dark veins around their eyes that can be seen. They are the strongest vampires. Right now, there are three top-class vampires with the king and queen being two of them. I guess I should mention that when vampires have children, their children will be born as vampires.

*Helen looks over to the other part of the room to see the progress that Diane and Rob are making*

Helen: It looks like your friend is being changed to one of us.

Joe: What!?

*Emily looks over at Daniel in fear as he was just bitten*

*Daniel just falls on his back unconscious*

Rob: Good job, honey.

Diane: It won’t be long before he is one of us, darling.

*Helen looks over there smiling while she still has the scared and shaking Emily pinned down*

Helen: She injected a lot of vampiric particles into him. He is going to change very fast. He might even have already finished the process by the time he wakes up.

Emily: (Thinking) No! It wasn’t supposed to be like this for him! He was supposed to retain his humanity! It’s… it’s our fault. Joe and I. We shouldn’t have let him fight on his own against them… What have we done…? What have we done!? This whole situation makes me furious! I’m not going to stay down!!

*In a rage, Emily pushes Helen off of her. As Emily pushes Helen, the other two vampires come to attack her*

*Emily punches them both. She knocks one down with a downward thrust of her elbow and kicks the other away from her*

Emily: I won’t accept this!!!

*Emily turns around and engages in a series of punches with Helen but Helen is able to knock Emily back with a kick*

Helen: My Thrall Control isn’t working anymore…

*Emily stands up*

Helen: Oh, I see.

*Emily has now become a basic vampire as her eyes are glowing red like a vampire (Author’s Note: As a reminder, Emily’s bangs cover her left eye)*

*On the other side of the room, one of Daniel’s eyes starts to open and it is glowing red like a vampire*

Narrator: Helen has revealed the stages of vampirism and Emily has now become a basic vampire and it looks like Daniel has become one as well! What will their fates be from here on out?

Chapter 327 END

To be Continued in Chapter 328: Vampirism of a Hero