Chapter 330:

Chapter 330: Castle Assault

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 330: Castle Assault

Narrator: Outside near the castle entrance.

*Zaydra, her team, a lot of angels and some of the human resistance all march towards the castle*

Zaydra: We are going to storm that castle and destroy it and every vampire in there!! I’m blowing that damn gate down!!

*Zaydra forms a Super Nova star in her hand and throws it at the main gate of the castle. It hits the gate and causes a massive explosion*

*Zaydra has a serious facial expression*

Zaydra: That will serve as my warning shot against all vampires within the castle.

*The Super Nova not only destroys the gate but a good chunk of the wall surrounding it, and it leaves a large entrance for them into the main room*

*However, a large number of vampires are in the main room and ready to fight. There are also multiple floors of the main room which gives vampires on the higher floors an elevation advantage*

Commander Zupek: Prepare for battle! Lady Harmona is on her way! We shall crush these vampires!!

*The angels and humans start rushing into the entrance of the castle and the vampires engage them*

Commander Zupek: Charge into battle!! There will be no retreat!! We must take control of this castle!!

*The two sides begin charging into battle and they meet in close-quarters combat. The battle starts out balanced as both sides get in their fair share of damage*

*However, from the above floors, the vampires up there start throwing vampiric blasts down at the allied forces which allows the vampires on the bottom floor to gain the upper hand in the battle*

Commander Zupek: The vampires above are a big problem!

Zaydra: My team will handle them!

*Zaydra’s team pushes through the fighting and starts to jump up to the second floor of the room*

*Zaydra punches a standard vampire with so much force that it decapitates the vampire’s head while Kren rips the arms off of a different vampire*

*Bonetru uses his large sword and slashes through some vampires*

Bonetru: Hurry, we must put a stop to all of the ranged attackers!

*Ruby rapidly stabs a few vampires with a dagger*

*Sapphire fires an arrow that pierces multiple vampires*

Sapphire: Perhaps I should fire at the higher ranged attackers from below?

Zaydra: It’s a long enough distance that they could dodge. Just cover us instead!

Sapphire: Understood!

Commander Zupek: Zaydra’s team is handling the vampires above! Keep pushing through!!

*The allied forces start to gain more momentum and push the vampires back*

*Zaydra is fighting more vampires on the second floor but is suddenly kicked in the face and knocked back. It was done by a male elite vampire that has raggedy, brown hair*

Narrator: Elite Vampire – Davon.

Davon: Sorry miss, but this is our house and we don’t take kindly to people destroying it. Let me introduce myself. I am Davon, one of the strongest of the elite vampires.

*Zaydra gets up and releases a Star Shine Blast at Davon. He dodges it but a few standard vampires in the background get hit by it and are killed by the explosion*

Davon: Oh, I think I recognize you now. You are Zaydra, daughter of the Light Goddess and sister of our target, Zeth.

*Zaydra becomes absolutely furious*

Zaydra: Don’t you fucking dare lay a finger on him or I will break every bone in your body!

Davon: Oh I won’t be the one laying a finger on him. But he is just about in our grasps. Someone who won’t fail is now very close to capturing him. Hmhmhm.

Zaydra: Damn you!!

*Zaydra rushes towards Davon at incredible speeds and lands a strong punch on Davon and knocks him back into a wall*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha are walking through a dark hallway that is in a high part of the castle*

Sasha: We’re getting really high up in this castle.

Zeth: And hopefully close to finding that person. I want answers.

*As they walk through the hallway, there is a sinister smile appearing in the darkness behind them (Author’s Note: This is meant as symbolism that someone is after them and not that there is someone directly behind them with a sinister smile. While it's easy to picture it in my head, it's difficult to describe the meaning in words.)*

Narrator: Zaydra has begun the assault on the vampire castle and the battle is even so far! Can they get a significant victory? And who is the one that is close to capturing Zeth?

Chapter 330 END

To be Continued in Chapter 331: Vampire Cannons