Chapter 329:

Chapter 329: Good News and Bad News

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 329: Good News and Bad News

Narrator: Now in her Pure Vampire Form, Helen displays the confidence to take on Emily, Joe, and Daniel all at once!

*Helen walks closer to the heroes*

Helen: Your power is impressive. Take me showing you my Pure Form as an honor.

*Daniel rushes towards Helen*

Daniel: I don’t care what transformations you have! I will destroy all of you vampires!

*Daniel tries punching Helen but she has no problem blocking it with her arm. She then slaps Daniel and he is knocked back into a wall*

Joe: Damn you!

*Joe throws a large lightning bolt at Helen*

*Helen touches the bolt with her trident. The lightning bolt turns red and splits into many smaller ones and heads back towards the heroes*

Joe: No way!

*Emily and Joe are both hit and shocked by the bolts*

Joe: I can’t believe I was shocked my own lightning!

*Emily recovers and rushes towards Helen with her Shadow Sword*

*Emily tries to slash Helen with her Shadow Sword but Helen dodges by just flying upwards. Helen keeps herself in the air to stay a safe distance away from Emily*

Helen: You see, the Pure Form has benefits like flight.

*Helen swoops down at the heroes. She punches Emily out of the way and grabs Joe by the neck. Helen slams Joe into the wall*

Helen: You’re not a thrall. Would you like to become one of us? Or would you prefer death?

*Daniel comes from Helen’s side and tries to jump-kick her but he is stabbed by her trident*

*Daniel falls to the floor in pain*

Helen: I believe I was not speaking to you. You’re already a vampire so sit there and be quiet.

*Not far from there, Emily puts away her Shadow Sword. Her strands of hair that had turned red go back to being blonde and her bangs go back to covering her left eye. She closes her eyes and starts to focus*

*Helen focuses on Joe*

Helen: Now you choose. Become one of us. Or die.

*Suddenly, Emily comes rushing in using her Ancestral Form. Helen notices and opens her eyes wide*

Emily: I’ll crush you!!

*Helen drops Joe in order to block Emily’s punch*

Helen: You took me by surprise but you will not gain the upper hand!

Emily: That’s what you think!!

*Emily lands an uppercut and knocks Helen back*

Helen: What is this form that she is using?

Emily: This is my Ancestral Form! You’re going down!

Helen: Interesting.

*Emily and Helen rush towards each other and trade punches. Emily punches Helen in the face but is then stabbed in the abdomen by Helen’s trident*

*Helen then knocks Emily back with a punch*

*Helen flies upwards and then flies towards Emily*

Helen: Here I come!

Emily: Actually, that would be me!

*Emily jumps up to attack Helen and they wrestle a bit in the air before Helen is able to throw Emily back down to the ground*

*Helen comes back down and stomps on Emily*

Helen: Down already despite your Ancestral Form?

*As Helen looks down at Emily, the pods containing the unconscious kidnapped people start to rise upwards. They go into the ceiling*

Helen: Ah, so they are being transported. Well then, I guess we have no more need to be here.

*Helen changes back to her regular form*

Helen: I shall leave you to see our ways as your vampirism progresses. Enjoy.

*Diane and Rob look at the injured Daniel*

Diane: And we shall be back for you once you see our ways, Daniel.

*The five Sanctum Vampires vanish*

*The injured heroes gather. Emily has changed back to her regular form*

Joe: The good news is that they spared us and we get to live to fight again.

Emily: But the bad news is we failed to rescue the kidnapped people.

Daniel: And to top it off, Emily and I are now vampires.

Joe: I trust you both. I trust you that you won’t go to their side. Vampirism doesn’t corrupt one’s morals, right?

Daniel: I don’t think so.

Joe: Anyway, we need to keep moving. Our injuries will make this tougher though.

*Emily looks down with a depressed expression*

Narrator: Helen’s Pure Form was too much for the heroes and they failed to rescue the kidnapped ones. Where do they go from here?

Chapter 329 END

To be Continued in Chapter 330: Castle Assault