Chapter 3:

The Vessel

The Nobleman's Holo

         Topan was worried about his son, the new form he took on was quite scary, lugh started waking, "Where am I, why do I sound different, dad I don't know what happened, I hurt someone, I'm sorry, I didn't know what came over me". Lugh cried his eyes out apologising to his dad, his dad comforted him and his mum also comforted him they both said it wasn't his fault and they felt the need to disclose some information as he had grown up to the age of discerning right from wrong, "lugh, you just had your first bloodlust that was your vampire side kicking out and showing that you were hungry, you're among the other nine candidates set aside for the main head curse of the nobleman, and am afraid after drinking blood you are now a vessel of reizel". Lugh felt confused and he had pain in his head the next minute his pupil changes to white "who mentioned my name, seems like I've been reborn, my offspring's finally decoded the curse and figured out that the only way to awaken me is to drink of the Nobleman's blood, young man where am i". Reizel spoke through lugh, "you are reizel you have been reborn?, but why through my son he is only ten" Topan spoke sadly, " I don't have much time I would only bestow upon the one who summons me my power, the cycle of the curse stops in this house and can only be passed on to the direct offspring of this being, powers of men, powers of God, the devil steals, God gifts, I a servant gifts my curse, decipher the laws of the heavens and grant this being the blessings from my past". Lugh's body glowed for three minutes. "tell this child I said well-done and I'll meet him when he decides to cross the first bridge" after saying those words reizel left, he had transferred the abilities he had to lugh, " what's wrong with me, I feel heavy" Topan explain what happened to lugh and he says he doesn't want to fight, news spread fast that the Adreal house provided the vessel, few days passed and lugh was still learning how to use his new body, unlike other vampires he could jump higher, run faster and other of his traits heightened, it was said the vessel that would house reizel's abilities was meant to have so much power, they were entitled to have ninety familiars and the ability to tame them on command, they were also blessed with celestial magic and they were able to expand their clan with their blood, if any human drank their blood and died they would come back as vampires without any curse and the same level as everyone in the sixth pillar ark. Lugh had now come to realise all he could do, after a week word got to the noblemen that the vessel was from the house of Adreal and then the sixth pillars volunteered to go wipe off the house, on getting there they used a human as bait and waited for them all to come for the human scent, the house notices and runs out to see,unlike other house the Adreal house are honourable and would even help a human in danger, they rush out and saw a nobleman holding a human hostage, "you are the sixth pillar arks supreme, what brings you to the house of the Adreal, why do you come in such number, what has my family done". Topan knew this would happen sooner or later so he was ready "a vampire from this home performed a taboo, drank the sacred blood of the nobleman not only that but also the heir to the sixth pillar ark, for such bloodlust act I shall slay that person, for one head I shall bring down your whole family" the supreme sent one of his kin after Adreal, Adreal knew that if the sixth pillar dies that would mean one less pillar, first off he sealed his home shielding every intrusion and attack from getting in, then he summoned a familiar and his soul weapon, "thunder calls, in twilight fog, howling in it the thunder gods steed, I remove your constraints, come forth Raidon, assist me one last time" , and then thunder from the clouds coming down in form of a wolf, Topan suddenly had an arrow he could use in picking out the kins of the sixth pillars, four kins remained, with lugh already taking out one kin, each pillars had five kin each, the first kin came after Topan but Raidon Went after the nobleman, "you dare send a familiar after me, I'll show you the gap between noblemen and demons like yourself, fire of heaven, fire so Holy, decipher the laws of the heavens and cleanse this ground with a thunderous flame, I call on the soul eater flames". After this chant it was as though fire and thunder blend together and came at Topan, he didn't attack Raidon directly because he knew once a familiar is summoned the only way to kill it is to kill its master, the fire came at Topan but Raidon jumped in and took the hit, Topan's familiar had an affinity with no clear weakness, Raidon Absorbed the attack and had attained a yellowish coloured form unlike the blue one it descended with, it was clear to Topan they had to finish it now, " I the son of Adreal, lineage to reizel call out thunder from my bow, I curse you men that cry to be noble, I curse thy tongue and i curse thy hands, know no peace for the thunder gods disciple plead, eternal stroke." after these words a purple lightning shaped arrow filled the bow, immediately Raidon let out a howl. the waves of the howl was in place and as the arrow went through it multiplied to five and each nobleman had one coming at them, the impact was so strong that the arrow broke through their defence it killed the four kins but left their supreme with just a bleeding scratch, "ahhh, you grazed my skin, you are indeed strong so much honour and power, your familiar has enhanced your attack its a good one, I will protect your honour and I won't raise my kins back to life I'll kill you myself, soul weapons are wielded by the head of every vampire house its clear you are the head, do you know the power of the sixth pillar ark, it's soul manipulation, you know what that means I can kill you by speech, any last words Topan Adreal, "I the son of Adreal, lineage to reizel call out thunder, and pass out my steed Raidon you are free, I can't let you die with me go to lugh be his guide and his protector most of all his comrade, thank you for the fights won I am grateful". Topan willed his familiar to his son knowing he would die there "I redeem the soul of Adreal Topan, and I claimed his will to live, gates of heaven, gates of hell, I acquired this soul lock it out." And immediately Topan fell to his feet, "Raidon I leave lugh in your care". Immediately Raidon zoomed off to lugh where he was sleeping and the familiar intended to wait until lugh woke but the seal on lugh absorbed it in a flash, lugh woke and heard his mom and the kins of the house screaming, he went to check on them only to meet the sixth pillar ark finishing off his family, he intended to run, but then the arks supreme said "stand still boy, you killed my heir, I feel nobleman's Aura in you, I will end your life now", lugh heard a voice that said to him don't run, fight ,I am with you, we shall defeat him and all other Supremes, stand boy and fight.Bookmark here

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