Chapter 336:

Chapter 336: He Who Knows

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 336: He Who Knows

Narrator: Zeth’s battle with Kyle continues! Zeth demands to know how Kyle knew he was unconscious for 42 years!

Zeth: Tell me how you knew!

Kyle: Hmm. You know, I wonder if you actually inherited any of my magic. I’m going to say probably not. I’m sure you got everything except the shape of your hair from Harmona.

Zeth: What does that have to do with anything?

Kyle: Just my curiosity. After all, I’m meeting my son for the first time.

Zeth: I asked you to tell me how you knew about my situation! So tell me!

*Kyle smiles*

Kyle: Okay, if you insist. At this point, telling you won’t do any harm. I will now tell you the truth.

*Zeth has a serious expression on his face as he awaits Kyle’s response*

Kyle: I had a spy in Harmone. My spy was able to keep track of everything you did.

Zeth: Literally everything?

Kyle: Well, not quite literally everything. But my spy did keep track of every major event you went through since you were 16 years old. I know you were in a Hawk Clan prison for a year. I know how you and your friends stopped some demons from poisoning an important river in Flagron Town. I know how you fought off some poachers in the Eagle Clan home city of Kunasha. I know how you went to the Temple of the Light Goddess. Though, admittedly I don’t know what you did inside it.

*Zeth’s eyes begin to open wide as he listens to Kyle mention all of these fully accurate events*

Kyle: I know how you went through Daykona’s mansion and defeated her. I know how you went to the Swamp Underworld. I know how you and your friends infiltrated Kogen’s lair and killed him. I know how you participated in the Chaos Tournament and consumed Crimson. I know how you fought Goma and got corrupted in the process. And I know when you recovered from the corruption.

*Zeth looks creeped out*

Zeth: What the…? You’ve been messed up for that long!?

Kyle: I guess I should mention something else. I also got a good understanding of your allies along the way. We needed a way to lure you to Vandox. Since I knew your friends and allies, it made it pretty easy to send some of our operatives to Harmone to capture some.

Zeth: So the vampires were responsible! How dare you do that!?

Kyle: I was also aware that Zaydra was pretty suspicious about vampires and I predicted she would blame the disappearances on the vampires. Hook, line, and sinker.

Zeth: I can’t believe that you are really the great Kyle Dredon. This is so messed up!

Kyle: In truth, it was a well-set-up plan and here you are now, about to be captured by me and used to unseal Kazan.

Zeth: There’s something I still don’t get.

Kyle: And what is that?

Zeth: Your spy was in Harmone. Just being in Harmone wouldn’t give one access to where I’m going or what I’m doing. And the abductions only started happening a year ago. How did you get so close to when I woke up? There’s something you are still not telling me, isn’t there!?

*Kyle smiles*

Kyle: Maybe.

*Zeth goes into Raging Star Mode*

Zeth: Damn it! I will make you talk!!

*Zeth rushes towards Kyle. Kyle plans to dodge Zeth’s punch but Zeth matches Kyle’s dodge and lands the punch. The punch knocks Kyle on his back*

Zeth: You will answer everything!!

*Zeth jumps at an arc and tries to land a powerful punch to Kyle’s gut*

Kyle: Impact!

*Kyle matches Zeth’s punch with his own*

*Zeth is shocked by Kyle being able to match his punch that quickly*

Kyle: Sorry, Zeth, but it won’t be that easy.

*Zeth is overpowered and knocked upwards. He attacks before falling*

Zeth: Raging Meteors!

*Zeth releases a barrage of small meteors towards Kyle that are covered with a dark red-tinted aura*

Kyle: Shattering Spears!

*A barrage of yellow energy spears are released and collide with Zeth’s meteors. The attacks destroy each other causing them both to fail*

*Zeth lands on the ground*

Kyle: You sure are doing better now but you will need to do even better than that if you want me to talk more.

Zeth: I will get you to talk…! I came here for answers. I’m not leaving without them.

Narrator: Kyle has given Zeth most of the answers to his questions but one mystery about the spy still remains!

Chapter 336 END

To be Continued in Chapter 337: Who is the Spy?