Chapter 6:

Allies to Clan

The Nobleman's Holo

Three years have passed since lugh fell into the deep sleep and Rain and Payne have been out gathering information on the fifth pillars Supreme, after killing his heir, he was out for the heads of the vessel and his allies, Rain was to be in charge of Payne and she was held responsible for his actions also, lugh was still in the natural structure he mounted and his skin was still as new, but his body kept on growing, Payne and Rain wanted to get stronger for when lugh was to awaken because it meant they would set out on a blood bath war.Bookmark here

"Payne let's go at each other, I'd like to test my abilities limit." Rain has been training nonstop since the day lugh's eyes were shut, if you say so then, "seeing that we are from the same master I won't go easy on you, I also have some abilities I want to check out," Payne was excited at every mention of a spar, "first let's put up an arena so not to cause harm to anyone," "mirage – ample field," a mist spread round and brought a picture of a void ground with a wide spread as if they were teleported, "I guess it's my turn now, eyes of replication – reversed infinity wall" Rain had just learnt a new move, the one reizel and lugh used, an infinite type, one that is boundless, infinity – encaged,wild spread," she did another of the same type, the first infinity move unlike reizel's infinity wall, is reversed, which is instead of nothing coming in, nothing can go out, and the second circulates the walls round were she chose and for now it's round the mirage move Payne put up, this ability is accessible because of her 7 seeing eyes or the eyes of god technique, the second eyes - eyes of replication, "now I'll be serious, I've been working on my infinite mana, and I found that it's not infinite its just limitless and I can tap into any affinity to reach a new level, I find that anytime I use two affinities of different natural conditions I can conjure a weapon from my bones, so here goes it, the mana ability is called limitless, so no more words from me, I have to be at a hundred percent so, Mana overload - Limitless." Payne tapped into a new ability from the ones he got from lugh, he worked on his infinite mana supply and used it to tap into another power, every human and noblemen is entitled to one affinity, vampires and demons are entitled to two affinities, but because of lughs blood his kins are entitled as much as they can command, Payne used that advantage and mix two affinities to get one, and before doing so he over charges his mana using all at once, he has infinite mana so whatever he took would just be replaced, while over charging his mana he attains a form he calls limitless, a form where he feels no pain, takes no damage and what ever his strength, speed, agility and defence was it was all multiplied by 10, seeing he became a vampire one can say , he was unstoppable, but this comes with a price, he would be domant for seven hours after using limitless and once he activates limitless he can use it for five hours max, his other ability that lets him combine two affinities,helps him wield what ever object the result comes with,he can also perform the two abilities at will, but to activate it he needs ten minutes. Bookmark here

"You're not the only one working on your abilities, I also can form weapons I've seen anyone form with their abilities, I enhance mine and make it more powerful, plus, I can now substitute the eyes of foresight with the eyes of replication. Nature's predation – wind blade's, double daggers." Rain used the same ability the fifth pillars heir used, meanwhile, Payne overloaded his mana that it started to glow, he looked intimidating, one could see the fear in Rain's eyes as she thought if they were in a real fight he would kill her but she immediately cancelled every thought and set her focus on defeating him, "My overcharge is complete, Hellflame Mjollnir, this weapon I forged from thunder and fire affinities, a wave of it is packed with destructive impacts, the join of those two affinities birthed the hell flames, but unlike lugh's own mine burns and electrocutes but its not as strong as lugh's," and suddenly Payne had a large mallet oozing with blue flames and sparking lightning "we start now."Bookmark here

They both rush at each other, Rain was predicting his every attack and so avoiding every one of them, Payne went for her head she dodges it and hits him with hers, Payne notices how well her evasion worked for her and so he felt he need to up his speed, he concentrated on strength earlier which mean his speed would be reduced, he backs away and comes back this time faster than before, Rain noticed and decided to up her game also, she stopped waiting for him to make opportunities for her to attack and tried making one for herself, while Payne was bringing up a fast jab she uses one of her daggers and stabs that fist, Payne on the other hand didn't notice it because in limitless he doesn't feel pain, she attacked his head and him prioritising on speed noticed and blocked with his hands, Rain smiled ad it was what she wanted, she immediately stabbed her second dagger into his other hand and Payne did not still notice she then created space between them both and " huff huff!!!, I'm here breaking sweats and you're not even bugging, wind affinity – hurricanic prison, compressed retaliation," Suddenly Payne notices the dagger and before he could do anything a spiral wind flow starting from his hands were the daggers were, spread through his whole body restraining his movements, even with limitless, "resistance Is futile you should call it off, the prison I put on you is a compressed retaliation and so the more you struggle the more it tightens until you run out of breath and die, we've battled for five hours, how long can you keep up limitless, surrender." "wow I'm check mate, seems like this is were we draw the line, I give up, I understand why lugh said you could be as strong as him, you're dangerous Rain."The bout ended with Rain's wind prison, Payne was still in shock as he had just lost to her, he started wondering how powerful she could be.Bookmark here

"Payne it's been 3 years, since lugh fell asleep, we haven't found any allies as we promised and although time seems slow 20 years would be a run-over in no time so what do you say do we split up and meet new people, and assemble back at the end of every year, that way we could get thing done faster, we could even learn new techniques with the hope that when lugh wakes up we'd build a clan together." Bookmark here

"i guess you're right, let's make the work easier, so we set out tomorrow then, good luck Rain."Bookmark here

Four years came and past Rain and pain acquired new skills but not an ally, Rain went to Demon Region and Payne was at the humans Region, they saw yearly and shared new information that they gathered, most of which was that a strong search was on place for lugh and that the other pillars were involved now to they both had to blend with the people. Down in demon region the demi-human were treated with so much disrespect and that was were Rain was stationed, she was back from her training when she stumbled on a demi-human who was beaten by some men almost to death, she felt pity and took him with her, he was half human, half fox, she took him in treated him well and fed him, then she asked for his name "what's your name," the boy kept silent and didn't reply, "ohh, you don't want to reply then I'll leave you be", just as she stood up to leave, he replied "my name is Quinn, Yukio Quinn". She turned back and smiles "nice to have you around Quinn, when you're done, You can sleep on the couch I'm going to bed, goodnight Quinn, ohh and before I forget, I'm Kisaki Rain", Rain left the demi-human and went away, the next day she got up prepared to move out on patrol in hope of meeting a powerful ally, while she was moving out Quinn pleaded to go with her, she agreed and they were both off, Quinn then asked what a vampire wanted deep in demon region, she explained everything to him and he then asked her "so you are looking for allies, can I join you then" Rain laughed and told Quinn it was a dangerous fight and that he needed to grow up, Quinn seemed to be about 14 years of age but age didn't matter to demi-human they grow up based on how strong they are so If they kept training they'd grow up to the average stature where they don't age anymore.Bookmark here

Rain started training with Quinn and he started to grow 14 years passed and she could not wait anymore to see lugh, on the other hand Quinn was now the same stature as Payne 20 years old, and he had affinity for fire and air, Payne on the other hand gathered five people who he thought to be promising allies,he and Rain promised that they would not share their blood with anyone because they saw lugh fit to be the only one to do that.Bookmark here

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