Chapter 328:

Chapter 328: Vampirism of a Hero

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 328: Vampirism of a Hero

Narrator: Emily has now become a vampire!

Helen: So you’re a vampire now. Excellent. Soon you will come to see our ways but if you want to continue to resist, I guess I will let you entertain me for a bit.

*Emily takes out her Shadow Sword*

*With her Shadow Sword out, her vampiric magic and the dark magic of her sword collide to send her power escalating to high levels. Her bangs start to push to the sides of her head which leaves her left eye uncovered*

Emily: I will do more than entertain you!

*Emily starts to move quickly*

*Emily’s speed takes Helen by surprise. Blood splatters and it turns out that Emily was able to stab Helen in the gut with her Shadow Sword*

*Helen coughs up blood*

Helen: Of course. *cough* Your vampirism has enhanced your already impressive fighting abilities.

*Emily has a look of pure anger. Strands of her hair start to turn red and Joe notices*

Emily: I’m going to make you all suffer and then I will cut all of your limbs off and smile as you all bleed out. Sadism is more Sasha’s thing but you all have pissed me off that much!

*Despite being stabbed, Helen smiles and then fades away*

*Emily looks confused*

*Suddenly, Helen appears to her left and punches her hard in the face and it knocks her into the wall. The force actually leaves a large dent and crack in the wall*

*Joe angrily forms a large piece of razor hail above him*

Joe: You scum!

*Joe throws the large piece of razor hail at Helen*

*In an instant, the razor hail is cut to pieces*

Joe: How did you do that!?

*Helen stands holding a vampiric trident in her left hand. The trident is black with red lines on parts of it*

Joe: A trident!?

Helen: Yes. I was Kazan’s apprentice long ago. He gave me this trident. It can’t just be wielded by anybody either. You need strong vampiric magic and you must infuse it correctly. Here, catch.

*Helen tosses the trident to Joe who is surprised by what she is doing and so he automatically just tries to catch it. When the trident touches his hands, he just falls to the ground*

*Then, Helen appears in front of him and punches him into the wall and takes back her trident*

Helen: It felt like it weighed a ton, didn’t it? That is what I mean.

*Suddenly, Emily comes from Helen’s side and Helen notices*

*Emily’s Shadow Sword and Helen’s Vampire Trident clash with each other*

*Helen smirks*

Helen: Let’s see if your sword can actually go up against my trident!

Emily: It will do that and more!!


*Over on the other side of the room, Diane and Rob watch Helen’s battle as Daniel starts to rise behind them*

*Both of Daniel’s eyes are glowing red like a vampire*

Daniel: You…

*Daniel grabs Rob and starts punching him repeatedly which Rob fails to counter*

Rob: Stop this, Daniel! We can all be happy now!!

Daniel: You think I should be happy!? You both should be ashamed!!

*Daniel punches Rob into a wall and keeps punching him*

*Soon, he is stopped when Diane grabs him from behind and slams him on the floor. She then stomps on his gut which puts him in a lot of pain*

Diane: Sorry, Daniel. But I can’t have you hurting us. I guess we will just have to knock you out and force you into the standard vampire stage. We will be a happy family as vampires even if you struggle to accept that at the current moment.

*Diane then looks surprised as Daniel grabs onto her leg and starts to lift her foot off of him. He succeeds in pushing her off*

Daniel: I will never accept this!!

*Daniel stands up and is ready to continue fighting*

*Rob runs towards Daniel from behind but Daniel jumps over him and kicks him in the back which sends him flying to the other side of the room*

*That creates enough of a distraction that Emily is able to slash Helen with her Shadow Sword, damaging her*

Helen: Gaah!!

Daniel: Don’t think I’m letting you off the hook, mom!

*Daniel kicks Diane to the other side of the room near where Rob landed*

*This causes another distraction for Helen so Emily not only gets another slash on Helen but she also slashes all of the others including the two males that just rejoined the battle*

Emily: Thanks for the help, Daniel!

Daniel: You’re welcome! Now, let’s finish these bastards off!

*Before they try to attack again, more strands of Emily’s hair begin to turn red. She’s also drooling now*

Joe: (Thinking) Her hair is slowly turning red and she’s drooling. Does that represent the rising levels of bloodthirst in her? Could she really turn to their side despite fighting them right now? Is this the vampirism of a hero? I don’t like this.

*Emily’s sword slashes have left large cuts on all five Sanctum Vampires*

Helen: Look at you. You’re acting more like us by the second.

*Helen licks at her own blood*

Helen: Does all of this make you want more blood? Hmhmhm.

Emily: Shut up!

Helen: Since we’re having fun. I will let you on another secret. Vampires have a Pure Form.

Joe: A Pure Form?

Helen: Yes. These forms you see here are more like a vessel that contains and limits our power. In actuality, we can look much different.

*Helen begins to transform. Her skin starts to turn dark and monstrous. She starts to grow bat wings. Her face turns monstrous and her teeth sharper*

*Her transformation finishes and she looks like a humanoid bat monster*

Helen: Stand back. I will handle them all myself.

*Emily, Joe, and Daniel look nervous now*

Narrator: Emily’s vampire traits are slowly increasing and now they must fight Helen in her Pure Vampire Form.

Chapter 328 END

To be Continued in Chapter 329: Good News and Bad News