Chapter 338:

Chapter 338: Kyle’s Skill

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 338: Kyle’s Skill

Narrator: In his battle against his father, Zeth now has to deal with Kyle’s Raging Impact Mode, a unique ability that he modeled after Raging Star Mode!

Zeth: A mortal developing a magic ability… That’s incredible.

Kyle: Let me show you more of it then. Can you overcome it?

*In a blur, Kyle gets right next to Zeth and tries to punch him. Zeth puts up his arm to block. The force of the punch combined with the Raging aura is too much for Zeth. Zeth feels a lot of pain and is knocked to the side*

*With great speed, Kyle reaches Zeth easily and begins punching him more. Kyle keeps punching Zeth around with Zeth not able to do anything*

Kyle: So far, your ability to fight me in this mode is disappointing. Is this all you can do?

*Eventually, Kyle slams Zeth down on the floor and is choking him*

Kyle: Come on. Show me the power that I would expect from the son of the Light Goddess.

*Zeth grabs onto Kyle’s arm trying to stop him but he can’t. As Kyle continues to choke Zeth, Zeth’s arms are getting cut by Kyle’s Raging Impact aura*

Kyle: My Raging aura is stronger than yours so I won’t get damaged by your Raging aura but you will get damaged by mine. It seems you have no ability to fight me now. Don’t worry. You’re not going to die. You’re just going to fall unconscious.

*Zeth is running out of options so he starts condensing his Raging aura*

Zeth: (Thinking) I have to do this right or I will only cut myself up and that won’t be easy considering I’m being choked!

*Zeth messes up a bit and leaves cuts on his body and he feels a lot of pain. Blood starts to come out of his mouth*

Zeth: (Thinking) Damn it! I need to do better!!

*Eventually, Zeth does fully condense his aura and uses Raging Star Zothena. His extremely sharp aura tears through Kyle’s Raging aura and cuts up his hand that is choking Zeth. Kyle lets go and jumps back*

*Kyle looks at his hand which is bleeding a lot*

Kyle: So you can do something after all…

*Zeth stands up and is forced to end Raging Star Zothena. He bends over and starts coughing up blood*

Kyle: That was Raging Star Zothena, wasn’t it?

*Zeth looks back up at Kyle with one of his eyes closed. The other eye is a vampire eye but then goes back to being normal. Kyle notices and smiles*

Kyle: Your vampirification is almost complete.

Zeth: Damn it. I forgot about that…

*Kyle quickly moves close to Zeth and punches him in the face which knocks him back. At this point, Zeth’s Raging Star Mode ends*

Kyle: You’re probably wondering why the queen bit you.

*Zeth just looks at him weakly*

Kyle: Kazan is known as the Volcano Demon but he is also the Vampire of Origin. We need you to be a vampire in order to complete the unsealing ritual.

*Zeth slowly stands up*

Zeth: I won’t. I refuse to.

*He forms a Star Shine Blast in his hand and releases it*

*Kyle simply chops the Star Shine Blast with his hand to destroy it*

Kyle: If you want to fight more before I knock you unconscious, that’s fine. But put up a better effort than that.

*Kyle quickly gets close to Zeth and quickly throws a few punches to Zeth’s chest, damaging him*

*Zeth tries his own punches but they are easily blocked by Kyle*

*Kyle does a head-butt to stop Zeth’s attacks. Kyle then slowly but continuously punches Zeth who is too weakened to put up much resistance*

*Kyle then kicks Zeth and knocks him on his back*

Kyle: It looks like you can’t fight anymore. It’s time for you to go to sleep.

*Kyle ends his Raging Impact Mode and starts walking towards Zeth*

Kyle: It will be over soon.

*Zeth’s right hand then twitches for a second*

*Suddenly, the next thing Kyle knows, he is being upper-cutted by Zeth. Zeth then kicks Kyle back*

*Kyle wipes the blood off his face and looks at Zeth. Both of Zeth’s eyes are vampire eyes*

Zeth: This is not over yet!!

Kyle: Congrats on becoming a vampire.

Zeth: It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it but it has given me new life in this battle so I’m going to use it to defeat you!

Narrator: Kyle has revealed the reason the vampires changed Zeth into one and his vampirification is complete so he now must fight Kyle as a vampire!

Chapter 338 END

To be Continued in Chapter 339: Vampire Zeth