Chapter 5:

First Kins

The Nobleman's Holo

After the showdown lugh was shocked of his growth, that he himself couldn't believe what he has done, suddenly lugh remembered a girl the pillar came with, he searched for her, "excuse me, is everything alright, I saw you fly off when I summoned the elders" lugh asked her as she had just started regaining consciousness, "yes i think, wait a minute, you're a vampire, I'm worst in your care, you'll suck me dry the way you did him, please just don't make it painful, "what, no I'd never drink innocent human blood, Vampires drink human blood, but my family is an exception, we are trained not to drink from humans anyhow, we only drank from humans that have committed unforgivable acts, and besides now am a Nobled Vampire which means I drink more from noblemen, I'm more into celestial blood and I won't feel hungry for another two months". Lugh explained everything to the girl and suddenly they notice the girl has a complication, "ahhh I feel pain in my abdomen, no, there's a whole in my stomach, I'm go to die anyways, just drink from me don't let my blood go to waste", "there's a way to save you if you still want to live, are you ready to give up your principles and what you believe in, most of all are you ready to give up your humanity", "anything yes, just let me live," then drink of my blood and attain another form", immediately the girl drank lugh's blood without any hesitation and her wound starts healing up "what is your name," lugh asked "Rain, Kisaki Rain," "Rain, you're in transition, not a human and your form unknown, you'll become like me, I just want you to know before I commence", "please go ahead, I don't care what I am I just want to live," "noble blood claimed not owned and not deserved, passed down from race, yet stolen again, I Adreal Lugh Kin you Rain Kisaki, noble pact". And immediately the Adreal family initials appears on rain's neck, apparently when a noble vampire kins someone for the transition to be complete they have to drink of the Supremes blood and every full moon they require his blood also. Rain drank of lugh's blood and it was complete, the first vampire without the Nobleman's curse she was a spectrum with powers max to that of the sixth pillar and with more training can surpass even the fifth pillar, lugh was interested in her and he wanted to test her power so he took her on another quest, the fifth pillars heir. "since she's my kin I expect a better ability from her, she has to be as powerful as it gets hotter in the days ahead". "He gave me his blood, such a romantic guy, I already love him and we just met, I'm never leaving his sight". Rain was already head over heels for a guy she just met and lugh was into Attaining more power, on their way they came across some bandits beating someone to a pulp and almost to death, lugh stepped in and chased them off, he offered to help the young man, the young man looked at lugh's structure and was blown away, "you're a vampire with a nobleman's physic, are you one of those legendary vampires we hear about, if so I am Shirakawa Payne, I plead for you to let me serve you in your endeavours for the kindness you showed me", "I decline, you are human and you're weak, my endeavours are dangerous, you wouldn't make it past a day, enjoy your life as a human", "me huh, no one's ever fired me up with a speech this much, let see, if I land a scratch on you I join you and if I don't you kill me", "I decline, you won't scratch me...... "lightning waves", the mysterious guy made magnetic waves that formed mist around the place, making it hard for one to figure out his direct location, "mirage – a thousand death knights" he split into thousand of himself it was as if he was everywhere, Rain wanted to join in but lugh asked her to stay out of it, "mirage – pictorial death" lugh uses a technique that let's all of the guys clone see the same image of them dying so they all stood one place. "I saw this coming which is why I used this technique, this mirage skill helps me deploy a thousand of myself but only one of those one thousand has a mind like the original and so cannot be caught in anything the original isn't caught in, I'll end this now", lugh pins the original down and the shadows disappeared "you lose, I won't kill you just go", "I wouldn't be so sure, judgement strike, the devil's punishment", suddenly from nowhere the mysterious guys clone hit lugh with a punch that might kill an average vampire if not careful but it had exactly no effect on lugh, instead the damage returned back to the clone and then lugh noticed something, "first you deployed a move that would favour your circumstance, then you let the original which is you get caught then you released the remaining clones letting me believe I took them out leaving only the strongest copy to take the finest chance when my guard was down, I commend you, you have what it takes, I accept you as a kin" lugh performs the same noble pact and tops another kin, meanwhile their journey to the fifth pillar heir is still on. "so you guys mean am a vampire now but not only that I'm among the selected few without the curse and am also on the same level as the sixth pillar ark", "all thanks to lugh", "Rain, Payne, we are at the divine forest the enemies will be out soon, be on your toes", immediately a presence is felt, "you shall come no further, the fifth pillars heir is not to be disturbed," "good we've come to kill him, tell him Adreal Lugh, the vessel is here for him", "no I'll have to kill you here I can't let you disturb his meditation " , "eternal flames, perish ", with those words lugh took care of the kin, "now the heir, l leave this battle to both of you, kill him". Rain was anxious because unlike Payne she had no real ability "Payne, why do you have such abilities, aren't you human". "oh, I'm human but you see my mother is a nobleman but she was killed for having an affair with my dad, a human who nobleman considered to be incomplete beings, that's why I had that ability when I was human, but right now I have one objective, I'll tear away any and every nobleman's head if it's the last thing I do, incomplete being my foot". Payne explained his ability to Rain, she didn't still feel less anxious, "Rain you have abilities to, but you have to figure out your abilities on your own, through your sweat you'd know what every ability means and what it cost you to gain it, I'll give a tip of the iceberg to clear any doubt, Awaken, foresight", lugh said to Rain and suddenly Rain felt pain in her head, she fell and started screaming, "what's wrong with her, what did you do to her", Payne was already scared, "I cleared her doubts". After Rain got up she looked broken and suddenly "I know where the heir is", Payne was shocked, she took them to a tree like building and then lugh sat back and said "I'll only interfere when you need me," After that a man came out of the house, saying "vessel of reizel you have come for me, the wind and the earth told me where exactly you are, I am the fifth pillars heir and the pillar of nature which means all of nature responds to my every call, now shall we get started", "I was hoping for when you'd say that, lightning waves, mirage – a thousand death knights, mirage – gushing fountain, I have to hit him with every thing I've got he's not getting any chance here", "eyes of god, all seeing eyes, eyes of justice, enable my target to see all and none, foresight awaken, my first abilities I won't mess it up", "They had a nice start and a nice combo together first the waves and mirage he used on me when he was still human and now another mirage skill, that gives all his clones the exact power of the original and even more than what the original had, the gushing fountain means no limit for his mana and his clones also, then Rain with her clairvoyance skill, she shared foresight but she hasn't awaken her all seeing eyes yet, she give Payne and his clones the ability to see into the future and predict the move of the enemy and evade them before he strikes, but this isn't over the match only just began", the clones with foresight ran at the heir and suddenly "Nature's predation, wind blade's, Nature's chain", the heir formed blades out of wind and sent vines to grab the two original then he took out the clones, he was coming for the two and then he asked them "what are your names you fought honourably I need to know your name, I'm Alice the heir of the of the fifth pillar ark", "I'm Payne, she's Rain", "now I can kill you honourably for fighting me with so much courage", "you shall not harm them, infinity wall" lugh cast reizel's magic, "your the vessel, I sense nobleman energy from you, you even killed dread, " "who is this dread", lugh asked him "I see he didn't share his name, well he never liked exchanging pleasantries, he's the sixth pillar supreme", "I'll send you over to him shortly, a man was born with grief and sin, with thought only to kill and destroy, this man had enemies, who came after his for the sins he committed, this man was killed and before his death he swore that his tears will kill those who brought tears to his eyes and shamed him, I pour that man's tears, I cast the rain of terror", After this chant a storm came by and a heavy rain it fell upon the heir a rain that leaves blood, the rain cut through the Nobleman's skin decapitated his hands and then lugh took away the rain, on his way to kill the heir with his last mana the heir calls out another move, "Nature's predation, infernal sun", the sun sent down its replica on lugh and then suddenly Rain screams "harm him not, infinity wall, Nature's predation, infernal sun", she sent down the same move as the heir and her own was much powerful that this time it tore through the Nobleman's flames, lugh drained him of his blood and sent down his own flames "hell flames, angels sacrifice "the blue flames came down from the clouds and fell on the Nobleman, in the infernal the nobleman said "such trust and power, they might just reclaim the Nobleman's Holo, Kameko my supreme the rest is up to you", and as always the voice said sacrifice accepted and the lightning hits lugh, and he noticed his heart started beating slowly and he fell, immediately he call for reizel and reizel told him his body was to young to carry the weight of Vampire Lord, and that his body needed time to adapt to the ability and so he would go into hibernation by sunset and he'll sleep for twenty years, "no I can't, I have to beat the remaining pillar arks," "you will when you awaken, for now boy put your house in order and then take a rest" lugh later explains to the rest that he would go into hibernation, they didn't take it well, but they later calmed, he then went on and explained their abilities to them, "Rain, you're my first kin which means you can be as strong as I, you can make new kins with your blood, but you'll still require my blood every full moon, the kins you create won't until I form the noble pact with them, you have inherited from me the 7 eyes of god, with every eyes comes a special ability, you have unlocked two of those eyes, the eyes of foresight, which sees into the future, predicts your enemies every move and most importantly keeps you out of harms way, your second eyes the eyes of copy it can copy any and every move you've see and the best part once you used it on an enemies move it links with the foresight and sees all possible move your target will ever do, so if you see one you see all, you'll unlock the third eyes soon, be strong, and keep pushing", "so you're saying Rain's ability has no limit, what's my ability then" , "Payne you inherited the power of illusions and you also have infinite mana, you also still have whatever ability you had while you were human so you're still strong, you can also create kins because of the noble blood you have from your mother and the vampire blood from me", "its almost sundown, you'll be falling in sleep anytime soon, were do we put your body", "that reminds me we need a house, now I know why he said I should put my house in order, Nature's predation, shelter, this should do, I Imbibed this structure with a spell, only a vampire with my blood can come In so this will do twenty years, till I awaken", lugh fell asleep, apparently he has gained the ability of the heir and anytime he drinks from a nobleman he gains their ability, he made a shelter for his body and his kin but they decided to go out for the twenty years and gather more allies to fight off the remaining nobles, and so they sent out on their journey to recruit allies in the name of lugh.
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