Chapter 337:

Chapter 337: Who is the Spy?

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 337: Who is the Spy?

Narrator: In his battle against his father, Zeth is still determined to make Kyle reveal the full details about his spy!

Kyle: Alright then. Show me what you can do in Raging Star Mode.

*Zeth charges up his magic*

Zeth: Don’t underestimate me!!

*In almost an instant, Zeth is right in front of Kyle, with blur lines behind him, and tries to punch him, only for it to be blocked by Kyle’s hand*

*Zeth is shocked and Kyle smiles*

*Zeth jumps over Kyle and tries to kick him in the head from behind, but Kyle again blocks with his hand and did so without even looking which again shocks Zeth*

*Kyle grabs Zeth’s leg and slams him down on the ground, though Kyle’s hand does take some damage from Zeth’s Raging Star aura*

*On the ground, Zeth looks up at Kyle in anger*

Zeth: You may be strong but I will overcome this!

*Zeth uses his finger and quickly draws five points in the shape of a star. A laser beam is released at Kyle from each point*

Zeth: Star Rays!

*Kyle tries to dodge them but is kicked in the gut by Zeth in the process. Kyle is knocked back against a wall and Zeth releases a Raging Star Blast which hits Kyle and explodes*

*The smoke from the explosion clears and Kyle looks slightly damaged from the attacks*

Kyle: That was a good combination of attacks. That instinctual Blur Dash even surprised me. I’m impressed. Maybe I will let you know more about the spy.

*Kyle stands up*

Kyle: The reason the spy knew all of that information is because…

*Suddenly, Kyle is standing behind Zeth with blur lines behind him. Zeth opens his eyes wide*

Kyle: …The spy has connections to Heaven.

*Zeth has a little fear and sweats a bit at the fact that Kyle so quickly got behind him. Zeth quickly turns around to punch Kyle but he is not there anymore*

Zeth: Where did he go!?

*Kyle is now behind him in the other direction. Once again, there are blur lines behind Kyle*

Kyle: I’m behind you again.

*Kyle kicks Zeth in the back to knock him forward. Zeth lands on the ground face down but he quickly gets back on his feet*

Zeth: Connections to Heaven!? What is that supposed to mean!?

*Kyle charges up his magic for another attack*

Kyle: It means that any information about you in Heaven is obtained by my spy and therefore me.

*Kyle releases Shattering Spears. Multiple yellow spears fly towards Zeth at faster speeds than before. Zeth tries to dodge but he is pierced in his left arm and a few spots on his abdomen*

Zeth: Grrr! Gaah!

*Zeth falls on his side in pain*

Zeth: Connections to Heaven? As in being allied with someone in Heaven?

*Zeth stands up and forms an unstable red star in his hand. Kyle smiles*

Kyle: No. I mean that the spy is an angel of Heaven.

*Zeth has a shocked face*

Zeth: Impossible… Why would an angel collaborate with vampires?

*His face turns to anger*

Zeth: Enough of this! I’m taking you out! Raging Super Nova!!

*Zeth throws his unstable red star at Kyle. The star gets close to Kyle and then creates a massive explosion that envelops most of the room*

Zeth: I bet even you wouldn’t be able to come out from that without significant injuries.

*The explosion clears. Zeth is hoping he defeated Kyle but Kyle is standing where he was before. His uniform is a bit torn and he is bleeding in a few places but that is the extent of his damage. Kyle has a very strong light blue aura surrounding him*

*Zeth is left speechless for a moment before shouting*

Zeth: You have to be kidding me!!

*The room is now a mess though. Kyle spits out some blood*

Kyle: I have a feeling you held back some on that attack. You probably didn’t want to blow yourself up too. Oh, and yes, I am serious when I say the spy is an angel. Nobody ever suspected a thing.

*Zeth feels frustrated and just rushes towards Kyle. Kyle doesn’t move and Zeth tries to punch him but his fist feels resistance from Kyle’s strong blue aura*

Zeth: What is this aura!?

Kyle: It’s nice, isn’t it?

*The aura starts to leave cuts on Zeth’s right hand and arm. Kyle then punches Zeth and knocks him back*

Zeth: Your aura… It felt like…

Kyle: If you were going to guess that it is similar to your Raging Star Mode, you are correct. However, it’s a little different. This is the Raging Impact Mode. I developed it after witnessing Harmona using her Raging Star Mode. Its resistance effect prevented the explosion from damaging me as badly.

*Zeth is almost in awe*

Zeth: Incredible…

Kyle: I was going easy on you before. Let me turn the difficulty up to medium now.

Narrator: Zeth has learned that the spy is an angel! He is also struggling against Kyle. What can he do?

Chapter 337 END

To be Continued in Chapter 338: Kyle’s Skill