Chapter 4:

First bridge

The Nobleman's Holo

   "boy, I told your parents when you are ready to cross the first bridge, I'll come to you, the first bridge is your first vampire transformation, this transformation entails your pact with the vampires of the past. They fought for our freedom and as such gained power incomparable to what we now see, as you are you can't harmed that man, you have to make the vampires of the past acknowledge you and crown you their king for your generation, Attaining the level Vampire Lord." Lugh was still in shock as he just witnessed the massacre of his family, reizel didn't want him to breakdown and lose his life, because the bloodline won't come round again till another fifty years, "sir, what can I do I've lost my parents, I don't have anyone again, I'm powerless" lugh cried to reizel, mean while the sixth pillar ark felt sick of the quietness, "boy, why don't you fight me, you killed my heir but you're reluctant to speak to me, I'll take care of that, gate of heaven, gates of hell, decipher the laws of creation and release a soul, manipulation locked". After that, a dark energy feels the place, engulfing everyone in it, it was as though death danced around their shoulders, "this man is a formidable foe, I know this feeling, this Aura, he is the pillar of darkness, the very pillar of existence and death, boy, you have to summon the vampires, claim your crown now, say what ever you hear in your heart, chant it, feel it and be it, I can't do this with you, only you can claim it." Immediately reizel said that, the dark energy disappeared and astonishing as it was lugh's father was revived, with tears in lugh's eyes he ran to embrace his father, but his father halted him saying, "son, I'm sorry for dying off without telling you, I thought I could save you, but as I am now I have no will of my own, I belong to him, run my son, run." Lugh was enraged as his father had been reduced to a puppet in front of him, "I'll make you pay for this with your life, I'll end you I promise you this ". Lugh cried out to supreme in tears, "boy, this is just the tip, it would be intriguing if your own father kills you don't you think, well enough, summon your weapon now and attack your son with your most powerful attack". "thunder calls, in twilight fog, howling in it the thunder gods steed, I remove your constraints, come forth Raidon, assist me". Forgive me my son. After this summoning Raidon came out of lugh's seal, he hasn't been "tamed yet", Topan thought to himself, "lugh you have to run, make a run, reizel, save my son". Topan cried to reizel, " I the son of Adreal, lineage to reizel call out thunder from my bow, I curse you boy that I birthed, I curse thy tongue and I curse thy hands, know no peace for the thunder gods disciple plead, eternal stroke." And like so Raidon enhanced the attacked it was sure that lugh would die and suddenly "harm not my vessel, infinity wall". It was as though lugh was present and at the same time absent, it was as though a barrier was put up, but this was like no barrier this was as though the arrow stopped for lugh, "you shall not scratch this boy, for pleas of the dead, a maiden cries, so tender so caring she intercede for them, this maiden had no sin, had no grief all she had was thought for other, I pour the maidens tears, I invoke her protection, I cast the Night Rain". A stormy Rain fell with its borders widespread this rain was cast through reizel's mana and its protection was lit up that anywhere the rain fell nothing out could go in, Topan was push to keep on attacking, but it didn't go through it couldn't penetrate the rains defence. "boy' I bought you enough time to talk to the elders, don't waste it, I don't have enough mana to keep up that spell, I cast it through your body, it could go out any time, if you want to get back at that man for making your father a joke, say the song in your heart". Lugh searched his heart until he could hear the song reizel spoke of whereas the rains widespread was reducing, "Men of honour, men of strength, elders who fought, virtuous women, the house of Adreal seeks your blessing, crown your king, grant me power, rise and fight, rise and bless, rise and crown". And then a strong wind blew by, it was strong that it blew away the house of Adreal, the human the nobleman came with was pulled away by the wind that she fainted, after the wind, a calm voice, "child who raised reizel, you want power, what could you possibly want this power for, how did you hear our song, only direct lineage could hear, aaahhh, the Adreal, Kano Adreal, reizel's third son, he was once said to attain godhood in the vampire world but he died off so easily, how do u know you would survive the madness of power". "Right now I want nothing more than killing the man who made my father a puppet, I ask for your power to restore the pride of vampires, I shall be that broom that sweeps away the curse on the vampire and I shall carry all the curse, I might look small, but the burden is no problem for me, approve my next form grant me power". "The elders of the old approve your proposal and now your test, the ritual for the ability of Vampire Lord, is a give and take situation, you die so that you may never die again, and for this ritual we'll need your heart, the heart in which you heard our song, shall you give us, and we'll see if the status you seek is attainable". Meanwhile back in the fight with the supreme reizel was controlling the body in a defence action running away and buying time, lugh's body had the upper hand for the speed it obtained after the incident with the heir, the supreme didn't get what was happening so he raised the other four kins men he came with and sent them all after lugh with their power improved, Topan was still attacking lugh, the supreme was marvelled at how lugh could dodge all the attack with ease, "elders I give you my heart". Immediately lugh offered his heart, his body fell "did this body attain the status, has he done it". Reizel thinks out while lugh body was on the floor, a circle drawn with blood appears round lugh and his father stopped, "is my son dead what's wrong did anyone hit him, Lugh Adreal what's wrong ". "behold your lord behold the saviour, he shall reclaim the holo, he shall carry your sorrow and your curses, Adreal Lugh ". The elders in unison said it aloud for the world to hear it was as though the echoes came from the heaven and underneath the earth, the human, demon and nobleman's kingdom they could all hear, "this child never seized to amaze". Topan said with tears in his eyes, "the boy did it", reizel said happily, "no, he crossed the first bridge, kill him now " the sixth supreme said in shock and immediately he link their attacks into his own and formed a massive attack with as much mana he gathered from their body. " mist of death, mist of hell, it spread wide and kills the soul, a mist, so deadly it takes the life, mist of fire, mist of blood , drain my target of its life". And immediately a red mist spreads through to where lugh was lying, "seize your movement", a voice said, lugh had just woken up, the sixth pillar ark supreme, was so angry he sent his kins and Topan after lugh and then lugh look at them, his eyes intimidatingly red, and he had a smile on his face, stop right there who said you could move", laugh said. Lugh had attained another level, Vampire Lord, a level that trembles other force, he had power with mere speech and other abilities he will soon learn, the supreme sent them after him again but they couldn't move if was as though he lost control of them, "you four kins of the nobleman, bring me his head ,no, stop bring him to me I'd like to suck him dry myself, the sixth pillar ark supreme my meal, intriguing don't you think, your ability is weak against close combat, that is why you are the sixth and the weakest, you killed my family with ease and now I'd savage so well not a bone would remain". The supreme was brought to lugh, he sucked him out of his blood and left him almost empty, he looked to his father and said, "father I won, if I finish off you'll go with him, I'm sorry father", lugh pour his heart out to his father and he told him all he could remember and how scared he was, his father patted him and told him "lugh my son, I'm proud of you, now finish him off, an Adreal must always finish his work, you haven't awaken our family ability yet, when the time comes you shall carry the cross, I'm sorry for leaving you such a burden and you are granting me peace, thank you my son, good bye", lugh looks to the supreme who was dried of his blood looking old, as noblemen don't age because of their celestial blood, which he lost, his true age is revealed, " hell flame, angels sacrifice ", blue like flame descend from the clouds and swallow the nobleman "so there's a vampire who can actually kill a nobleman this world's balance has been thrown off, my time here is up I leave it up to you my brethren pillars", the sixth supreme worded in the flame and then he vanished, suddenly a voice from the clouds say sacrifice accepted, the Ash from the Nobleman's remains ascended down came thunder like the first came, straight at lugh and struck him, this time he stood his ground and took it head on, and then the sixth pillars monument in the noble ground broke to piece showing the death of the sixth ark, "boy, nice job you stood your ground against the sixth pillar let's hope for success in the battles ahead".Bookmark here

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