Chapter 3:

chapter 1 - 1 The Age of change


It was all due to magic. It was responsible for everything that was wrong with him.
The discovery was made in the 24th of December of 2054 and it would be know as the Magical Christmas eve for centuries to come.
The discovery happened when a kid on whom a cancer treatment was being tested, in christmas eve, started developing abnormal powers as well as his disease simply disappearing from his body.
In years to come his conditions were studied and when every top scientist in the world ran out of ideas it started calling magic or a christmas miracle. Of course the name Magical Christmas eve wasn't implemented for six months since it was hidden from the non-scientific community.
A couple months of further research led them to the conclusion that it was indeed Magic.
The user had two types of particles in his body. Matter and Phenomena Rewriting Particles.
Matter itself is what we know and see everyday life and interact with.
Phenomena writing Particles are present everywhere and are concentrated specially in a magicians body.
Those who can use magic are those who can control Phenomena Rewriting Particles, or PRP for short, are called magicians. This discovery led to other discoveries. Magicians can't apply magic into another's magicians body directly since their body particles are filled with their own PRP that only they can control. So a magician can't cause internal combustion of other magicians cells but you could cause his lungs to burst into flames. You can't make your heart stop but they can stop the blood or many other things since it's is not part of the body itself but is in the body. As long as you didn't touch a cell of the magicians body you could control anything in his body.
Another discovery was of the types of magicians.
The first three that were found out were new types of magics that would sooner be believed to come from ancient magics.
The contractor as the name implies makes a contract with an entities. Gods, lesser gods, spirits, myths and demons. About anything you could imagine as long as you believed it. You could be contracted to it and summon them. Having a Contract has some rules and every rule is to be followed or the magician dies. If the contract says you can only be contracted to this entity then that's all you can be contracted too. The rules were always set by the Entity after the contract was made. As a consequence most of these magicians always accepted their first contract and where bound to it's rules. It was the first magician type found out.
The controller type allows the control of basic elements and every subsection of it. It made it so that if you could control earth you could control every mineral. The elements were fire, water, earth, wind, electricity , light and dark. The later ones were special in they're own way. They where the weakest of the six. They were controllable but not physical so they didn't have any effect on the body when used in combat so those who controlled this two elements relied more on physical strength rather than pure magic power. These controller weren't always able to control all elements but would most likely only control two or three, only a few could control all elements.
Abnormal types were the ones who could control the areas that did not fit in the former two.
They can control illusions , mind control, healing and many more. Bookmark here

After a full year of more research on Magic, that was already considered one new knowledge area and Ancient magic was discover.
In old books from old times of the greek was the first proof that magic had already been used and researched before.
It was what was considered basic magic, or rather it's pure form. But rather than being the beginning of all magic or it's elementary form it was more of a old version of magic or downgraded if you will.
It relied more on physical matter to provoke a burst of Phenomena Rewriting particles, just like modern magicians do when using magic.
There were many advantages to this new type of magic.
Amongst these where the fact that they could be placed for days, or even weeks prior to use when done by a expert in the field. They could counter most magics and a single ancient magician could use a wide variety of magic that was similar to modern ones. They could use elements, call forward some of the weaker spirits and create small illusions.
The down side was that the effects were weaker, had a lower percentage of sucess when used had and where slower.Bookmark here

And then there where the cursed ones.
The cursed ones had a special status.
The diference between them and a normal magician was that they got PRP in an unconventional way.
These magicians were inborn with these curses that had some kind of tool on their bodies that helped them acquire PRP. Thus the way to use PRP was also unconventional and some previous requirements were needed to use magic.
They had almost unlimited PRP and thus they were feared.
Undeveloped countries would kidnap them to use them as weapons of mass destruction. Developed countries where death sentences had them publicly executed or sentenced to life in prison and had their hands and teeth removed so they couldn't make spells.
And some other countries created a special law for them. Luckily for him he was former.Bookmark here

Decrete 187 of the ( ) constituition.
The cursed law
Paragraph one: The cursed one are to live in the cursed district near research facilities.
Paragraph two: the cursed ones are to be removed from their families to avoid domestic violence and being traficked.
Paragraph three: the cursed are under the same law as all other magicians and don't hold a special status. Therefore they shall be judged like magicians if needed.
Paragraph four: the cursed that do not comply to paragraphs one and two shall be extradicted.Bookmark here

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